UPR New Generation Year Five – Ryu Ranger


As darkness continues to devour the world, evil spreads to an unlikely place: Briarwood, Indiana. There, a strange sorceress known as the Witch of the Askani assembles a group of Mystic Rangers, each with a connection to the supernatural. Meanwhile, Dr. William "Billy" Cranston takes his Ranger and Rider Initiatives nationwide with the RPM Rangers and Kamen Rider Drive. And his Civil War against Tommy’s Rangers continues.



Prelude – Saints of the Askani: Face the Real World

Chapter 01 – Mystic Force: Grant us the Power

Chapter 02 – Mystic Force: Before Time

Chapter 03 – Hurricane: Witnesses

Chapter 04 – Rainbow Line: Imagination

Chapter 05 – RPM: Get in Gear

Chapter 06 – Mystic Force: Field of Green

Chapter 07 – Mystic Force: Mystic King

Chapter 08 – Mystic Force: Wolf Knight’s Challenge

Chapter 09 – Mystic Force: Scorched Memories

Chapter 10 – Hurricane: Dark Man Rising

Chapter 11 – Hurricane: Dark Man Fallen

Chapter 12 – Hurricane: This War Within

Chapter 13 – Rainbow Line: Dark Duel

Chapter 14 – Mystic Force: The Gate’s Key

Chapter 15 – Mystic Force: The Earth Prince

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