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Ultimate Power Rangers

The story began in 2001, at the start of the new millennium. The war between good and evil ignited with a fury like never before. Ultimate Power Rangers wiped the slate clean and started the saga of the Rangers over from the start.

So go back and join the Rangers, Kamen Riders, and virtual heroes as they battle Bandora, Lord Zedd, the Gorma, Youkai, and many others, all leading up to one climactic battle that will decide the fate of the universe.

Ultimate Power Rangers – The New Generation

The end of the Mogralord Battles has left our world without an active Ranger team. Every pirate and criminal in the galaxy seems to take advantage and set their sights on Earth.

Meanwhile dimensional rifts are forming across the Solar System, something Tommy blames on Billy’s tampering with The Power. Tensions rise to an all-time high between the two former teammates, as dimensional rifts bring hordes of new villains to the planet.

A new generation of Rangers will take on powers crafted by their predecessors to combat these new threats. But their true enemy remains hidden within their own ranks…

Ultimate Power Rangers – The Legendary War

The Rangers lost their battle against the forces of evil, or so it seemed. Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. Now, the Ultimate Power Rangers journey through the fragments of reality to unravel the secrets that led to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hope to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.

Ultimate Power Rangers – The End

It’s all on the line as events lead to a stunning conclusion to this epic tale.


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