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The Rangers lost their battle against the forces of evil, or so it seemed. Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. Now, the Ultimate Power Rangers journey through the fragments of reality to unravel the secrets that led to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hope to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.

This story follows "Ultimate Power Rangers: New Generation" and concludes the massive epic that began with "Ultimate Power Rangers" in 2001.

** Updated 9/30/17 **


Chapter 01 - "Ultimate Legacy: Shattered"

Chapter 02 - "Ultimate Legacy: The Worth of this Planet"

Chapter 03 - "Mystics: Courage into Magick"

Chapter 04 - "Mystics: Heaven Falls"

Chapter 05 - "Mystics: What are Friends For?"

Chapter 06 - "Gao: Lion, Run"

Chapter 07 - "Gao: Good God, Y'All"

Chapter 08 - "Gao: Brushstrokes"

Chapter 09 - "SPD: Judgement Pirates"

Chapter 10 - "SPD: Gods and Men"

Chapter 11 - "Jungle Fury: Niki-Niki! Kenpo Lesson"

Chapter 12 - "Jungle Fury: End of Days"

Chapter 13 - "Rider: Card Game"

Chapter 14 - "Samurai: The Serious Rebellion"

Chapter 15 - "Samurai: The Flying Ghost Ship"

Chapter 16 - "Samurai: Escape the Shadow"

Chapter 17 - "Samurai: The Guaranteed Showy Samurai"

Chapter 18 - "A Privateer Appears"

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