Ultimate Power Rangers Book 05 Chpt 25 – Countdown to Destruction: Prelude – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Book 05
Chapter 25 - Countdown to Destruction: Prelude

Rangers in Space: Chapter Twenty-five

Countdown to Destruction: Prelude

Zordon could feel it. His time was almost up. The dark shroud of mist that surrounded his existence was tightening. It flooded his every breath. It choked the core of his soul. It clouded.

Beyond the shroud, he could sense Sauron moving his evil forces into play. The villains were preparing for their final strike. Sauron was about to begin his campaign to darken the entire galaxy, as it was in the beginning of time.

It was at the beginning of time when Sauron ruled all. Nothing is recorded farther into the past. The first Ranger, Jestin, rose up and defeated Sauron's forces on Eltar...


Zordon felt his homeworld's pain. The world was once again under a tyrant's heels. And from Eltar, Sauron had managed to gain a firm grasp on countless worlds and races: the Amazon-like warriors of the Kyrana Cluster, the remnants of the Machine Empire, the feline Kilrathi, the Wyrun pirates, Divatox, the Vongnar, the spider creatures of Ravin'law, the Zentron, the stone Sedementarians, insectoid Vingians, the Night Sisters of Hayden, the Jolna Compact, Tark Space, countless pirates, and other bounty hunters such as the Verox. The list went on...

Foremost on Zordon's mind was Astronema. Tommy's sister. What would be her fate? Zordon knew how the war was going to end. He had known since joining the side of Light. But who would survive following his sacrifice? How many innocents had to die? What would happen to Tommy? Jason? Kimberly? Adam? Ryouma? And all his Rangers?

And worst of all, if they survived, how would they be affected? Tommy in particular. Warrior of the Heaven Fire Star. Dragon Ranger. The boy was more powerful than he or Master Kaku ever thought possible. It was terrifying. That kind of power would likely kill Tommy by devouring his body, or corrupt him.

But Zordon had faith. Although he worried, he had faith.

He felt panic ripple across the galaxy. Sauron's forces were attacking. After the initial wave, Sauron would send his true soldiers in: creatures of pure evil designed to kill everything in their path.

The lines were drawn.

Sauron had made his move. 

The countdown to destruction had begun.

To be continued...Countdown to Destruction

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