Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation Year 05 Chapter 01 – Mystic Force: Grant us the Power – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation Year 05
Chapter 01 - Mystic Force: Grant us the Power

Ultimate Mystic Force: Chapter One

Grant us The Power

A dark figure flew above the Nine Circles of Hell. She dove and entered a dark, twisted tunnel, which ebbed with renewed energy. The tunnel extended countless miles downward, towards the very core of Hades itself.

Near the core, Denzoberranzan, the Great Underground City of Hell, stirred. Its walls trembled, shaking debris and rubble that had accumulated since the beginning of time.

The dark figure landed on the stone floor of Denzoberranzan, which looked like a massive cave, comprised of smaller tunnels and caverns within its walls. A gray, eerie glow permeated the city.

Hundreds of zombie-like creatures crawled from the dirt within the caverns. Barely intelligent, they called themselves Zompacs.

The Zompacs looked down upon the dark figure, who they recognized immediately: Necrolai, Queen of the Vancuria.

Necrolai looked towards a stone throne near the front of the cave.

A demon sat on the throne and stretched his muscles, reinforced with mystical technology that predated space-time. He called himself Morticon, general of Denzoberranzan's forces.

"Morticon..." Necrolai whispered seductively as she walked towards the throne. "The Fourth Seal to the Dark One's prison has been broken. Your great city has been awakened."


Morticon grunted and rolled his hands into fists.

"We have been sealed...since the turning of the Wheel of Time..." He lifted his sword, curved like a massive tooth, and stabbed the floor as he stood. "The mortals...the mortals!"

He stomped from his throne and stormed into the center of the cavern. "Listen! Listen! We, the Great City of Hell, the Grand Army of the Dark One! We will finish what we started! We will show the mortals what true terror tastes like! We will devour them all!"

An armored figure stepped into the cavern. He carried a purple shield, edged with gold, the same as his armor. His silver pouldrens looked like the heads of wolves, and his black visor looked like a "W", the same as the golden symbol on his chest plate.

He called himself Koragg.

His body ebbed with something the creatures of Denzoberranzan did not possess: Magick.

They called her the Witch of the Askani. But she went by another name: Udonna.

Udonna waved her hand over a scrying bowl and viewed the depths of Hades.

"They've awakened..." she whispered. "The Grand Army of the Dark One..."

She dipped her fingers into the water, and the images rippled to reveal a small city in Indiana called Briarwood.

Udonna saw four teens work within a store called the Rock Porium. Xander.Chip.Vida. Madison. Each possessed a connection with the supernatural. She had rescued each of them from a different danger, wiped their memories of the incidents and placed them together in the small city until fate needed them.

Now she waited on the fifth. Have I acted in time?

Briarwood, Indiana

Nick remembered nothing before the past seven days of his life. The teen suffered from amnesia, having awoken naked in the middle of a field. But despite his lack of memory, he felt a...drive. He felt something powerful pull at the strings of his soul. And that sensation led him to Briarwood, Indiana.

Helmetless, he rode a motorcycle he "borrowed" and headed through the thick woods, towards the small city ahead.

Chip barged into the Rock Porium, where he and his friends worked. Vida jammed to rock music in the DJ Booth, Madison used her smart phone to film Vida, and Xander pretended to sort records while checking out a group of hot girls.

Chip beamed with so much excitement, he practically shouted.

"Guys, guess what?" he said. "You're not going to believe this!"

Madison sighed and smiled fondly. "Another urban legend? Those aren't real, you know."

"Tell that to the west coast," Chip said. "No, I just heard the police found a body in the woods!"

"Like...a dead body?" Madison asked.

"No, a body of water," Chip said. "Yes, a dead body."

Vida overheard and stepped out of the booth. "Chip...Why do you say that like it's a good thing. That's terrible."

"I know, I know," Chip said. "But nothing exciting ever happens here. We should check it out. It will be like an adventure: The Mystery of the Missing Body."

"Wait, missing?" Madison asked. "I thought you said they found a body?"

"They did..." Chip said. "But only half."

Chip, Xander, Madison and Vida decided to head into the woods to check out the commotion. They saw police sirens in the distance, and yellow police tape bordered most of the area. Dozens of residents gathered to watch.

"Well..." Xander said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "This isn't very exciting."

Chip shook his head. "Let's try to get closer."

They started to move ahead, but before they got far, they heard footsteps from behind. They turned to see an old woman, who walked with a cane and wore an old sweater. Her eyes looked swollen, as if she'd been crying.

"Excuse me..." she pleaded. "Could you help me, please? That girl they're looking for is my daughter. We were walking through the woods when this...thing...took her. I told the police...but they wouldn't believe me."

Most people moved away from her, barely sparing her a glance.

Xander leaned to Vida. "Can you believe her, V?" he whispered. "Who would be dumb enough to walk deeper into these woods?"

Vida said nothing. She simply stared ahead with a look of determination.

Xander arced an eyebrow. "V?"

"I'll help," a voice said from behind the crowd of onlookers.

The teens looked to see Nick, who walked towards them with a book bag slung over his shoulder. 

The woman smiled with relief. "Oh thank you, thank you."

Xander walked over to the stranger. "Uh, hi. My name's Xander. You're new around here, aren't you? So you're probably not aware of all the facts. And there's only one: You go into these woods. You don't come back."

"I heard about that," Nick said. "But she needs help...and no one else seems to care."

"I'll go with you," Vida said as she stepped forward. "Not everyone in this city is a coward."

"I'll go too," Chip said as he smiled sheepishly. "I always wanted to go on a dangerous quest...This is a dangerous quest, right?"

Vida rolled her eyes. "Perilous."

"Sweet," Chip said.

The old woman walked deeper into the woods, and Nick, Vida and Chip followed, as did Madison.

Xander sighed. "Well...off we go, then. I'm sure this is a swimmingly good idea."

He followed his friends.

The old woman led the teens deeper into the woods. The light seemed to dim, despite the noontime hour. And the air started to cool, despite the summer.

"OK..." Chip said as he looked around nervously. "This is starting to get less sweet."

"Tried to warn you," Xander said. "It's not too late to go back, and pretend this whole thing-"

"Actually..." the old woman said from the front of the group. "It is too late."

She turned and revealed her true visage: A witch, with yellow teeth, wrinkled skin and gray hair.

The witch thrust her staff with an invisible burst of energy. The blast knocked the teens off their feet, and they stumbled across the ground.

"I could sense the power in you...power that I will devour...." the witch said as she stalked towards them.

Nick climbed to his feet and rolled his hands into fists.

Xander grabbed him by the arm. "What are you doing? Stay down!"

Nick shrugged him off. "I've got this."

On instinct, the teen charged at the witch and snapped a jump-kick. The witch blocked with her staff and whacked his head, dropping him to the ground.

He quickly rolled to his feet and pounced. But the witch lifted her hand and grabbed Nick's throat with strands of invisible energy. She used the energy to lift him off his feet.

Whispering an incantation, the witch stabbed her staff into the ground. Twisted, black vines grew from the dirt, wrapped around the teens, and lifted them into the air.

They screamed as the vines wrapped around their chests, arms, legs and throats, slowly tightening.

A massive vine grabbed Nick by the waist. He tried to pull free, but more vines wrapped around his forearms and pinned them together.

The witch laughed. "I was expecting more of a fight from the likes of you."

She waved her hand, and the vines pulled Nick closer to her. "Especially you..." she whispered as she traced a nail across his cheek. "There is something...very different about you."

Suddenly, invisible energy blasted the witch off her feet. She crashed and tumbled across the dirt.

Slowly, the haggard woman leaned on her staff and climbed to her feet. She looked up to face her attacker: Udonna, the Witch of the Askani.

Udonna lifted her palm. "Be gone, creature of darkness."

The evil witch hissed between her teeth.

Udonna thrust her hand with a burst of white energy. The evil witch swatted the blast aside, and stabbed her staff into the ground.

Rotten vines shot from the dirt and snapped towards Udonna. The good witch pulled a wooden staff from her robes, lifted the weapon, and formed a circle of white energy. The magick circle deflected the vines with ease.

Udonna thrust her staff; the magick circle fired a flurry of ice shards that shot towards the witch.

The evil witch lifted her staff. But the ice shards splintered the staff into pieces and ripped through the witch's body.

She collapsed and breathed her final breath, and with her death, her vines died and dropped the teens.

Madison breathed heavily and climbed to her feet. "What...What was that?"

"That, was a witch," Udonna said. "An agent of the darkness."

"And who are you?" Nick asked.

"Udonna," she said. "I've been waiting for you, Nick. Now that you've arrived...it's time."

"Time for what?" Nick asked.

"Time for you to fulfill your destiny," she said.

Xander backed away. "Alright.Sounds good. I'll leave you to fulfill your destiny and all of that. The rest of us? We'll be on our way."

Vida lifted her hand. "Hold on, Xander," she said as she looked to Undonna. "What are you talking about? And what you just did...How did you do that?"

"I will explain everything," she said. "First, we must be on the move. The attack here will have attracted the attention of other agents of evil."

Chip rubbed his sore neck. "'Agents of evil?' Did she really just say that?"

A cold wind blew through the forest before Udonna could answer. The wind carried a deep, rumbling voice that whispered an incantation.

Purple light ebbed beneath their feet and formed a magick circle.

Udonna hurried the teens away from the symbol. "Move from the circle. Hurry!"

They fled into an abandoned neighborhood, just as a monster rose from the circle. The creature appeared as a two-story tall Troll. A single rag covered its bulky, rock-like body.   

The monster punched through a building, the impact hurling debris at Udonna and the teens. They rushed aside as the debris smashed the street.

"You must run," Udonna said as she led the teens around a corner. "You are not ready to face a threat such as this."

"A threat such as what?" Vida asked.

"What's going on?" Madison asked.

The monster followed them around the corner and punched through another building. The teens ducked and rolled aside to avoid the debris.

Udonna stepped between the Troll and teens to protect them.

She pulled a golden device from her robes and held it in her hands. She looked upon its surface, engraved with an M-shaped emblem.

"Heavenly Saints...grant me the power of magick." She flipped the device open like a cellphone, shaped like a wand.

The sorceress swung the device through a morphing pose. "Magical Source!" She raised the wand upward. "Mystic Force!"

A white magick circle slid over her body as she morphed into the armor of Mystic White. The White Ranger unsheathed her staff-like wand and stepped into a defensive stance.

The Troll lifted a car and hurled it at the Ranger.

She thrust her staff: "Majuna!"

Mystic White fired rings of frost energy that turned the car into ice, which shattered into pieces.

She swung her weapon into an offensive stance and thrust it forward. "Jiruma Majuna!"

The staff fired a stream of white energy that splashed across the Troll and encased its body in ice. 

The Ranger snapped her fingers. "Checkmate."

The monster shattered into pieces.

Chip's eyes opened wide. "Whoa...that was so...sweet!"

Vida shook her head with disbelief. "You're a Ranger. I mean...you're a Ranger."

Udonna powered down her armor with a burst of white light. "Yes, but not from your time. Come...we have much to discuss."

Udonna led the teens to the other side of the woods. There, they entered a hidden cave at the base of a massive tree. Inside, the cave looked more like a large cottage, with massive bookshelves and vines that covered the walls. Near the rear ceiling, stained glass windows generated their own light.

A circular table sat in the center of the room. A massive book, glass globe, and srcying bowl rested on the table.

"Whoa..." Chip said as he looked around. "I am so geeking out right now."

"Where are we?" Madison asked.

"My home," she said. "I call it: Root Core. I created it when I first came to your time." 

"So you're a witch and a time traveler?" Xander asked skeptically.

"This is so awesome," Chip whispered.

Udonna walked to the table and placed her hand on the crystal sphere. "I come from one of many possible futures, 550 years from now. In my time...all has been conquered by the Grand Army of the Dark One."

Chip arced an eyebrow. "Voldemort? He's the Dark Lord."

"I am not speaking to you of fairy tales or children's stories," Udonna said. "The dangers of my time are real, and they are awakening here."

"What was that thing that attacked us?" Nick asked.

"The creature that attacked you...was a Hades Beast," Udonna explained.

"Which creature?" Chip asked. "The creepy-ugly-witch creature or creepy-ugly-troll creature?"

"The troll creature," Udonna said. "The witch was a lone follower of the dark, preying upon the innocent. But the troll...was part of something greater."

"Got it," Chip said with a nod.

"See for yourselves..." Udonna said as she waved her hand over the crystal sphere. "Observe the Viewing Globe."

Within the globe, images sprang to life. They showed desolate landscapes - ruined cities, dead forests, blackened mountains, fiery skies and scorched earth. Within these landscapes, men and women cowered in small villages, each reduced to a pre-industrial state.

The cause of their fear: Morticon, who led hordes of Zompacs across the planet. 

"This is Morticon, General of the Dark One's Grand Army. In my time, his forces conquered...everything. Mere pockets of humanity remain, separated into clans. I come from the Clan of the Askani," she said. "From within my clan, a band of warriors rose to oppose Morticon. They harnessed the powers of the Mystic Rangers, forged by the Dragon Ranger of your time. But...they failed."

The images shifted to show the Mystic Rangers. "I fought alongside the Mystic Force as the White Ranger...I alone survived."  

She lowered her hand, and the images vanished. "I thought all hope was lost. But a strange, unknown force pulled me into your time. I appeared several months ago, before Morticon awakened. Even now, although he has arisen from his slumber, he is still sealed within Denzoberranzan."

"Denzobe...what?" Vida asked.

"Denzoberranzan," Udonna said. "A city within Hell, and the home of Morticon's forces."

She waved her hand over the Viewing Globe. The images showed the nuked landscape of Angel Grove, Xanathor, the Rinshi, Azmodai and other villains.

"Powerful forces are at play in your time," Udonna explained. "The agents of darkness plan to break the Seven Seals of the Dark One's prison, and they have already broken four. But luckily...from your perspective, what you call the future is in a constant state of flux. I believe if the Mystic Rangers fight in the here and now, we can keep the Dark One's Grand Army confined in Hades."

"We?" Xander asked. "What's this 'we' talk about?" 

Udonna waved her hands. Magick robes appeared around Xander, Chip, Madison and Vida. Golden light shimmered in their hands, and morphers appeared in their palms.

Vida wrinkled her nose and tugged at the pink outlines of her cloak. "Pink? Really?"

Chip practically shouted with excitement. "Is this seriously a morpher?"

Udonna nodded. "I brought the four of you together to ensure you would become the Mystic Rangers. These morphers come from my time, but will function here as well. They draw power from the Heavenly Saints, who exist outside of space/time."

Xander took a step back. "Wait, wait. We're not superheroes...We're not...We're not Rangers."

Nick knitted his brow. "Ah...what about me? You said something about fulfilling my destiny?"

"I did..." Udonna said. "But you are not ready."

"Why not?"

"To wield the power of the Mystic Rangers, the power of magick, requires courage. You do not have courage, Nick," Udonna said.

"Are you for real?" Nick asked. "I'm the only one who attacked that witch. I wasn't afraid for a second."

"There is a difference between courage and recklessness," Udonna said. "You, Nick, are reckless."

Madison shook her head. "I don't get it...Why us? Nick's the one who offered to help that old woman, even though it meant going deeper into the woods. That's courage."

"That witch tried to kill us, Maddie," Xander said. "That's not exactly a strong argument."

Nick ignored the exchange. "Udonna...Let me do this. I feel like...like I belong here."

Suddenly, the Viewing Glob clouded like a pool of black ink. Udonna placed her hand over its surface.

"The darkness has returned to the woods," she said. She looked to Xander, Chip, Madison and Vida. "You four most go, and fight as Rangers."

"Wait..." Xander said as he lifted his morpher. "We don't even know how to use these things. How are we supposed to fight?"

"Your powers will guide you," Udonna said. "Simply reach out to the Heavenly Saints, as I did."

Chip smiled as he gripped his morpher. "This is really happening...isn't it?"

Udonna nodded. "Go now. My Mystic Force."

The four teens dashed into the woods. They skid to a halt when they noticed a group of Zompacs move towards the city.

Xander stepped forward. "Hold on, guys..." he said. "Maybe we're going about this the wrong way."

Vida arced an eyebrow. "Um, what?"

"Let me try to reason with them. Give them a bit of the ol' Xander charm," he said.

"They're freaking zombies," Vida said.

Xander ignored her and walked towards the grunts.

"Hi there," he said with a smile. "My name's Xander. What do you say we cool off and talk this out?"

A grunt lunged with a jump-kick that bashed Xander's gut and knocked him several steps backward.

"OK," he said. "That failed miserably."

Vida grasped her morpher. "Come on, guys. We know what to do."

Chip smirked. "Yeah we do."

They flipped open their morphers and input their codes. "Heavenly Saints! Grant us the power of magick!" They swung their morphers through their transformation poses. "Magical Source!Mystic Force!"

Their wands summoned magical circles that harnessed the powers of their Heavenly Saints. Xander harnessed the power of Groungel, Heavenly Saint of Earth; Chip channeled the power of Volgel, Heavenly Saint of Thunder; Madison called on the power of Splagel, Heavenly Saint of Water and Vida harnessed the power of Wingel, Heaven Saint of Wind.

The circles slid across their bodies as they morphed into their armor.

The Rangers snapped into fighting stances.  

"Howling Earth Elemental! Magick of the Forrest! Mystic Green!"

"Galloping Thunder Elemental! Magick of the Thunder! Mystic Yellow!"

"Rippling Water Elemental! Magick of the Water! Mystic Blue!"

"Blowing Wind Elemental! Magick of the Wind! Mystic Pink!"

Mystic Yellow looked down at his hands and rolled them into fists. "Yes...it worked!"

Mystic Pink looked to Mystic Blue. "Switch me colors?"

Mystic Blue shook her head. "Not a chance."

Mystic Green rolled his hands into fists. "Alright, guys. Here it goes!"

Nick shook his head as he watched through the Viewing Globe.

"I can't just sit here..." he said. "I'm going too."

He stormed from Root Core before Udonna could object.

The Green Ranger dove and rolled towards the Zompacs. He lifted a small branch and hurled it at the grunts. The Green Ranger unsheathed his staff-like wand and thrust it forward.

"Magi Staff!Gii Magika!" he shouted.

His staff pulsed with jade energy that turned the branch into vines. The vines wrapped around the Zompacs and pinned them to the trees.

The Green Ranger shifted his weapon into axe-mode with a flash of emerald energy. "Magi Axe! Green Ground!"

He chopped his axe to the ground with a wave of green energy that tore through the dirt. The energy wave blasted through the Zompacs with massive bursts of spark that tore them to pieces.

Nearby, Mystic Blue ran into a shallow creek, and the Zompacs followed. The Blue Ranger lifted her Magi Staff.

"Gii Magika!" she shouted.

The creek exploded with blasts of water that tore through the Zompacs and hurled them through the air.

Slowly, a grunt climbed to its knees near the Blue Ranger. Mystic Blue swung upward, slashing the grunt with a burst of spark that whipped it backward.

Meanwhile, Mystic Pink faced a wave of Zompacs that rushed towards her. The Pink Ranger thrust her staff.

"Pink Storm!" she shouted.

Her staff pulsed with pink light that summoned a cyclone of power, which blew the grunts off their feet with bursts of spark.

Nearby, Mystic Yellow unsheathed his staff. "Magi Staff!"

He thrust the staff upward. "Gi Gigiru!"

The Yellow Ranger summoned bolts of lightning that tore through Zompacs with bursts of spark.

Mystic Yellow shifted his staff into crossbow mode with a flash of yellow light. "Magi Staff Bow Gun!" he shouted as he took aim. "Yellow Thunder!"

He fired darts of yellow energy that stabbed through the Zompacs with massive bursts of spark.

Mystic Yellow lifted his staff over his shoulder. "Well that was fun."

Nearby, Nick ran to the scene just as the Rangers started to finish off the last of the Zompacs. He stayed out of sight and watched in awe. He felt strong spiritual pressure from each of the Rangers, and that feeling triggered a strange sense of familiarity.

Suddenly, the skies darkened, and the Rangers heard a dark whisper come from the shadows. A symbol formed on the ground and shifted into a purple magick circle.

Koragg rose from the circle as his armor crackled with power.

From the bushes, Nick widened his eyes with horror and staggered backward. He collapsed and stared at Koragg, eyes fixed with fear.

"Him..." he whispered. He didn't know why, but the armored figure seemed familiar and filled Nick with a sense of dread that clutched his throat.

Koragg stalked towards the Rangers as they regrouped.

"So..." the villain said with a deep, hollow voice. "You're the chosen force of the Heavenly Saints? Gu Zazare."

He summoned his shield with a pulse of purple energy. The villain pulled his sword from his shield and stood in a loose but powerful fighting stance. 

"Was that a spell?" Mystic Green asked.

"Is this guy a magician too?!" Mystic Yellow asked with a mix of fear and excitement.

Koragg stepped forward. "Born in darkness. Clad in darkness. I am the Dark Magick Knight: Koragg."

He lifted his sword across his shield. "Touza Wol Zazard."

The shield snapped open, revealing a red orb that fired energy bolts shaped like the heads of wolves. The purple blasts smashed the Rangers with massive bursts of spark that knocked them to the ground.

Koragg lifted his sword and stalked towards his fallen foes.

Nick climbed to his feet. He narrowed his eyes as he watched. I have to help them...But I...I can't...

Koragg walked closer to the Rangers and pointed his sword an inch from the Green Ranger's faceplate.

"There is only one true magician," he said. "Me."

The villain lifted his sword to strike.

Nick closed his eyes tight, bit back his fear, and acted without thinking. He kicked a can, which shot through the air and smacked the villain's shoulder. 

Koragg looked over his shoulder and faced Nick.

The teen rolled his hands into fists and ran from the bushes. He stopped between Koragg and the Rangers and stepped into a fighting stance.

"Leave them alone!" he shouted.

Udonna smiled as she watched through the Viewing Globe. The desire to protect others...That wholehearted feeling will overcome your fear.That is courage.

Koragg shifted his grip on his sword. "You are a fool...I will kill all those would stand in my way."

Koragg chopped his sword.

Nick caught the blade with a flash of golden light. The burst of power hurled Koragg backward.

Nick lowered his hands, and the light took shape to form a morpher.

"The moment you display your courage," Udonna whispered. "Your magick will appear."

Nick smirked at the sight of his morpher. He whipped off his jacket and faced Koragg. "Alright. Here I go!"

He flipped open his wand and input his code. "Heavenly Saints. Grant me the power of magick!" He swung his morpher through his transformation pose. "Magical Source!Mystic Force!"

He summoned a red magick circle that harnessed the power of Flagel, Heavenly Saint of Flame. The circle slid down his body as he morphed into his armor.

The Ranger snapped his cape and twirled into a fighting stance.

"Burning Flame Element! Magick of the Flame! Mystic Red!"

"Hmph," Koragg grunted, unimpressed.

The villain lifted his arm and summoned an army of Zompacs with flashes of purple light. The creatures scrambled forward to attack the Red Ranger.

Mystic Red stepped into a defensive stance.

"Magi Staff!" he shouted as he unsheathed his weapon.

The Red Ranger slashed through the Zompacs with bursts of spark. He moved with quick and powerful strikes, honed as if he spent years on the battlefield. He didn't know why, but his powers felt right. They felt natural, and somehow, familiar.

The Ranger shifted his staff to blade mode. "Magi Sword!"

Mystic Red leapt forward and landed while chopping through a Zompac with massive bursts of spark. He slashed through the grunts, blade ripping through rotten flesh and bone.

Three grunts hopped and chopped their blades. Mystic Red blocked, knocked their swords away, and spun with a wide slash that tore them in half.


Mystic Red held his sword at his side and charged towards the remaining Zompacs. The grunts spat wads of goo that exploded around the Ranger, but he continued his advance.

The Red Ranger leapt and somersaulted through the air. "Magi Magika!"

Mystic Red ignited with flames like a phoenix and shot towards the Zompacs. "Red Fire!"

He dove through the Zompacs with massive bursts of spark that hurled them through the air and incinerated them into ash.

The Red Ranger landed and snapped his fingers. "Checkmate."

The last of the Zompacs exploded with massive bursts of flame.

The other Rangers regrouped with Mystic Red.

"Fire power?!" Mystic Yellow asked. "That was awesome."

"This isn't a game, Chip," Mystic Red said.

Nearby, Koragg staked towards the Rangers. "You fought well...Mystic Rangers..."

Mystic Red aimed his blade at the villain. "You're next, Koragg!"

"Hmph." Koragg looked aside. "Ignorant fools..." He lifted his hand. "Wol Uru Zazare."

The villain summoned a magick circle of purple light. "Come forth, Dark Steed Barikion!"

A giant, armored, mystical horse leapt from the circle. Koragg leapt through the air towards the evil zord. "Wolzard Uru Kuraro."

Koragg jumped through a magick circle that expanded his size to giant. "Wolzard Touza Zamera."

Koragg combined with Barikion and took the form of a giant centaur. The villain armed a massive, double-bladed staff. "Wolf Centaurus!"

The Rangers looked up at their giant opponent.

"Is this guy for real?!" Mystic Yellow shouted.

Mystic Red charged towards the giant, but Mystic Green held him back. "Hey, stop!" the Green Ranger shouted. "What are you thinking?!"

"We've got to stop him!" Mystic Red shouted.

"By getting stepped on?!" Mystic Green said. "He's a giant monster!"

Mystic Red shrugged off Mystic Green. "Stay out of my way, Xander."

Wolf Centaurus lifted his foot and stomped towards the Rangers. But white darts of energy stabbed the villain with massive bursts of spark that forced him backward.

The Rangers looked to see the White Mystic Ranger standing on a nearby hill.

"Udonna!" Mystic Red shouted.

The White Ranger looked towards the others. "Fall back, Rangers. Leave this to me." She lifted her staff. "Maagi Magi Magika!"

White snowflakes of energy twirled around her as she leapt into the air and grew giant.

The White Ranger twirled her staff into a fighting stance. "Gii Magiine!"

She thrust her staff and fired darts of snow energy. But Koragg lifted his shield and blocked the blasts with bursts of spark.

Mystic White twirled her staff backward and charged to attack. Koragg lifted his front legs and stomped the White Ranger with bursts of spark that knocked her several steps backward.

The White Ranger staggered but kept her balance. She twirled her staff, charged and chopped at the villain. But Koragg parried and slashed the White Ranger with a burst of spark.

Mystic White twirled her staff and slashed again. Koragg used his shield to block with a burst of spark. The White Ranger pressed her blade against the villain's shield.

"The Magick of the Saints exists for justice..." Mystic White said. "How can you, someone from Hades, wield it?"

"Foolish Witch of the Askani," Koragg said. "You assume too much."

Mystic White twisted her weapon. "Who are you...?"

"You will never know. Ooza Wol Zazado!"

His shield snapped open and fired purple energy blasts at point-blank range The blasts smashed Mystic White with massive bursts of spark that hurled her off her feet.

Mystic White crashed and tumbled across the ground. Slowly, she crawled into a crouched stance.

Koragg charged, leapt through the air and landed while slashing the Ranger with massive bursts of spark. She screamed as secondary explosions tore through her armor and forced her to her knees.

Mystic White collapsed and exploded into shards of ice, which tossed her Magi Staff through the air. The staff stabbed into the ground, ebbed with power, and shrunk back to normal size.

The Rangers stared silently, in shock.

"No..." Mystic Blue whispered. "Udonna..."

Mystic Yellow shook his head. "It can't be..."

"I don't believe it..." Mystic Green said.

"Udonna..." Mystic Red said. "Udonna!"

The Red Ranger charged towards the giant in the distance.

Koragg ignored them. "Uza Ushida."

He summoned a magick circle beneath his feet and sunk back into the underworld.

To be continued...Chapter 02

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