2008. Tommy Oliver’s student, Simon Kaden, takes on the mantle of the New Generation’s first Red Power Ranger as Jakanja arrives on Earth. Meanwhile, Billy’s Jet Force Project is responsible for bringing a new threat: The Vyram.


2009. Simon starts a quest to learn the secret of his birth parents, and his search leads him to uncover the hidden, secret origins of the Ultimate Power Rangers’ universe. Meanwhile, Earth’s SPD Ranger team goes online.




2010. Simon’s personal quest continues as Tommy recruits a new team: the Samurai Rangers. Meanwhile, another one of Dr. William "Billy" Cranston’s experiments goes wrong, making the need for a new team of his own: the Bio Beast Rangers.


The Hurricane Power Rangers and Samurai Rangers lay low, making need for a new team: The Jungle Fury Rangers. Meanwhile, Dr. William "Billy" Cranston creates a new team of Overdrive Rangers to track down and contain artifacts of power called Precious, each connected to a part of the Power Rangers’ past.


As darkness continues to devour the world, evil spreads to an unlikely place: Briarwood, Indiana. There, a strange sorceress known as the Witch of the Askani assembles a group of Mystic Rangers, each with a connection to the supernatural. Meanwhile, Dr. William "Billy" Cranston takes his Ranger and Rider Initiatives nationwide with the RPM Rangers and Kamen Rider Drive. And his Civil War against Tommy’s Rangers continues.


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