Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation GOKAI Chapter 11 – “Jungle Fury: Niki-Niki! Kenpo Lesson” – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Legendary War
Chapter 11 - "Jungle Fury: Niki-Niki! Kenpo Lesson"

Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Eleven

Niki-Niki! Kenpo Lesson

The Legacy Galleon flew through a fragment of space that unraveled into strands of matter, dark matter and energy. The chaos wave battered the ship's hull, shaking its insides.

The teens struggled to stay on their feet within the crew hold. Then, when they cleared the storm, they found themselves in a pocket of space with a single planet: An alternate version of Earth.

"An Earth. Again…" Mat said. "Big surprise."

"What can you find?" Tyler asked.

Mat shared the results of his scans. Apparently, an organization called the True Cross controlled this version of Earth. The Knights of the True Cross hunted teens called Shaded, born from demon-possessed parents.

"Shaded…" Seth said. "They sound familiar."

Kira nodded. "I remember that phrase from one of the Time Shards…"

"Then the next Time Shard is probably down there…" Tyler looked over his shoulder towards the ship’s navigation droid. "Bird."

"I’m not a bird! I’m Navi!" the droid protested.

"Right," Tyler said dismissively. "We need a prediction. Got anything?"

Navi flapped his wings and rose from his pedestal. "Tresa navigato!" He smacked his head against the ceiling and floated back towards his pedestal. "You must find…the Child of the Tiger."

"Helpful," Mat said sarcastically. "Thanks."

Tyler started walking towards the cockpit. "Come on," he told his team. "Let’s go tiger hunting."

Casey stood on the balcony of True Cross Academy in Angel Grove. He looked out upon the city of gleaming white buildings, gilded in gold and silver. The teen wore the white uniform of the Knights of the True Cross, embroidered with the red outline of a tiger. 

His teammates, Casey, Lilly and Dominick, stepped besides him.

"You ready?" Lilly asked. "Father Amantini wanted us on patrol an hour ago."

"Yeah…" Casey said as he shook his head. "I’m sorry. It’s just…something’s wrong."

"That’s specific," Dom said.

"What is it?" Theo asked.

"I’m not sure…" Casey said. "It’s just…I sense…something is coming. Something’s that not supposed to be here…"

"The Illuminati?" Dom asked, referring to a rival organization.

"No…" Casey shook his head. "Never mind. Let’s get going. Are the Exwires coming?"

"They’re already outside," Lilly said. "Fidgety and ready."

"Good," Casey said. "Let’s go…"

On the other side of the city, Jarrod hid within the shadows of the alleyways. He belonged to a group of Shaded who sought to overthrow the oppression of the True Cross, so his people could live in freedom.

He moved into a run-down section of the city called the Narrows, where he regrouped with the members of his resistance group: Kyle, Enzo, Rika, and Gavin, along with Gavin's boyfriend Evan. Evan sat with his head against Gavin’s shoulder, and his hand on the curved muscles of his chest.

Rika narrowed her eyes as she walked towards her leader. "How much longer are we supposed to wait here?"

"Antsy?" Enzo asked with a smirk. "I can think of a way to kill the time."

Rika rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Pervert."

"The time for waiting is over," Jarrod said.

"Seriously?" Kyle asked with a light of excitement in his eyes. He slapped his right fist against his left palm. "It’s about time."

"The Knights have begun to raid the outer neighborhoods, the homes of the most impoverished and desperate of our people," Jarrod said. "They cannot be allowed to continue their advance."

"What do you suggest?" Gavin asked.

"We attack one of their Churches," Jarrod said.

Gavin narrowed his eyes. "Their Churches?"

"Are we ready for that?" Evan asked.

Jarrod nodded. "We are ready. We’ve been nothing but a minor irritant to the True Cross. But now that we have grown in numbers and power, they will have no choice but to take us seriously. To fear us…"

"When do we leave?" Kyle asked anxiously.

"Dawn," Jarrod said. "They’ll never expect an attack during the break of day."

"Right…" Enzo said. "That’s because it’s stupid."

Jarrod glared at Enzo, and the teen took a couple steps backward. "Kidding, kidding," he said as he waved his hands. "Just kidding."

"Prepare yourselves, mentally and physically," Jarrod said as he walked off. "I will be in my chambers."

Evan went to the rooftop and looked out upon the city. Gavin stepped behind the young teen and wrapped his arms around his slender waist.

"You OK?" Gavin asked.

Evan nodded. "Something’s just…wrong."

"What is it?" Gavin asked.

"I don’t know," Evan said. "It just doesn’t feel like…It feels like something’s coming. Something that doesn’t belong. But it doesn’t feel like we belong either." He wrinkled his nose. "I’m not making any sense, am I?"

Gavin smirked. "You never do."

Evan smiled and turned into Gavin’s arms as they kissed.

Dawn came. Jarrod leaped across the rooftops of Angel Grove along with his ragtag band of rebels. They moved towards the Southern Cross Academy, one of the outer-most Churches of the True Cross.

Jarrod landed on an outcropping that looked down upon the Church’s front entrance.

"Attack quickly and decisively," he ordered his team. "Cannonball Formation."

Kyle smiled. "My favorite."

The teen shifted into his Shaded form, with chalk-white hair, pale skin and black eyes except for white irises.

He leaped through the air, angled his descent towards the entrance gate, and landed with a punch to the ground. The impact ignited a shockwave that tore the gate to pieces and shook the streets.

Guards rushed to defend their Church. Exorcists, the Dragoons carried guns, and the Knights wielded enchanted swords.

Before the True Cross could counter attack, Rika landed behind Kyle and thrust her hands.

"Kitsune!" She hurled an electric blast shaped like a fox, which tore through the guards, whipping them backward.

In her Shaded form, Rika fired another volley of blasts, covering Kyle as he moved in to attack. Dragoons opened fire with enchanted bullets. But Rika’s attacks burned the bullets from the air.

Kyle lunged with his fists swinging, punching through exorcists as he moved towards the entrance to the Southern Cross Academy.

A wave of knights moved around Kyle and started to attack from behind. But Gavin landed in the middle of them. In his Shaded form, with white skin, white hair, and black eyes except for blue irises, the teen summoned his gleaming white sword.

Gavin twirled the blade through the exorcists, parrying their swords and slashing them to the ground.  The teen moved with swift and powerful precision, his lean muscles surging with demon energy.

Tyler and his teammates walked through Angel's Square, a district with tall pale buildings that glistened in the sunlight.

"Huh," Mat said, impressed as he looked at the clear blue sky. "This is definitely one of the prettiest Earths we've been too. Very clean.And shiny."

Kym smiled wistfully at his side. The buildings reminded her of her home after the Shattering, a majestic planet with shining castles and towers, a perfect harmony of ancient and modern designs. The people there named her a princess.

Mat arced an eyebrow at her. "What is it?"

"Oh..." she said with a blush. "Nothing.Just...thinking."

Above, a group of figures dashed across the rooftops. They headed towards the distance, where smoke billowed into the clouds.

"Follow the trouble?" Mat asked.

Tyler nodded. "Always. Come on."

The rangers ran towards the smoke. 

The group - Casey, Theo, Lilly, Dom, and the Exwires - leaped across the rooftops and landed at the church battle site.

Casey and Jarrod stalked towards each other.

"You again…" Casey said as he narrowed his eyes. "How many people have you killed here?"

"How many people do your precious True Cross fanatics murder every day?" Jarrod asked.

"We don’t murder," Casey said. "We protect the mortal world from demons. It’s that simple."

"You've become as evil as the so-called demons you claim to fight," Jarrod said. "You slaughter innocent men, women, and children…innocent!"

"Is this about what happened to Camille-"

"Don’t you dare speak her name," Jarrod said. "She didn’t deserve to die."

"No one deserves to die, Jarrod…" Casey said. "So why don’t you do the right thing and surrender…before more people get hurt."

"I will not surrender beneath the torn heels of tyrants…"

Casey tilted his head. "I don’t think that even makes sense."

Jarrod growled with anger, thrust his hands, and hurled a wave of black-and-gold energy towards the teen. Casey slapped his right fist against his left palm and summoned an energy shield that blocked the attack; Jarrod’s blasts splashed harmlessly across Casey’s invisible energy shield.

Nearby, Tyler and his teammates ran to the scene and stopped in the outskirts of the Southern Cross campus. They looked out upon the battle, as exorcists fought Shaded.

"Okay…" Mat said with hesitation. "I’m going to assume the bad guys are the ones with black eyes?"

"What are they even fighting over?" Kira asked.

Seth shook his head. "Most fights are just pointless. I bet this one is too…"

"Look!" Kym pointed towards the building.

There, they noticed Casey battle Jarrod, and specifically, they noticed the image etched in red across Casey’s jacket: A Red Tiger.

"There's our Tiger Boy," Tyler said.

They started forward, but before they made it far, a rift opened above ground. The rift flashed and churned with distortion energy, dropping an Armada Action Commander and squad of X-Borgs.

Mat sighed. "I'm disappointed that I find this surprising."

The Action Commander, Pacha Chamak, stepped forward.

"You rogues left Sirius before the fun began. Emperor Grumm's invasion, the near annihilation of Commander Kruger's people...a rare piece of the Prime Reality's history," the monster said. "To think you could have witnessed the glorious battle that engulfed the system-"

The teens armed their morphers and Ranger Keys. "It's morphin' time! Ultimate Transform!" They inserted their keys into their morphers: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

They stepped into fighting poses.

"Ultimate Red Ranger."

"Ultimate Blue Ranger."

"Ultimate Green Ranger."

"Ultimate Yellow Ranger."

"Ultimate Pink Ranger."

"Ultimate Task Force..." They called out together: "Power Rangers!"

The Red Ranger pulled out his blaster. "Let's make this showy."

They armed their swords and blasters and advanced, opening fire. The blasts tore through X-Borgs with bursts of spark, whipping them backward.

The Rangers smashed through enemy lines, kicking and slashing with expert precision.

The Red Ranger used one hand to twirl his sword. He hacked and chopped X-Borgs left and right, and he used his other hand to trigger his blaster. He fired at a wave of X-Borgs, blasting them to the ground before they moved in too close.

The Blue Ranger swung his blade with the skill of a master swordsman. He spun and slashed wide, striking an X-Borg with bursts of spark that whipped him backward.

The Yellow Ranger hopped onto a bench and kicked a grunt's head, whipping him backward. She slashed an X-Borg and blasted a second grunt.

The Green Ranger and Pink Ranger slashed through X-Borgs and moved towards Chamak.

The two Rangers spun around the monster and slashed their swords. Chamak parried and dodged, using his hands to swat the Rangers' blades before they could strike. 

The Green Ranger and Pink Ranger hopped backward, armed their blasters, and fired. Their bullets blasted the monster with bursts of spark, knocking him several steps backward.

Quickly, Chamak crouched and leapt through the air. He landed on a nearby ledge and looked down upon the Rangers as they regrouped.

The monster slapped his right fist against his left palm, triggering a magnetic pulse.

The pulse washed over the Rangers, grabbed their weapons, and pulled. The weapons shot out of the Rangers' hands and landed against the monster's armor.

Chamak laughed smugly and crossed his arms over his chest. "You cannot fight me with weapons, little Rangers."

The monster dropped the weapons and stepped into a fighting stance. "Now...face my kenpo!"

His spare arms stretched and stabbed at the Rangers. They dove aside and dodged, but the Green Ranger and Pink Ranger didn't move fast enough. 

The monster knife-hand chopped the two Rangers with bursts of spark, hurling them backward.

The Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger regrouped.

"Magnets, huh?" the Red Ranger asked as he flipped his buckler. "Nice trick."

The three Rangers pulled out a set of Ranger Keys. "Wild Access! Ha!" They slid their Keys into their morphers: "GAAAAAAO RANGERS!"

They morphed into the Wild Task Force Gao Rangers. Kira shifted into Gao Yellow, Tyler shifted into Gao Red and Seth shifted into Gao Blue.


The three Rangers charged to attack.

Chamak snapped out with his spare arms. He swung wide knife-hand chops and ridge-hand blows.

Gao Yellow snapped open her wings and leapt into the air. The monster swung his fists towards her, swinging his extended arms upward.

Gao Blue took advantage of the opening. He jumped at Chamak and spun, clawing the monster with bursts of spark.

The Yellow Ranger dove and past the monster while clawing his body.

Gao Red pounced, used his claws to scale up the building and lunged at the monster. The Red Ranger swung his claws, slashing Chamak with bursts of spark that knocked him several steps backward.

Gao Red pressed forward, swiping his claws and swinging his elbows, bashing the monster before he could counter.

"We can still fight without weapons." Gao Red elbowed the monster, clawed his face, and hurled him off the ledge.

Chamak crashed and tumbled onto the street below.

Slowly, the monster climbed to his feet.

The three Rangers leapt at Chamak with claws and kicks, bashing the monster with bursts of spark that sent him staggering backward.

Chamak cursed beneath his breath. "You damn renegades...I will give you this round, but only after my parting gift!"

He slapped his palm to the pavement with a shockwave of chi energy, hurling the Rangers through the air. Secondary explosions tore across their armor as the blast scattered them across the streets.

Jarrod and his team pulled back the assault, and they brought along three prisoners: Tyler, Seth and Kira. He kept them bound with their hands tied behind their backs, and their ankles strapped.

He stared at them with growing suspicion as they stirred awake.

"What are you?" he asked.

Tyler sighed and rolled his shoulders. "Tired..." he said. "Bored."

"This is not a joke, little man," Jarrod said.

Tyler smirked. "The whole universe is something of a joke," he said. "You just don't know it."

Jarrod slapped the back of his hand across the ranger's face.

Gavin stepped behind his leader and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Jarrod..." he said. "Maybe we shouldn't. They helped us against...whatever that was."

"They interfered," Jarrod said. "And that interference cannot be tolerated. Especially when we are this close to our goals."

"Close to our goals? We almost died back there."

"You exaggerate."

"Do I?"

Jarrod said nothing, but seemed to growl lightly. "Perhaps you should go to Evan and leave me be."

"Fine..." Gavin said as he stepped back. "Just think before you do something stupid."

Jarrod glared at Gavin, but Gavin said nothing. Few Shaded could stand up to Jarrod the way Gavin did and get away with it.

Tyler kept his mocking smirk. "Nice friends you have."

Jarrod growled with annoyance. "I will ask again. What are you?"

"Renegades?" Tyler said.

"Rogues?" Seth said.

Kira arced her eyebrows. "Pirates."

"You are not as clever as you think. And yet...I have never seen power such as yours," Jarrod said. "Perhaps a dissection-"

"Jarrod, wait!" a voice called from behind.

Jarrod looked to see Evan hurry into the room, with Gavin not too far behind.

"Evan, just leave them be," Gavin said.

"No, Gavin. This isn't happening," he said. The boy stood up to Jarrod with a rare look of confidence and defiance. "You have to let them go."

"Do I?" Jarrod asked.

"Yes..." Evan said. "They're the ones I sensed earlier. They don't belong here."

"Smart kid," Tyler said.

Jarrod narrowed his eyes at Evan. "Have you already forgotten what happened with Decade?"

"This is different," Evan said. "They aren't the Destroyer. I can't explain it, but...they need something from us."

"And what is it, exactly, that they need?"

"Training," Evan said. "They need training."

Mat stirred awake. He found himself on a bed of white sheets, next to another bed, where Kym remained still.

He leaned towards her and whispered. "Kym...Kym, are you awake? Kym?"

She shuffled, rubbed her eyes, and breathed a deep sigh. "What...What happened?"

"Nothing fun," Mat said as he looked around the room, dimly lit and scarcely decorated. "Where the hell are we?"

"You tell me," Kym said. "You're the one who woke up first."

"Wow, you are not a morning person," Mat sat up and looked around the room. "This whole place seems a little too cozy for prison..."

Kym nodded. "It reminds me of home..."

"Home?" Mat asked. "You, uh...never talk about that much."

She shook her head. "None of us do."

"Fair enough," Mat said.

A knock sounded on the door, startling the two rangers.

Mat knitted his brow. "They're seriously knocking?" he whispered, then louder, he said, "come in, I guess."

The door opened, and Casey stepped into the room. He walked calmly with his hands behind his back. "Sorry to keep you..." he said. "We wanted to be here when you woke up."

"Where's here?" Mat asked.

"The True Cross Academy," Casey said. "We brought you back here after the fight with the Shaded." He shifted uncomfortably. "I mean...I brought you back here. My superiors don't know."

"Ah...thanks?" Mat said.

"Mat, be nice," Kym chided. She looked towards Casey. "We're grateful, thank you."

Casey smiled and nodded. "You're welcome."

"So why bring us here?" Mat asked. "And where are the others?"

"I couldn't get to them...but they're safe," Casey said. "As for why I brought you here...it's hard to explain. I'm not exactly sure."

Kym leaned forward and tugged on Mat's sleeve. "Mat, look at his shirt..."

Mat noticed the tiger symbol embroidered across the front of the teen's shirt. "You're the same guy from before. At the church..."

Casey nodded. "That's right."

"Those were some pretty sick moves," Mat said.

Casey knitted his brow. "Sick?"

"Oh, that means 'cool,' apparently," Mat said. "Not 'disgusting.'"

"OK..." Casey said. "Right...Anyway..."

"Yes, anyway," Mat said. "What are we doing here."

Casey crossed his arms over his chest and looked down, hesitantly. "I know this is going to sound...weird...but I think you were meant to be here."

"For what?" Kym asked.

Casey looked up and smiled. "Training."

"You are fighters," Jarrod said as he walked around Tyler, Seth and Kira. They stood on a rooftop as some of the Shaded, including Gavin and Evan, watched. "Of this, there is no doubt."

Tyler arced an eyebrow. "Point?"

"The point, is that your power is untapped," Jarrod said. "Your true natures are buried. You have yet to ignite your chakra and unleash your Ki."

Kira shook her head. "I don't have the patience for this. Do you have a Time Shard or not?"

"Kira, listen," Evan said. "You need to hear this..."

She sighed. "Fine...but we better be getting a Time Shard out of this."

"You will be getting so much more..." Jarrod said as he rolled his hands into fists.

Jarrod inclined his head towards his minions, a silent command.

A group of Shaded dragged a cage onto the rooftop and opened it. Within the dark cage, a pair of violet, wolf-like eyes glowed.

"Pet of yours?" Tyler asked.

"I am afraid not," Jarrod said.

Suddenly, the werewolf pounced at the rangers. An alternate version of R.J., he bared his fangs and swiped his claws, scattering the rangers across the rooftop.

Seth narrowed his eyes as claws tore the front of his shirt. "This is training?"

"Yes," Jarrod said. "Witness the strength of your attacker. The strength of the rampage. He does not need tools for battle. He relies on his own power. You too have such power."

Tyler sidestepped and kicked the wolf's gut, sending him staggering backward.

R.J. growled with annoyance and swiped his claws through streaks of violet energy, blasting the teens off their feet.

Jarrod lifted his hand and formed a sphere of purple-tinted, black light above his palm. "The Body, Mind and Soul work in conjunction to form spiritual energy: Ki. This energy can take many forms. At its purest: Kiryoku. From a heart of justice: Geki. From a heart of anger: Rinki..."

Tyler sidestepped and dodged the werewolf's claws, which ebbed with violent KaGeki. "Point?"

"Harness your Ki," Jarrod said.

R.J. kneed Seth's gut, swung him off his feet and hurled him into Tyler and Kira.

Casey led Mat and Kym into a wide plaza, paved with white so pure it practically glowed. Several ornate fountains dotted the area.

"I never did catch your names," Casey said.

"I'm Kym..." Kym said.

"Kym," Casey said with a nod.

"Do you really think you can train us?" Kym asked.

"Yeah," Casey said, and then hesitated. "Well, it depends on what you need to learn."

"We need to be stronger," Kym said.

Mat sighed. "This is ridiculous."

"Mat," Kym chided. "If we train like the others do-"

"Pretty sure they've trained their whole lives, OK?" Mat said. "We have a day. Probably less, actually, since every planet we step on unwinds into oblivion."

Casey ignored Mat and crossed his arms over his chest. "So you want to get stronger...?"

Kym nodded. "That's right."

Casey smirked. "OK. I've got just the thing."

Mat took a few steps back. "This is pointless..."

"Pointless?" Casey asked.

"I'm not..." Mat stammered. He wasn't Seth - and even if he trained every day of his life, he never could be. And he wasn't Tyler or Kira, with skill so natural, it defied logic. "I don't exactly...I have things to do, OK?"

Kenpo? It didn't fit him or Kym, and he knew it.

"Quit prancing around your foe and strike," Jarrod growled at the rangers. "You are too reliant on your morphers and weapons. They are like crutches. Toss the crutches away, and let your bodies become weapons!"

Tyler sighed with annoyance. "Time to move on."

He sprang to his feet, caught R.J.'s fist, and side-kicked the werewolf. The creature growled with annoyance and pounced.

Tyler slapped his right fist against his left palm, and then thrust his right hand forward. "Ki."

He fired a pulse of invisible chi energy that bashed R.J. off his feet. The werewolf crashed onto his back and tumbled across the rooftop.

Tyler knitted his brow with surprise and stared at his hands. Where had that come from?

R.J. climbed to his feet and snarled. He pounced at the rangers and swiped his claws through streaks of violet energy.

Seth ducked and swung a punch. He felt his chest swell with power and tingle, running the length of his arm and tightening around his knuckles, reinforcing the punch with the strength of his Ki.

The punch bashed R.J.'s chest and sent him staggering several steps backward.

Kira moved in with a kick and thrust her palm, firing a wave of invisible chi that knocked R.J. off balance.

Tyler stepped closer to the werewolf. Suddenly, he remembered a phrase uttered by his father before the Shattering.

"Star Fire." He snapped, triggering a burst of flames that whipped R.J. off his feet.

He crashed onto the rooftop with enough force to knock him unconscious.  

Kira looked at Tyler and then at her own hands, stunned. "How'd we just do that?"

The strangest part: The techniques didn't feel like newly discovered talents or unleashed potential. They felt as natural as picking up a paint brush for the first time in decades, or remembering the lyrics to a favorite song.

Tyler rolled his hands into fists and stared at his knuckles. We've fought like this before...before the Shattering...

They just didn't remember how, why or when, or against who. Not yet, at least.

"Come on," Tyler said to his teammates. "We've done enough here. Let's get the next Time Shard and go home."

"Chamak!" Prince Vekar shouted on the bridge of his command ship. "How can you say your people were masters of the fighting arts?!"

"Prince Vekar..." Levira said.


"Chamak's technique is very...interesting," she said as she stepped closer to the monster. "Would you leave him to me? I have some...improvements...in mind."

Mat walked aimlessly through a plaza area. Kym had stayed behind to train with Casey, but he tried not to think about that.

What's the point? Why train? He could never be as good as Tyler and the others. He wasn't strong enough and didn't have enough power.

Suddenly, a slight pain stabbed through his mind, and he staggered. He remembered...a story. A story his father told him before the Shattering...

The year 2002, Angel Grove. Master Kaku led Rocky DeSantos further down the lair into a wide room with metallic spheres hanging from the ceiling. A small television screen was on a nearby table.


Kaku walked towards the television as Rocky leaned against the doorway, his shoulders slumped down low. "I'm no good," he said. "I couldn't even save Justin. If you wanted someone to fight for the world you should have picked Jackie Chan or Jet Li or something."


Rocky shook his head. "Justin's always thought of me like a big brother. I'm practically the only family he has. He lost his parents at about the same age I lost my father in a car accident. He's spent his whole life living at the shelter."


Kaku walked towards Rocky, placed a hand on his shoulder, and turned back towards the TV. Kaku used a small remote to turn on the television. It showed an image of Rocky as the Blue Tenma Ranger getting clobbered by the Gorma he had faced earlier.


"Is this supposed to cheer me up?" Rocky asked sarcastically.


"Rocky," Kaku said. He turned off the television, but kept his eyes on the screen. "Do you know why you were beaten?"


"No, but I bet you're gonna tell me," Rocky said.


"It is not always a matter of how strong or weak you are," Kaku said. He looked to Rocky. "It is not always a matter of power versus power, but sometimes a matter of learning ways around power."


Kaku turned and started to walk from the room, but before he left, he faced the metal spheres and extended his hand while using his Ki to start the balls swinging around Rocky.


"Whoa!" Rocky shouted as two spheres slammed against him. He tried to dodge the other spheres as each started swinging in different directions at different intervals.

Mat shook his head as the images cleared. Was that...my dad?

Tyler, Seth and Kira left Jarrod and the Shaded. They moved across the streets and resumed their mission to find the next Time Shard.

They didn't make it far before Chamak intercepted them.

"You damn renegades..." Chamak growled. "You humiliated me...and you will pay!"

Kira sighed. "Are you seriously getting in our way again?"

They armed their morphers and Ranger Keys.

"Let's finish this quick," Tyler said.

"It's morphin' time! Ultimate Transform!" They inserted their keys into their morphers: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

They morphed into their armor and armed their Power Sabers and Power Blasters.

Chamak slapped his right fist against his left palm, triggering a magnetic pulse. The pulse washed over the Rangers and grasped their weapons.

The monster reeled the weapons towards him, but the Rangers didn't let go. They crashed against Chamak, who staggered backward.

"You thought we'd fall for that same trick?" the Blue Ranger asked.

They kicked Chamak, hurling him backward. He crashed and tumbled across the ground, and then rose to his feet.

The three Rangers armed a set of Ranger Keys. "Dino Thunder! Power Up! Ha!" They inserted their keys into their morphers: "DIIIIIIIIINO THUNDER!"

Seth shifted into Dino Blue, Tyler shifted into Dino Red, and Kira shifted into Dino Yellow.

The three Rangers pounced through the air to attack.

Casey walked around Kym as she swung her arms and legs through a series of fluid movements.

"Good..." he said. "Try by not trying. Do by not doing...Find that place in your mind between anger and serenity."

"Hey!" a voice shouted.

Casey and Kym looked to see Mat walk into the plaza.

Her face lit up. "Mat! I knew you'd come back."

"That makes one of us," he said with a sigh. "OK. Let's do this. Train me."

Casey smirked. "You're sure?"

Mat nodded. "If I don't do anything I'll just get left behind by Tyler and the others. But if I start now...maybe I can catch up."

Casey smiled and patted Mat on the shoulder. "Good attitude. Let's get started."

"Good," Mat said. "Just don't swing any giant, metal balls at me or something."

Casey arced an eyebrow. "What?"

Mat shook his head. "Never mind."

"Super Dino Mode!" Dino Blue powered up with jagged plates of white armor across his arms.

He charged and tackled Chamak, armor plating stabbing the monster with bursts of spark. The Ranger pivoted and hurled Chamak backward through the air.

Dino Yellow flipped open her wings and swooped towards Chamak.

In midair, the Yellow Ranger slashed the monster with bursts of spark. The impact knocked the villain downward, and he smashed onto the street.

Dino Red snapped his armor into Super Dino Mode and charged towards Chamak. The villain climbed slowly to his feet, and the Red Ranger pounced.

He chopped his arms, slashing the monster with bursts of spark that sent him staggering backward.

The Red Ranger spun and swung wide, striking the monster with armor plating that tore through his body.

He round-kicked the monster's head, elbowed his gut, and swung his arms outward, slashing the monster with bursts of spark that hurled him backward.

Chamak staggered but stayed on his feet. The monster slapped his right fist against his left palm.

"Kenpo!Electric Cannon!"

He thrust his palms and fired a stream of crackling, violet energy. The blast swept over the Rangers, thrashing their armor with massive bursts of spark and whipping them off their feet. The Rangers crashed and tumbled across the pavement.

Chamak laughed. "Do you see that, Renegades?" He placed his hands together, and electricity sparked between his palms. "This is the power of my hands, thanks to the Armada's upgrades!"

"I see..." Dino Red struggled to climb to his feet. "Well, I guess that's good...I'd get bored if you only had one trick."

The three Rangers braced themselves for a follow-up attack. But before the monster could strike, the Ultimate Green Ranger and Ultimate Pink Ranger ran to the scene.

The two Rangers snapped into fighting stances.

The monster faced them and rolled his hands into fists. "You too will fall to my Electric Cannon!"

The two Rangers charged to attack.

Chamak thrust his hands with a stream of electric energy. The Green Ranger and Pink Ranger side-stepped to dodge, spun, and swung punches towards the monster.

Chamak stepped back and blocked, taking the Rangers off guard.

He swung volleys of high-speed punches, extending his arms and battering them backward with bursts of spark.

"Do you really think you can beat my Space Kenpo without your weapons?!" the monster taunted between blows.

Double punches bashed the Rangers' chests, knocking them to the ground. They tumbled and rolled to a stop near the other three Rangers.

The Pink Ranger climbed to her feet. "We can..." She rolled her hands into fists and shouted louder. "We can!"

The Green Ranger stood and rolled his shoulders. "Beating you is just a training lesson..."

Dino Red looked to Dino Yellow. "What got into them?"

Dino Yellow shrugged.

The Green Ranger and Pink Ranger armed a pair of Ranger Keys.

"Let's fight Kenpo with Kenpo!" the Green Ranger shouted. "Use the Jungle Fury Keys!"

The other three Rangers armed their Keys and stood alongside their teammates.

"Jungle Beast! Spirit, unleash!" They inserted their Keys into their morphers: "JUUUUUNGLE FURY!"

Seth shifted into Blue Jaguar, Kym shifted into White Rhino, Mat shifted into Violet Wolf, Tyler shifted into Red Tiger, and Kira shifted into Yellow Cheetah.

The five Rangers charged to attack. The Violet Wolf Ranger launched a volley of knee and elbow blows. Chamak parried and blocked, each blow forcing him backward, as Red Tiger charged with palm-heel strikes and kicks.

Chamak side-stepped to gain distance, but the five Rangers surrounded him. They struck as one, like a dance, as they swung their arms and legs through intricate strikes.

The monster barely managed to keep up as he slapped away the punches and kicks.

White Rhino and Violet Wolf lunged; the White Ranger chopped, and the Wolf Ranger punched, bashing the monster, sending him several steps backward.

Chamak growled with annoyance. "Why won't you die already?!"

The villain lashed out with his elongated arms, snapping punches, knife-hand strikes, and palm-heel blows at the Rangers.

Red Tiger, Blue Jaguar and Yellow Cheetah twisted, dodged, and parried the blows, keeping the monster busy as White Rhino and Violet Wolf moved in closer.

The Rhino Ranger and Violet Wolf Ranger struck fast. The Wolf Ranger launched knee strikes and elbow blows that bashed Chamak. And the White Ranger moved low with an upper-cut punch to the gut, knocking the monster several steps backward.

The villain swung the back of his fist towards the Violet Wolf Ranger's head, and swung a punch towards the White Rhino Ranger's head.

The two Rangers blocked, swatted his fists aside, and punched the monster, leaving their fists planted against the villain's chest.

The other three Rangers dashed from behind. Red Tiger grasped the shoulders of Blue Jaguar and Yellow Cheetah, who grasped the shoulders of White Rhino and Violet Wolf. The Red Tiger Ranger triggered a wave of Geki that flowed through his teammates, amplified, and charged through the fists of White Rhino and Violet Wolf with bursts of orange energy.

The massive blasts hurled the monster into the air.

The Violet Wolf Ranger and White Rhino Ranger leapt upward to attack. While in midair, White Rhino knife-hand chopped the monster, and the Violet Wolf Ranger smashed a flying knee into the villain's chest.

Explosions tore through the monster, shattering his extra set of elongated arms, as he crashed to the pavement.

White Rhino and Violet Wolf landed and shifted back into their Ultimate Ranger forms.

"There," the Pink Ranger said. "Now he can't use his magnet attack or his Electric Cannon."

The Yellow Ranger pulled out her blaster. "Way to go, you two."

"Let's finish this," the Red Ranger said as they regrouped.

The Rangers inserted their Ultimate Ranger Keys into their blasters, which pulsed with energy. "FIIIINAL WAAAVE!"

They triggered bullets of energy that combined and punctured through Chamak, tearing his body apart as he collapsed and exploded into pieces.

From orbit, the Armada Command Ship fired enlargement beams that splashed against the monster's remains. Chamak reformed and grew giant.

The monster stretched his arms and looked down upon the Rangers. "I will kill you all in the name of the great Kenpo masters!"

"Stop being annoying." The Red Ranger flipped open his morpher and pressed a series of command codes: "LEEEEEGACY GALLEON!"

The Legacy Galleon flew through the skies and lowered grappling lines. The Rangers grabbed the lines, which reeled them into the ship.

They gathered in their cockpit. "Ultimate fusion!"

"ULLLLLTIMATE FUSION!" The ship split into five different zords, which twirled through the air and combined into a massive robo.

"Ultimate Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.

Chamak charged to attack.

The Megazord opened its weapons ports and fired cannon blasts. Without slowing, Chamak dodged and swatted the blasts aside.

The Blue Ranger looked over his shoulder. "He's pretty good."

Chamak pounced with a knife-hand strike. The Megazord blocked and launched a volley of punches, sparking on impact and whipping the monster backward.

The Green Ranger pulled out his Jungle Fury Key, which pulsed with violet energy. "Let's use these."

The Rangers armed their Jungle Fury Keys. "Ranger Keys, set!"

They inserted their keys and twisted, summing the Jungle Fury Rangers' Grand Power.

"Gokai! Geki Geki Ken!" they shouted.

The Megazord fired five waves of energy, each shaped like a Jungle Fury animal spirit: Red Tiger, Blue Jaguar, Yellow Cheetah, White Rhino, and Violet Wolf.

The energy waves crashed through Chamak, tearing him apart as he collapsed to his knees and exploded into ash.

Casey smiled as he watched from below. "Not bad."

"Tiger!" a voice shouted from nearby.

Casey looked to see Jarrod charge towards him.

Jarrod shifted into his Shaded form and lunged with a flying punch. But before he could strike, a bolt of violet energy blasted him from the air.

"Stay down..." the attacker said as he stepped onto the rooftop. In another reality, Casey would have recognized the newcomer as R.J., the Violet Wolf Ranger.

"Thanks..." Casey said.

R.J. shook his head. "Don't thank me..." he said. "I just watched my world fall apart. And the same thing's about to happen to yours."

"What are you-"

Suddenly, the ground shook with flashes of light and sound, as reality started to rip apart.

R.J. dove and tackled Casey, and they collapsed over the rooftop.

All around them, matter and energy unraveled into strands that shattered into pieces.

"What are you doing?!" Casey shouted as they plummeted through the maelstrom.

"You're not done yet!" R.J. shouted. "Remember! Remember your other self!"


"This whole world is wrong!" R.J. shouted. "It's not the way they need to remember it!"

"What are you-"

"Remember!" R.J. shouted.

Casey felt his own mind fracture. He remembered a future that never came to pass. And he remembered different versions of his own history, the stories of his alternate selves in alternate realities. Specifically, a part of him remembered the Prime Reality.

"We couldn't stop it!" Casey shouted as he started to unravel and dissipate into nothingness.

"No..." R.J. said as his body began to blur into oblivion. He looked to the distance, where the Legacy Galleon barreled through the storm. "But they can." 

To be continued...Chapter 12

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