Ultimate Power Rangers Book 07 Chpt 06 – The Forgotten Spear – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Book 07
Chapter 6 - The Forgotten Spear

Ultimate Gao Ranger: Chapter Six prologue

1,000 years ago, Japan

The Heian Period

They were Ronin, rogue bushido that belonged to no clan. They wore black kimonos with no markings. Their hair was cut short. The twelve warriors sat around a campfire at night to keep warm. 

A supernatural cold had filled the valleys, stretching from shore to shore. Snow had started to fall, even though it was the middle of summer.

"There is almost nothing left," one of the warriors said. "Even refugees are quickly slaughtered."

Another Ronin nodded in agreement. "Even the five Gao warriors have retreated to the east in fear. Nothing can stop these undead creatures which have ravaged our lands."

Someone approached the Ronin from the darkness. It was a young boy, no older than 12, dressed in tattered rags that barely covered his tan skin. "Sensei...I had the dream again..."

"Dream?" the lead Ronin said. He scoffed. "We are a dying people with no time for dreams."

The boy, Makoto, tightened his small hands into fists. "It is no ordinary dream...I saw the Spear. GaoGiraffe. He wants me to tame him."

The Ronin shared a hearty laugh. "Only one of the five Gao Warriors can tame a Power Animal alone. It takes practically an entire combat group of shogenjuu to control a single Power Animal."

The boy frantically shook his head. "But GaoGiraffe wants me..."

The Ronin pushed the boy away. "Go back to sleep. We have a long way to travel at sunrise."

The Ronin group had planned a surprise attack against a group of Org moving in from the southern shore lines. The Org reinforcements threatened to overwhelm and devour the scattered survivors of the land. 

The lead Ronin started sharpening his sword against a stone.

Sunrise came. A group of around 60 Ronin marched southward around endless plains of woods and grass. Makoto followed while carrying sacks of extra weapons and food over his shoulders.

They reached the edge of a grassy cliff that looked out upon a winding pass of trees below. Countless Org grunts tore through the trees, clubbing through bark and ripping apart branches. An Org monster shaped like a plow led the soldiers.

The lead Ronin tightened his grasp on his sword. He howled at the top f his lungs as he and his Ronin soldiers slid down the slope of the cliff and slammed against the Org grunts below.

The Ronin's sabers slashed through Org flesh with bursts of spark. Ichor sprayed from each wound, dirtying the Ronin's already war-torn and filthy robes.

Makoto crouched back behind the cover of a large rock to hide from the enemy troops. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the Ronin try foolishly to close in around Plow Org. The boy knew that Ronin metal was no match for battle-hardened steel of Org armor.  

Makoto knitted his brow with anger while the Org grunts smashed their clubs against the Ronin, crushing the warriors' ribs and snapping bone. Broken bones pierced vital organs and killed a handful of the warriors while the rest of the warriors continued their advance against Plow Org.

Plow Org armed thick blades along is arms and dashed forward. The monster swung his arms outward, slicing open the gut of two warriors. Their entrails littered the ground as Plow Org pounced forward.

Makoto opened a sack over his shoulder and pulled out a small slingshot. The boy hopped on top of the rock and loaded a stone in the sling. He snapped the rock downward, and it bounced off of Plow Org.

Plow Org laughed with amusement as he looked up at the boy. "I love annoying children..."

Plow Org swung his arms and fired a pair of blue energy blades that exploded beneath Makoto. The explosion tossed Makoto off the cliff and sent him tumbling down the side of the rocky hill. He crashed on the ground below, and a group of Org grunts immediately swarmed towards him.

Makoto scrambled to his feet and tried to run off, but he was quickly surrounded from all sides. The Org grunts taunted him like a young animal, slowly closing around him as they poked him with their clubs.

He screamed for help, but the last of the Ronin was being gutted by Plow Org. The surprise attack had failed miserably.

The situation became worse as Plow Org grew giant. 

Fiery pain suddenly shot through the boy's hand. He looked down to see the orange symbol of the giraffe burn against the back of his hand. A flash of energy pulsed in his palm as a small orange sphere-shaped gem appeared.

Makoto felt energy pump through his veins, as if the gem was a second heart.

The gem flashed with brilliant energy that knocked the Org grunts backward.

"GaoGiraffe!" Makoto shouted at the top of his lungs.

The subtle but powerful cry of the giraffe spread across the tree tops. The orange-armored zord charged forward towards the battle scene with grace and power. The zord snapped its neck like a whip, thrashing against Plow Org and knocking the villain backward.

Makoto stood tall and watched with amazement as GaoGiraffe pressed forward. "Finish him, GaoGiraffe!"

GaoGiraffe leaned forward, its entire head energizing and shooting forward like a spear that punctured through Plow Org with a massive burst of spark and flame. The zord lifted its head back up and rose to its hind legs while bashing its front two armored hooves against the fallen monster's body, cracking the wound farther apart and battering rotted flesh.

Makoto smiled with pride as the Org monster finally stopped squirming and died.

Ultimate Gao Rangers: Chapter Six

The Forgotten Spear

A large fishing boat moved back towards the Angel Grove docks at night. Two of the crewmen's bloody bodies were strewn across the decks.

Three survivors huddled near the aft section of the ship and shook with terror. They debated making a run towards the ship's smaller lifeboat. But they didn't know if the creature would cut them down before they could make it to safety. 

The men stayed hidden behind a short stack of crates. They heard footsteps approach slowly from the other side of the crates. Each step creaked against the old, wooden deck. The men's hearts pounded faster as the footsteps came closer.

The crates suddenly exploded, splintering into pieces as the men crashed backward. They looked up to see a hideous monster walk towards them. The creature's main body appeared as an anchor, but was covered with wood from a fallen ship's hull and black-slime-coated algae.

The villain had deep red eyes in the darkness of what looked like a broken bow shaped like a jaw. Two horns extended from the creature. It was the Anchor Org.

Two days passed. The night-lit sky cast an eerie glow upon the city streets as Blue and Michael walked side by side.

Blue shook his head. "I've been having this weird dream ever y night for about a week. It's bugging me out."

"What kind of dream?" Michael asked.

"It starts with all of us fighting against an Org in Gao King," Blue said. "We get beat each time and our zords practically die. I keep...I keep wanting to fight back but I can't."

"Huh," Michael said thoughtfully. "You could just be more worried about the Org than you think..."

Blue shrugged. "That could be I guess..."

Their G-Phones toned and they flipped the devices open. "This is Blue..."

Tetomu spoke to them through their morpher. "There's an Org presence at the docks nearby. I've already alerted the others. Please...meet them there. And be careful."

Ten-year-old Jacob's father was three days late. The man's fishing trip was supposed to have ended, and yet no one had heard from the expedition.

Jacob slid a small sheet of paper into a glass bottle. The paper had a wish written on it, a wish that his father would return. Legend said that this part of Angel Grove's shore was protected by a powerful spirit of the sea that granted such wishes.

The boy closed his eyes and wished for his father to return safely before throwing the bottle into the water.

He sighed and walked away heading back into the city where he would take a subway home. He suddenly heard a massive slam come from behind him. He turned back towards the docks and opened his eyes wide with horror at the sight of Anchor Org. The creature had Jacob's bottle wedged in its shoulder.

Anchor Org stalked towards the boy.

Jacob scrambled backward and fell of his feet before crashing onto his tailbone. 

"Ha!" Gao Blue suddenly leapt through the air and slammed a double kick against Anchor Org's face. The blow sent the villain stumbling backward as Gao Blue landed in a shark-like fighting stance.

Gao Black dashed in and stood at the Blue Ranger's side.

Gao Blue stepped back and moved to the boys side as Gao Black charged towards the Org monster to attack. The Blue Ranger helped the boy to his feet. "Run as fast as you can, kid."

The boy stumbled to his feet and started to run off.

Anchor Org slammed an anchor-like weapon across Gao Black's chest. The strike sparks on impact and sent the Black Ranger tumbling across the concrete.

Gao Black rolled next to Gao Blue and slowly rose to his feet. The other Rangers leapt onto the scene, and the team regrouped.

"Eagle Sword!" Gao Yellow shouted as he leapt forward through the air like a bird.

"Tiger Baton!" Gao White shouted. She pounced through the air to attack like a cat.

The two Rangers swung their weapons down hard towards Anchor Org./ The Org armed a circular shield that blocked the blows. The monster swung his shield arm, swatting the two Rangers from the air and sending them flying backward. 

The other Rangers ran to their fallen teammates' sides.

"Lion Fang!" he shouted as his claw weapon formed around his right hand. "Gaoling cannon!"

The claw shifted shape and transformed into a short rifle weapon with the golden head of the rifle engraved at its end. The weapons barrels were wrapped around the lion's mane. Gao Red triggered the weapon, firing rapid blasts of green energy darts.

The blasts reflected off of Anchor Org's shield and streaked back towards the Rangers. The green energy blasts exploded against the Rangers' armor with bursts of spark that snapped their bodies backward and knocked them off their feet.

The Org laughed mockingly at the Rangers. "The little boy actually put up more than a fight..."

Gao Blue surged to his feet and pounced forward.

"Ha!" Gao Blue tackled against Anchor Org, and the two opponents went plummeting into the ocean.

The Blue Ranger dragged the villain deeper into the water and thrashed his claws across the monster's armor.

Anchor Org swung its arm, slashing Gao Blue across the chest and sending him tumbling backward through the water.

The Blue Ranger unsheathed his Gao Dagger and turned while swimming back towards the villain.

Anchor Org fired a jagged energy blast that caused the water to bubble as it exploded against Gao Blue's chest hard. The monster swam away as The Blue Ranger's armor shimmered and powered down.

Blue's unconscious body drifted back to the shore as he dreamt... 

Five-year-old Timothy sat on his grandfather's plaid-pattern coach and swung his legs back and forth impatiently. He didn't understand exactly what was happening. He could not comprehend the reality of the situation.

His parents had both died and a social worker was setting him up to live with his grandparents, whom he had never met.

Timothy heard the door shut after the social worker left. His grandmother slowly walked into the living room. She had a look of utter disbelief on her face. What was she to do with the boy?

"Hello Timothy...would you like to see your new room?"

Timothy narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. "I already have a room..."

"Yes, well..." his grandmother said. "Now you have a room here. You'll be staying with us for a while...quite a while..."

Timothy's face lit up. "Until my parents come back?"

His grandmother's face grew pale. She sat down next to Timothy and embraced him. "Oh, sweetie...your parents aren't coming back...They're with the Lord now..."

Timothy slowly stirred as his vision returned. He was lying on his back in Gao Rock while staring up at the ceiling. The other rangers were gathered around him.  He gasped when he realized what had happened and tried to sit up, but Michael pushed him back down.

"Don't get up yet..." Michael said. "Give yourself a second or two..."

Timothy pushed Michael's hand away. "I don't need a second or two, I need to move..."

A wave of dizziness hit Timothy as he sat up and stood. He stumbled over to the Sacred Pool and dipped his hands in to splash his face with water.

The pool suddenly bubbled as Tetomu appeared in a flash of light, knocking Timothy onto his rear. Tetomu arced an eyebrow at him. "The Sacred Pool is not for washing."

Timothy lifted his hands defensively. "Okay, okay...you should put a sign on the thing or something..."

Timothy's face turned slightly red with embarrassment. He scrambled back to his feet and started to leave Gao Rock. "I'm going to...go look for the Org or something..."

He hated being treated like a grade-school kid. He knew he was only 14, not even done with his freshman year in high school. He expected being treated like a freshman at school. He tolerated it there.

But the rangers were supposed to be his teammates. They should know better.

"I can fight as good as all of 'em," he said quietly on his way out.

Twelve-year-old Timothy sat with his head down in front of his teacher. His grandmother sat at his side.

Timothy's teacher, Mrs. Watson, leaned on her desk with her hands folded. "I hope you understand that I have Timothy's best interests at heart. But he cannot continue these...disruptions in class. We might need to consider the possibility that Timothy has ADHD."

Timothy raised his brow. "Just because I threw spit balls at the substitute doesn't mean I need Ritalin."

Watson nodded. "It's also possible that these acts are a cry for attention."

Timothy rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair.

Jacob leaned against the railing and looked out at the ocean. He sighed as he leaned his chin down against the railing. Worry about his father plagued him. But his father was a strong man. He had to be alright. He just had to.

Timothy walked up and leaned against the railing a few meters away. Timothy didn't pay much notice to the boy, but the opposite was not true.

Jacob scoffed with annoyance when he saw Timothy. "This is my spot. Get lost."

Timothy looked at the boy quizzically. "You've got a smart mouth, kid. No wonder you almost got killed last night."

Timothy mentally kicked himself. That was a bad move.

The boy narrowed his eyes. "What the hell do you know about that? Were you spying on me? Are you some kind of sick-stalker pervert?"

Timothy rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Just calm down. You shouldn't have been out here last night alone anyway. You're just a kid."

The boy's knuckled turned white as he grasped harder against the railing. Timothy noticed that the boy was using his anger to keep himself from crying.

"Why were you here last night, anyway?" Timothy asked.

The boy shook his head and looked back out towards the ocean. He still had a stern look on his face. "I was waiting for my dad. He...was coming back to shore a couple days ago..."

"Did something happen to him?" Timothy asked.

"No!" the boy shouted. He caught himself and lowered his voice. "He's coming back..."

Timothy's heart sank.

Explosions suddenly rang from the other side of the docks. Workers and civilians ran in panic, screaming about some kind of monster that was attacking.

"Stay here," Timothy said as he ran towards the disturbance.

Jacob followed.

Anchor Org stalked down the pier as Timothy ran to the scene. The Org monster laughed mockingly. "I recognize you, little fish."

Timothy wasted no time before flipped open his morpher.

"Wild Access! Ha!" Energy wrapped around him as he morphed into his Ranger form and snapped into a shark-like fighting stance. "Surging Shark! Gao Blue!"

Gao Blue charged towards the villain while arming his arm blades. "Shark Cutters!"

Gao Blue swung his left Shark Cutter down hard, but Anchor Org blocked the blow and swung his anchor weapon towards Gao Blue's helmet. The Blue Ranger ducked under the blow and spun forward while swinging the back of his hand towards the villain. Anchor Org raised his shield and blocked the Shark Cutter.

The villain knocked Gao Blue's arm aside hard, sending the Ranger stumbling back a few steps.

Gao Blue clenched his teeth beneath his helmet. "You son of a..."

Gao Blue pounced forward and swung both blades towards opposite sides of the villain's head. The Org knocked the Ranger's arms aside and slammed his shield against Gao Blue's chest. Gao Blue stumbled backward as the monster pushed forward and swung a broad blade towards the Blue Ranger's head.

Gao Blue ducked under the blow and rose to full height while slamming a round kick against the monster. His ankle smashed and bruised against the Org's strong armor.

Anchor Org knocked the Blue Ranger's leg aside and pounced forward. The monster thrashed its blades across Gao Blue's chest, each blow sparking upon impact.

Nearby, Jacob hid behind a crane and watched with eyes wide open in amazement.

Gao Blue swung a flurry of strikes that Anchor Org blocked or dodged with ease.

"Stop moving..." Gao Blue said through a clenched jaw as he kept swinging his weapons.

The Org swung his anchor blade hard against Gao Blue's chest. The weapon sparked on impact and knocked the Blue Ranger off his feet. Gao Blue tumbled across the ground before rolling back to his feet.

Gao Blue surged forward through the air and thrust his blades forward, but Anchor Org used his shield to block the blow.

Gao Blue shouted a frustrated war cry as he flipped backward and landed his feet against the side of a crate. He pushed off and flipped forward while swinging a double kick down towards Anchor Org. The Org monster used his shield to swat the Ranger from the air.

Gao Blue went flying backward and crashed against the ground. He looked up just as Anchor Org pounced forward while swinging his anchor blade. The blade thrashed across Gao Blue's chest with a burst of spark, and slashed upward against his gut, knocking the wind from the Ranger.

Gao Blue fell to the ground, and Anchor Org kicked the Blue Ranger while he was down.

Gao Blue rolled backward and moved into a crouched fighting stance. He started swinging his shark blades through a flurry of combos that Anchor Org blocked with ease.

Gao Blue clenched his jaw with frustration as he swung harder. "Will you just fall down!" He swung another series of strikes that the monster blocked with his shield and parried with his anchor blade. "Fall down!"

The Org swung his blade through a wide backhand swing that smashed across Gao Blue's chest with a massive burst of spark that snapped his body backward.

Anchor Org laughed and stalked towards the fallen Ranger. But explosions suddenly sparked against his chest and forced him backward.

Gao Red, armed with his cannon, and the other Rangers ran to the scene and regrouped around Gao Blue.

"You okay?" Gao Red asked as Gao Black helped the Blue Ranger to his feet.

"Just great," Gao Blue said.

The Rangers stood tall while facing Anchor Org. Gao Red stepped forward. "Guardians of the Earth..." he shouted, "United we roar! Wild Task Force!"

"Gao Ranger!" they shouted in unison.

The Rangers charged forward to attack, but explosions suddenly sparked against their armor and knocked them off their feet. Stunned, Anchor Org looked to his side to see Toxica and Jindrax standing casually while leaning against a pile of crates.

Jindrax waved at the monster. "Yo."

Toxica held up a shell cup of bubbling purple syrup. "We've brought you some help."

The Org monster scoffed. "Like I need it..."

Toxica hurled the slime into the air. The droplets of slime combined and took shape to form a group of grunts that landed from the air and charged forward to attack the Rangers.

Two grunts charged towards Gao Red. The Red Ranger used his glove's claws to parry each blow.

"Ha!" he shouted as he lunged forward with an open-palm strike against a third grunt's face. The soldier's face smashed in like a rotten melon, its eyes bursting open with purple slime and puss.

A pair of grunts charged towards Gao Yellow nearby. The Yellow ranger sidestepped while striking down against the grunt's club, causing the soldier to stumble forward off its feet.

Gao Yellow moved in low and sweep kicked the legs out from the second soldier. The grunt's legs twisted and cracks, seeping black ichor from the wound.

Another wave of grunts charged towards Gao Black. The Black Ranger lifted two Orgs by their necks and flipped them off their feet with an impressive display of strength.

Meanwhile, Gao White low blocked a soldier's club and brought her arm back up with an elbow strike against the grunt's chest. Her elbow smashed through the grunt's chest with a burst of black puss-covered slime.

Gao Blue slammed his claws against a soldier's head like the jaws of a shark. The grunt's head popped, smashing into pieces of rotted flesh and black puss. The Blue Ranger pressed forward and tore the grunt's chest apart with his claws.

Anchor Org watched with annoyance. The grunts were doing nothing but getting in the way while helping the Rangers sharpen their claws.

The Org monster charged into the thick of the battle while swinging his powerful anchor blade. He tore through two grunts before slamming his weapon across Gao Red's chest with a burst of spark. The monster pressed forward and smashed through another group of grunts while slashing Gao Yellow and Gao Black across their armor, sparks bursting upon impact.

Anchor Org slammed three grunts aside with a wide swing of his blade, then slashed aside Gao White and Gao Blue with powerful strikes that sparked across their armor and whipped their bodies backward.

The Rangers rose back to their feet and regrouped.

"Are you insane?!" Gao Yellow shouted. "You're ripping through your own people too..."

Anchor Org merely laughed and charged forward to attack. The villain fired jagged bursts of orange energy that exploded against the Rangers' armor with bursts of spark. 

Gao Red rolled back to his feet and pounced towards the villain like a lion. Anchor Org slashed the Ranger across the chest with a burst of spark, knocking the Red Ranger onto his back. The Org monster stomped down repeatedly on Gao Red's chest.

"Red!" Gao Yellow shouted as he and the others struggled back to their feet.

Gao Blue looked up to the crane nearby. "Perfect..."

The Blue Ranger leapt upward and grabbed onto the crane. He swung forward and dropped down towards Anchor Org while arming a single Shark Cutter. Gao Blue landed while chopping through one of the Org monster's horns, the horn sparked as it cut in half.

Gao Red snapped up his leg and kicked the Org monster away. The Red Ranger rolled back to his feet as he and the other Rangers regrouped.

Gao Yellow patted Gao Blue on the shoulder. "Nice move, kid..."

"Let's bring 'em together," Gao Red said. The Rangers combined their weapons.

"Gao Blade!" they shouted as the blade energized with deep, fiery golden power.

"See ya!" Gao Red shouted to the creature.

They chopped the energized blade downward. The golden blade extended while chopping through Anchor Org, tearing its body apart, ripping through rotted flesh, armor and bone. The monster fell backward, its energy overloading and exploding, producing a shockwave that decimated the monster into nothing more than a boiling puddle of slime.

Jindrax and Toxica stepped forth from the shadows.

Toxica extended her staff towards the oozing remains of Anchor Org. She whispered an incantation while waving her staff back and forth. The end of the staff slid open like an iris and a dozen black seeds shot out. Toxica started to scream the chant as the seeds rooted in the ooze remains. "Oniah-sha-shee! Kua-ta-to!"

Thick vines shot up from the ooze, extending as high as a skyscraper. The vines started to mesh together while twisting and thrashing back and forth. The vines formed a giant-sized version of a reborn Anchor Org.

The Rangers unsheathed their Gao Daggers and extended the blades towards the sky.

"Wildzords, descend!" they shouted. The blades emitted an enchanting tone at their command.

The tone reached up to the sky island Anamarium and caught the ears of the Power Animals. A bridge of multi-colored light extended down from the island and towards the Earth. The Power Animals roared as they charged down the bridge and into battle.

The Rangers stood in a circle and thrust their daggers towards the center. Gao Red looked up while making a claw with his left hand over the right side of his chest. "Wildzords! Assemble!"

The five Wildzords charged forward as fiery energy surrounded them. GaoBison morphed into a waist and set of legs. GaoTiger and GaoShark formed the arms and attached to GaoLion, which served as the chest. GaoEagle attached to the lion and allowed the zord to hover over the ground as it zoomed forward.

The Rangers leapt up towards the zord and melded with it. A cockpit formed in GaoLion's head armor, and five stations appeared for the Rangers to stand behind. Each station had two black, organic globes for controls. A slot was between each globe pair for the Gao daggers.

Gao Red laid his dagger onto the slot and placed his hands over the globe controls. "Rise up!"

 The combined zord rose and back-flipped through the air as the formation completed. "MegaWildzord!" the Rangers shouted from their cockpit. "Gao King!"

Gao White inserted her other gem into her dagger and raised the weapon upward. "Wildzord descend!"

GaoElephant appeared on the scene in the distance. The elephant zord let out a powerful trumpet call through its horn and charged into battle.

"Wildzords," the White Ranger said as she laid her Dagger back into its slot. "Attach."

GaoElephant transformed into a sword and shield that Gao King used as his weapons.

"MegaWildzord!" the Rangers shouted. "Gao King, Sword and Shield!"

Gao King charged forward to attack the Org monster.

"Sword Whip!" the Rangers shouted. "Final Strike!"

Gao King's sword energized and went slack. The Megazord swung the sword down hard like a whip. Each segment of the energized whip tore downward, but Anchor Org lifted his shield and blocked the blow with ease.

Anchor Org dashed forward and swung his anchor blade in an 'x' pattern that exploded against the Megazord's armor with massive bursts of sparks, forcing Gao King backward.

The Org monster armed a chain at the end of his anchor blade, and used the chain to snap the anchor forward like a whip. The anchor blade whipped across the Megazord with massive display of power, sending explosions thrashing across Gao King.

Gao King crashed off his feet while dropping the elephant sword and shield.

The Rangers were jarred in their cockpit, and Gao Blue crashed against the floor. His Gao Dagger fell from its console and landed next to Gao Blue.

The Blue Ranger opened his eyes wide beneath his helmet. "This is just like in my dream..."

Gao Blue slowly rose to his feet. "Guys...we have to use the spear."

"Spear?" Gao Red asked as he pulled himself up to his console. "What are you talking about?"

Gao Blue shook his head. "I wish I knew..."

Tetomu read over the old scroll in Gao Rock. Her eyes lit up in recognition. "The Spear! Blue...the Spear you've been dreaming about...it's another Power Animal!"

Orange light pulsed in Gao Blue's palm as an animal crystal materialized. The crystal had the small image of a giraffe engraved inside. "...a giraffe..."

Gao Blue placed the orange crystal into his dagger's hilt and raised the weapon upward. "Arise! GaoGiraffe!"

A surge of orange light flashed near the docks as the orange-armored GaoGiraffe appeared and charged forward towards Anchor Org.

Anchor Org stepped on Gao King and started bashing the Megazord with an anchor blade. Sparks exploded across Gao King's armor as the Org continued its relentless attack.

The giraffe zord's cry split through the air as the Power Animal moved forward. GaoGiraffe thrashed its neck back and forth, whipping across the Org's body with massive bursts of spark that forced the monster backward.

"Detach, GaoShark!" Gao Blue said as the shark arm separated from the Megazord. "Attach! Giraffe Spear!"

GaoGiraffe shifted shape and formed a spear-tipped right arm that connected with the Megazord with a surge of power.

"MegaWildzord!" the Rangers shouted. "Gao King, spear!"

Gao King raised its spear arm, and the tip flashed with orange-tinted, fiery energy.

"Giraffe Spear, strike!" the Rangers shouted as they thrust their hands forward.

Gao King thrust the spear forward. The spear's tip energized with a wedge of fiery power and energy that extended forward. The spear punctured through the monster's shield with a burst of spark and tore through the center of the villain's body.

Anchor Org growled with pain as his energy overloaded and exploded with a massive sphere of flame that incinerated the monster's armor, burnt through its rotted flesh, and reduced the creature into steaming slime that blew away with the smoke and wind.

Timothy walked back towards Jacob at the docks later in the day.

Jacob watched the ocean from the docks as a lifeboat approached. He recognized the men on the boat as members of his father's crew.

"Dad!" he shouted, but he did not see his father's face among the crew. However, a few dead bodies were stacked at the rear of the boat. The boat came closer, and Jacob could see blood and infected wounds on the bodies of the dead.

Jacob's face grew pale. "No...no!"

Timothy dashed over to Jacob and turned him away. "Don't look..."

The boat came closer, like a barge of the dead stacked with bloody corpses.

Jacob started to cry as Timothy held onto the boy. "Just don't look..."

Jacob buried his face in Timothy's chest. Timothy hugged the stranger as tight as he could and leaned his head down, a tear streaming down his own cheek. "Just...look away..."

To be continued...Chapter Seven

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