Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation GOKAI Chapter 09 – “SPD: Judgement Pirates” – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Legendary War
Chapter 09 - "SPD: Judgement Pirates"



Nat- DECA Red

Sky- DECA Blue

Bridge- DECA Green

Z- DECA Yellow

Syd- DECA Pink

Sam- DECA Break


Seth Park- Blue Ranger

Kira Hart- Yellow Ranger

Tyler Oliver- Red Ranger

Mat DeSantos- Green Ranger

Kym Cranston- Pink Ranger

Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Nine

Judgement Pirates

Tyler climbed to his feet within the cockpit of the Legacy Galleon. He looked through the viewport and saw that the ship floated aimlessly through the fragments of space and time.

Groaning, he ran his fingers through his tousled dark hair and grabbed the cockpit’s center control wheel.

He started to activate the comm and call for his shipmates. But before he could, he saw a massive dreadnaught lower into view off the bow of the ship.

The ranger narrowed his eyes. "Always nice to have company…"

Mat’s voice came through the come system. "Um, Tyler, you awake yet?"

"You could say that."

"Good. Then you’ve more than likely noticed the giant dreadnaught about to eat us," Mat said.

"Hard to miss."

The comm system buzzed, signaling an outside hail, and Tyler pulled it up on the viewscreen. The image showed a dog-like, alien being named Kruger, who commanded the Earth branch of SPD before the Shattering.

Tyler arced an eyebrow at the strange alien. "Lost?"

Kruger tilted his head. "I was about to ask you the same question," he said in a low voice. "This entire region is a hazard."

"The whole universe is a hazard, if you haven’t noticed," Tyler said. "What’s left of it, at least."

Kruger’s ears perked with curiosity. "We haven’t been able to navigate past the Local Group of Worlds. What’s the situation outside?"

"There is no outside," Tyler said. He didn’t bother explaining. For whatever reason, most people didn’t realize and couldn’t comprehend the nature of their existence in the shattered universe. He thought of Kruger as more than likely "fragged," meaning his mind shifted back and forth between his past, present, and even alternate versions of himself.

"What are you saying?" Kruger asked.

Tyler sighed. "I’d love to explain," he said sarcastically. "But we have all of existence to fix."

Kruger grumbled with annoyance, just before Tyler cut the commline.

Kruger stood on the bridge of DECA Base with his arms crossed behind his back. In dreadnaught mode, the massive base dwarfed the Ultimate Power Rangers’ ship.

"They’re hiding something," the commander grumbled after Tyler cut the commline.

"But what?" asked Swan, his chief science officer, manning a forward station.

"I don’t know…" Kruger said. "But we need to find out. Prepare a boarding party."

Swan knitted her brow. "Commander…"

"Do it," he said. "This whole area of space is falling apart, and we need to know why. There’s no time for protocol."

Swan nodded reluctantly. "I’ll let Nat and Z know. But if they run into trouble…they won’t be able to morph. Their powers are gone."

"I’m aware of that, Swan," Kruger said. "But we don’t have a choice. We need answers." He swung his hand towards the viewport. "Send in the team."

DECA Base fired grappling lines that latched onto the Legacy Galleon. The ship veered and tried to pull away, but the stress almost buckled the hull.

Nat and Z led a squad of Silver Guardians through the ship’s docking port. The two rangers grasped their blasters, but hesitated before moving further down the ship.

"I don’t like this," Z said. "A boarding party? We’re not pirates."

"Kruger thinks these people have answers," Nat said.

"Do you?" Z asked. "The commander’s been acting so strange since…"

"Since space started ripping apart?" Nat asked. "Yeah, I noticed. Can you blame him, though?"

Suddenly, the ship shuddered, nearly knocking the rangers to the deck.

"What the-" Nat cursed.

Z shook her head. "Something’s happening…"

The Ultimate Power Rangers gathered in the cockpit of the Legacy Galleon and shifted the ship into Megazord mode.

The Ultimate Megazord armed its cannons and opened fire, battering the DECA Base Ship’s hull.

The Red Ranger snapped his wheel, breaking the Megazord free from the DECA Base’s grappling lines.

The Yellow Ranger looked towards her leader. "We should get out of here. We’re wasting our time with these people."

The Blue Ranger shook his head. "Some of ‘these people’ are still on board."

"Not for long," the Red Ranger said.

"Right," the Green Ranger said sarcastically. "We’ll just activate our non-existent intruder protocols and send in our imaginary security team."

"Or…" the Ultimate Red Ranger said, "we can shut off the inertial dampeners and do this."

He shut off the dampeners and snapped his wheel as hard as he could.

The Megazord jerked hard, tossing Nat, Z and the Silver Guardians off their feet. They smashed back and forth against bulkheads and deck plating.

Kruger stiffened his posture. "Can you reach Nat?"

Swan shook her head. "The Megazord’s causing too much interference."

"Can we switch to our Megazord mode?"

"Not without the support of Ranger powers, which we don’t have."

Kruger grumbled with annoyance. "Open fire, all cannons. Try to knock out their weapons and engines, without causing significant damage. We don’t want to hurt our team."

Swan’s eyes opened wide with disbelief. "Commander-"

"Just do it, Swan," Kruger said. "We don’t have time for caution."

"It’s not that," she said. "Something’s folding out of subspace."

"Another ship?" Kruger asked.

"No…" Swan said. "A planet."

Space folded with bursts of light and energy, unveiling a massive world covered with green forests and blue oceans.

The planet’s gravity grabbed DECA Base and the Legacy Galleon. Weakened, the two vessels plummeted through the atmosphere and barreled towards the surface.

The Armada watched the disturbance from a distance. The lead ship hovered along with a squadron of war vessels, and waited.

Prince Vekar smirked at the sight of the Legacy Galleon, engulfed in flames, plummeting towards the planet’s surface.

"It looks like that SPD Dog has managed to do what we could not…" He tilted his head with familiarity. "And if I’m not mistaken, that world should be very…familiar…to him. What poetic justice."

He looked over his shoulders towards his men. "Bring me the Triggerion Action Commander, Buramudo.

"Tell him he has a new assignment: To cripple the Power Rangers…and destroy the home planet of Doggie Kruger in the process."

The Legacy Galleon crashed across an ocean and slid to a stop against a sandy shore.

Tyler joined his teammates in the crew hold, where they used the ship's sensors to search for DECA Base, but found nothing.

Mat shook his head while standing at the main station. "They may have vanished. Literally vanished. That’s not exactly uncommon."

Not only did the dreadnaught disappear, but so did Nat, Z and the boarding party.

Seth crossed his arms over his chest and looked out the nearest viewport. "Can’t say I’ll miss them."

"Do we know where we are?" Kym asked as she stood alongside Seth. "Is this another Earth."

"Nope," Mat said. "And not a floating island either. It’s a world called Sirius."

"A Flux World?" Kira asked.

"I thought that was a given," Mat said. A Flux World referred to a planet with areas that shifted back and forth between the past, future and alternate realities.

Their navigation droid, Navi, fluttered through the crew hold. "This is it!" the droid shouted with excitement. "The next clue is here! For the Ultimate Secret!"

"What’s the clue?" Tyler asked.

"Tresa navigato!" Navi floated back onto his pedestal. "For the next Grand Power…look for the enforcers of justice."

"Enforcers of justice?" Kym asked.

Seth shook his head. "You’ve got to get better at this, Navi."

"I do what I can!" the droid protested.

"Come on," Tyler said. "Let’s head out and see what we can find."

The rangers entered a city of spiraling skyscrapers and domed buildings. Various races walked across the streets, although most belonged to the race called the Anubiseijinn, natives of the planet Sirius.

"Well…" Mat said. "We won’t stick out at all."

They moved into the crowd and tried to ignore the suspicious stares. Apparently the planet’s inhabitants didn’t have much experience with human-looking races.

Kira noticed armed guards patrolling several street corners, and she narrowed her eyes at the sight. "These people don’t seem friendly…"

Seth shook his head. "They look like they’re at war."

Mat arced an eyebrow. "How can you tell?"

"They just have that look," Seth said. "Of people living in fear…for too long."

Suddenly, a piece of trash hurled through the air and smacked Tyler against the head.

"Go back to your own planet, freaks!" shouted a female Anubiseijinn. "You aliens aren’t welcome here!"

Tyler knitted his brow at the woman. "We’re just passing through."

Someone growled from behind the teen. "Passing through?" a stranger asked. "Is that what you call it?"

Someone else shouted. "You people are terrorists! We were happy here! Protected!"

"Go back to your own home!"

"Get off our streets!"

"Offworlder scum!"


Mat sighed. "We apparently crashed into the middle of a hate crime."

"Come on…" Tyler said as he grabbed Mat’s arm and started to lead the rangers through the crowd.

They didn’t make it far before a stranger bashed a rifle upside Tyler’s head, knocking him to the ground.

Tyler rolled into a crouched stance, snapped to his feet, and attacked. He kicked the rifle away and punched the stranger upside the head.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Run," he told his teammates. "Now."

The crowd surged around the teens and attacked relentlessly, unleashing pent-up anger, rage and fear. The rangers did their best to defend themselves without causing too much harm.

Several guards parted their way through the crowds to subdue the rangers. Each wore an elongated, black helmet with a black faceplate. Tyler tried to intercept them before they could reach his teammates.

The teen grabbed a guard’s rifle and kicked his legs, knocking him to the ground. The teen kicked another soldier, and then another, knocking them back before they could attack.

The last guard swung the butt of his rifle towards Tyler’s chest. Tyler blocked and kicked, but the guard sidestepped and bashed Tyler in the gut.

The ranger staggered backward, and the guard pushed forward. The soldier wielded his gun like a club, smacking Tyler on the shoulder as he struggled to dodge in the middle of the mob.

Cursing beneath his breath, Tyler spun with a round-house kick that bashed the helmet off the guard’s head. Tyler noticed the guard immediately: Doggie Kruger.

"You again?"

Kruger growled. "Have we met before, offworlder? Do you work for Grumm?"

"Do I- What?" Tyler lost sight of his teammates, and Kruger took advantage of the distraction.

The soldier kneed Tyler in the gut and swung his rifle towards the back of Tyler’s neck. Tyler dodged just in time, and he knocked the rifle from the soldier’s hand.

Kruger unsheathed his saber: D-Sword Vega. He kicked the legs out from under Tyler, who crashed onto his back. Kruger leaned down and placed his blade against Tyler’s throat.

"Yield," Kruger said, "and this will go a lot easier."

Tyler narrowed his eyes. "I liked you better when you were bottled up on your spaceship."

Kruger cuffed Tyler and led him along the side-streets, towards a patrol cruiser.

Tyler shifted his wrists against the cuffs. "I don’t suppose you’ll tell me what this is all about."

"You nearly caused a riot."

"By walking?"

Kruger growled with annoyance. "These are tense times. Grumm and his agents have infiltrated the entire system. He’s building up for something big…an attack. But rest assured…we’ll be ready."

"What’s a Grumm?"

"You know very well what I mean," Kruger said.

"No, that’s why I asked," Tyler said.

They stopped at the patrol cruiser. Kruger slid the back door open. "Get in. I’m taking you back to base."

Tyler stepped inside the cruiser, then pushed off, flipping backward and landing behind Kruger. The teen kicked the soldier’s legs out and ran.

Kruger growled with annoyance, hopped into his patrol cruiser, and sped off to pursue the ranger.

Even while cuffed, Tyler managed to pull out his morpher and open a comm-line. "Navi," he said. "What happened to the others?"

"Tyler!" Navi said. "They lost track of you when they broke away from the crowd. Are you alright?"

"Great," Tyler said. "Just running from a big, talking blue dog."

"I’ll have the others meet you!" Navi said.

"Can you find us somewhere clear to-"

Patrol sirens blared from around the corner. Kruger’s cruiser zoomed into the alley and sped towards Tyler.

The teen cursed beneath his breath and kicked down the nearest door, busting into a warehouse.

"I need someplace safe, Navi," Tyler said.

"Keep moving forward!" Navi shouted. "You’re in a cluster of unmanned storage buildings. I’m picking up a sensor blackout in the heart of the area. Head there, and you can hide until you escape!"

Tyler sprinted ahead, moving from building to building. He reached the blackout area and moved in between stacks of spherical containers, trying to hide from sight.

Suddenly, the pursuit cruiser smashed into the warehouse and charged through containers, scattering them everywhere and hurling Tyler through the air.

Tyler crashed and tumbled across the floor.

Kruger skid his cruiser to a halt, hopped out, and armed his sword.

"You're coming with me," the warrior said.

Tyler climbed to his feet and smirked. "You want to fight me while I’m unarmed and handcuffed?"

"You’re a terrorist and a pirate," Kruger said. "I’m not worried about whether you get a fair fight."

"Fair enough," Tyler said. "But I have to warn you…I’ll be taking your car."

"You’ll be what-"

Tyler lunged, spun past Kruger with a kick, and bolted towards the soldier’s speeder. Kruger moved faster than expected, bashing Tyler across the head and sending him staggering aside.

The teen reached into his jacket for his morpher, but Kruger kicked the transformation device out of his hand. The morpher skipped across the floor as Kruger pressed forward.

Kruger slashed and chopped; Tyler sidestepped and dodged, moving back with each blow. The ranger spun and kicked low. Kruger dodged and chopped, bringing his blade towards the teen's collar bone.

Tyler lifted his hands to block with his cuffs; he smirked and waited for the blade to slash the bindings. But Kruger stopped his sword less than an inch from the cuffs.

"Did you really expect me to fall for that?" Kruger asked.

"That was the idea..." Tyler pounced and snapped a kick.

Kruger blocked and swung his pommel, bashing the ranger to the ground.

"I suggest you stay down," Kruger said.

"Noted," Tyler said as he climbed to his feet. "Are we about done? I’m getting bored."

Kruger growled and started to pounce, but before he struck, a clattering sounded from the other side of the warehouse. On instinct, the ranger and soldier ducked into the shadows.

Buramudo entered the other side of the warehouse with an army of X-Borgs. The villain pointed to the center of the warehouse.

"Set up the device there," he ordered.

The X-Borgs carried a massive console equipped with sensors, torpedoes and seismic disruption packages. The soldiers manned the console and started a series of activation sequences, arming the device.

Tyler now understood why Navi marked the area as a sensor black-out zone. The Armada must have blocked scanners in the area to set up their strange weapon.

"Wonderful…" he muttered.

Buramudo snapped around, having heard the ranger. "You…How did you find me here?!"

The villain armed his blaster and opened fire. The blasts nearly tore through Tyler; but Kruger pushed him away, and a bolt of energy tore through the soldier’s side.

Kruger growled with pain. He quickly snapped Tyler’s cuffs around a pipe to hold him in place.

"Stay here," Kruger said.

"Are you serious?" Tyler asked.

"We’re not through." Kruger unsheathed his sword, turned towards the X-Borgs, and charged.

Buramudo growled with annoyance and barked orders at his underlings. "Move the weapon! And kill the dog!"

Kruger slashed through a group of X-Borgs that moved close. Meanwhile, a second group of X-Borgs started moving the weapons array, and Buramudo went with them.

Kruger tried to fight his way closer to the villain, but his injury slowed his movements. By the time he cut down the last of the X-Borgs, Buramudo had fled.

Kruger growled with annoyance and looked over his shoulder for Tyler. But the ranger had broken free from the pipe and disappeared.

The soldier’s fur ruffled with anger. He walked across the warehouse, picked up Tyler’s morpher, and ran after Buramudo, heading deeper into the warehouse area.

Seth, Mat, Kira and Kym ran to the warehouse area. Mat flipped open his morpher and zeroed in on Tyler's location.

"He's that way," he said as he pointed ahead.

They didn't make it far before a trio of Zergs and group of X-Borgs blocked their path.

"The Armada..." Kira cursed beneath her breath. "Great."

Seth pulled out his morpher. "Looks like Tyler's gotten himself into trouble." He clicked open his Ranger Key. "Let's do this."

The four teens armed their morphers and Ranger Keys. "It's morphin' time! Ultimate Transform!" They inserted their keys into their morphers: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

The Rangers morphed into their armor, unsheathed their swords, and charged to attack.

Kruger moved silently across a catwalk. He leaned against the railing for support, to keep from falling. His injury seared through his side.

The solider looked down to see Buramudo and an army of X-Borgs gathered around the weapons platform.

There...he thought as he crouched deeper into the shadows. I need to destroy that platform before-

His pain intensified. He didn't realize it, but the wound seeped with blood that dripped downward and splattered onto the meta-criminal's head.

Buramudo laughed softly. "I thought I smelled wounded dog."

He snapped around and opened fire, blasting the catwalk with bursts of spark that sent Kruger hurling through the air.

The soldier crashed and tumbled across the cement.

Buramudo lifted his guns and stalked towards the fallen warrior. "The Great Dog of Hell? Hah. You're nothing but a-"

Suddenly, Tyler swung from the shadows. Gripping a chain, he kicked Buramudo hard, slamming the villain off his feet.

Tyler landed and knitted his brow at the criminal. "Back away from the dog."

The criminal rolled onto his back, aimed at the ceiling, and opened fire. His blasts tore through the ceiling; the roof collapsed and showered rubble towards Tyler and Kruger.

Tyler grabbed Kruger by the arm. "Come on."

They scrambled aside as the rubble crashed onto the floor where they had stood.

With one hand behind his back, the Ultimate Blue Ranger twirled his saber, swatting aside X-Borgs with bursts of spark that buckled their armor.

Nearby, the Ultimate Green Ranger armed his Power Saber and Power Blaster. He hopped and dodged a group of X-Borgs while slashing and blasting, whipping X-Borgs through the air.

The Ultimate Pink Ranger blasted a group of X-Borgs that charged toward her. She switched to her saber when they moved closer, and she slashed them aside with bursts of spark.

The Ultimate Yellow Ranger stood nearby. She carried her sword in one hand and blaster in the other. She blasted a group of X-Borgs, then slashed through another group, snapping a side-kick that bashed the last grunt away.

The remaining grunts regrouped, as did the Rangers.

The Ultimate Yellow Ranger sighed. "This is taking too long..."

She flipped her belt buckler open and pulled out her RPM Yellow Ranger Key. The other Rangers armed their RPM Keys, and they pulled out their morphers.

"RPM! Get in Gear!" They slid their Keys into their morphers: "RRRRRRPM!"

They morphed into the RPM Task Force Turbo Rangers. Kym shifted into RPM Ranger Black, Mat shifted into RPM Ranger Green, Kira shifted into RPM Ranger Yellow, and Seth shifted into RPM Ranger Blue.

Ranger Blue armed his cannon. "Turbo Blaster!"

He triggered massive energy bursts that tore through X-Borgs and bashed them through buildings.

The Yellow RPM Ranger kicked her way through a group of X-Borgs. Her strikes smashed metal and dented armor.

She armed her weapon. "Zip Charger!"

She triggered the charger, which dashed around X-Borgs, striking with bursts of spark that whipped them off their feet.

Ranger Green pressed his buckler. His chest symbol glowed and summoned his weapon: The Turbo Axe. He leapt forward and landed with a massive chop, triggering a wave of jade energy that ripped through X-Borgs with bursts of spark.

Ranger Black pressed her buckler and summoned her weapon: The K-9 Cannon. She grabbed the blaster and fired bursts of energy that tore through grunts.

Flipping sideways, she kept firing, blasting through the enemy.

The four Rangers dashed towards each other, regrouped, and armed another set of Ranger Keys.

"Chakra, ignite!" They slid their Keys into their morphers: "HEEEEEEAVEN STAR TASK FORCE!"

Kym shifted into the Pink Phoenix Ranger, Mat shifted into the Green Lion Ranger, Kira shifted into the Yellow Kirin Ranger and Seth shifted into the Blue Tenma Ranger.

Tenma Ranger launched through X-Borgs with spin kicks. He snapped volley after volley, bashing grunts before they could strike.

The Blue Ranger skipped ahead with a jumping side-kick, kicked the legs from beneath a second grunt, and round-kicked a third grunt in the face.

Nearby, Kirin Ranger twirled with grace, bashing her back-fists and palm-heels against X-Borg armor. She pounced with volleys of strikes, and then smashed both palm-heels against a Zerg's chest, hurling the grunt backward.

Lion Ranger armed his Thunder Staff and twirled the weapon, parrying and blocking the clubs of several X-Borgs.

The Green Ranger spun and swung wide, bashing an X-Borg's gut, hurling the grunt off its feet.

Phoenix Ranger fought her way through a group of X-Borgs. She elbowed a grunt, spin-kicked an X-Borg, and swung her palm hard, bashing a grunt in the faceplate.

The four Rangers regrouped. They slapped their right fists against their left palms.

"Bomber, set!" They formed spheres of cyan-tinted Ki between their palms. "Kiryoku! Bomber!"

They hurled the blasts, which combined into a single bolt of golden power. The comet punctured through X-Borgs and Zergs with massive bursts of flame and spark, tearing them into scrap metal.

Tyler led Kruger through a corridor and helped him sit against a wall.

The commander grunted. "Why did you rescue me?"

"What can I say," Tyler said. "I'm a softy. Besides...I owed you one."

"You what?" Kruger asked.

"You wouldn't have gotten hurt if you hadn't shielded me," Tyler said. He shifted uncomfortably, not used to displaying gratitude. "You're a pretty pushy cop, aren't you?"

"I was only doing my duty," Kruger said. The commander grasped his wound and breathed deeply. "What about you? You're going to regret not running. Now you have the Planetary Guard after you...and this Armada."

"That doesn't bother me," Tyler said. "It wouldn't matter if the whole galaxy was my enemy. Which it kind of is..."

"You sound like someone with pride," Kruger said. "Is that why you saved me? For your pride?"

Tyler smirked. "Maybe. Now...sit tight. I'll take care of the Armada."

The teen turned and started to walk away.

"Wait," Kruger said as he climbed to his feet. He staggered over to Tyler and released the teen's cuffs. The commander tossed the bindings aside. "I'm counting on you."

Tyler rubbed his wrists. "You're a cop. Are you sure you can trust a pirate?"

"I don't trust pirates," Kruger said. He reached into his pocket, pulled out Tyler's morpher, and handed it to the teen. "I trust that pride of yours."

"Fair enough," Tyler smirked as he took his morpher. "It's not my problem if you end up regretting this."

The ranger turned and ran off to face the Armada.

Buramudo traced his fingers over his weapon platform's control console. "It's finally time to launch! With these spacial disruptions, every major city on the planet will disappear!"

"Oh really?" a voice called from the shadows. Tyler stepped through a sheet of fog and entered the warehouse.

Buramudo and the X-Borgs scrambled to defend their device. "There's only one minute left!" the villain shouted. "There's no way you can stop it in time!"

"Time and I have a funny relationship." Tyler pulled out his morpher and Ranger Key. "Ultimate Transform!"

He inserted his Key into his morpher and shifted into his Ranger form: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

The Ultimate Red Ranger charged to attack, and the X-Borgs returned the charge.

With one hand, the Red Ranger wielded his saber with powerful precision, hacking through X-Borgs, blade tearing through armor that sparked as it tore apart.

He swung wide, snapped a round-house kick, and slashed upward, striking his way through the enemy lines.

The Red Ranger hopped forward, straddled a grunt's neck, and pulled out his blaster. While on the X-Borg, the Red Ranger opened fire, blasting through grunts with bursts of spark.

The Red Ranger kicked off the grunt and chopped through a streak of red energy while landing, tearing the soldier in half.

The Red Ranger pulled out his Nitro Red Key and inserted it into his morpher: "NIIIIIIIIITRO Rangers!"

Tyler shifted into Nitro Red.

He unsheathed his saber and dashed through hyper speed, slashing through X-Borgs with bursts of spark.

He skid to a halt, pulled out his Masked Red Key, and inserted it into his morpher: "MAAAAAAASKED RANGERS!"

He shifted into Masked Red, unsheathed his sword, and energized the weapon with cyan power. He slashed through a streak of energy that tore several X-Borgs to pieces.

An X-Borg charged towards him with its staff swinging; Masked Red side-kicked the soldier’s face, whipping him backward.

The Red Ranger pulled out his Bio Red Key and slid it into his morpher: "BIIIIIIIO RANGERS!"

He morphed into Bio Red, pulled out his blaster, and opened fire, triggering red energy darts that tore through the next wave of X-Borgs.

The Red Ranger pulled the Red Defender Key from his buckler and slid it into his morpher: "DEFEEEENDER RANGERS!"

He morphed into Defender Red and pounced with a flying sidekick. The kick bashed an X-Borg to the ground, and when Defender Red landed, he unsheathed his sword and sliced an X-Borg down with a single swing.

Tyler flashed with energy as he shifted back into his Ultimate Red Ranger form.

Buramudo trembled with rage as he watched the last X-Borg fall. "Impossible!"

The villain armed his guns and charged to attack.

Buramudo swung his blasters like clubs. The Red Ranger dodged and parried, then slashed the villain with bursts of spark that knocked him several steps backward.

The Action Commander aimed his weapons, but before he could fire, the Red Ranger blasted the villain with bursts of spark. The impact hurled the villain out of the warehouse.

"If you'll just wait out there..." the Red Ranger said.

Quickly, the Red Ranger snapped around and opened fire on the weapons platform. His blasts tore through the array, which exploded into pieces of fiery debris and shrapnel.

"No!" Buramudo shouted as he climbed to his feet and staggered back into the warehouse.

The Red Ranger twirled his sword and prepared to defend himself. But he didn't have to act alone. The Pink Ranger called his name as she and the other Rangers ran into the warehouse.

"You guys OK?" the Red Ranger asked.

"Us? What about you?" the Yellow Ranger asked.

"Saved by a talking dog," the Red Ranger said.

The Green Ranger tilted his head. "Huh?"

A voice came from the other side of the warehouse: "I was the one who was saved...by a rather arrogant space pirate."

Buramudo trembled with anger. "You bastards...all of you...bastards!"

"We'll talk later," the Red Ranger said as he regrouped with his teammates. "Let's make this showy."

They stepped into fighting poses.

"Ultimate Red Ranger."

"Ultimate Blue Ranger."

"Ultimate Green Ranger."

"Ultimate Yellow Ranger."

"Ultimate Pink Ranger."

"Ultimate Task Force..." They called out together: "Power Rangers!"

They armed their weapons and charged to attack. The Blue Ranger and Green Ranger moved in low, twirling their sabers and slashing the monster's gut.

The villain stumbled and tried to counter. But the Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger lunged with kicks that sent him staggering backward.

The Red Ranger armed his DECA Red Key, and the others regrouped with him and did the same.

"SPD! Emergency!" They slid their Keys into their morphers: "DEEEEEEECA RANGERS!"

They morphed into the Guardian Task Force DECA Rangers, the SPD Team of Earth. Kym shifted into DECA Pink, Mat shifted into DECA Green, Tyler shifted into DECA Red, Seth shifted into DECA Blue, and Kira shifted into DECA Yellow.

The Rangers stalked towards the villain, and then split up to attack.

DECA Pink and DECA Yellow armed their D-Batons. They twirled and slashed, striking the monster with bursts of spark while moving around him faster than he could counter.

The Yellow Ranger hopped forward, kicked the villain, and used the footing to backflip through the air.

Buramudo staggered backward and opened fire. DECA Pink interrupted his aim with a slash of her baton. She spun with a wide arc, ducking beneath his gun blasts, and slashing him with bursts of spark.

The Pink Ranger stabbed the monster's chest, knocking him several steps backward.

DECA Blue and DECA Green moved in. Frantically, Buramudo opened fire before the Rangers could attack. But his shots went wild, barely aimed.

The Blue Ranger and Green Ranger swung and slashed, striking the monster with bursts of spark.

DECA Green armed his D-Blaster and fired darts of green energy. The blasts stabbed the monster with massive bursts of spark, sending him staggering backward.

Buramudo fired at the Blue Ranger.

DECA Blue leaped backward as the blasts sparked against the floor in front of him. The Blue Ranger armed his D-Blaster and fired lances of blue energy, striking the monster with bursts of spark.

The Red Ranger armed his D-Magnums and charged.

Buramudo fired at the Ranger. The villain's blasts exploded across the warehouse as the Red Ranger leaped through the air to avoid the attack.

In midair, the Red Ranger aimed downward and fired, blasting Buramudo with bursts of spark that tore through his armor.

DECA Red landed and used his guns like club, bashing Buramudo. The villain lifted his blasters and fired. But the Red Ranger grabbed the villain's arms and twisted, letting the shots go wild.

The Red Ranger snapped a front-kick that knocked the monster several steps backward. DECA Red pressed forward with a reverse side-kick that hurled the villain off his feet.

The Red Ranger combined his two blasters into a short rifle. "D-Magnum 01, D-Magnum 02, set. Hybrid Magnum."

The other four Rangers combined their D-Knuckles and D-Batons. "D-Blasters!"

They aimed their weapons and shouted together: "Fire!"

The Red Ranger triggered a fiery energy burst, and the other Rangers triggered lances of energy. The blasts tore through the criminal with massive bursts of spark that ripped him apart with a final explosion.

The Rangers turned from the fiery blast and shifted back into their Ultimate forms.

From orbit, the Armada flagship opened fire with its enlargement beam. The beam splashed across the meta-criminals remains, reassembling and enlarging the monster.

The giant Buramudo stretched his massive muscles. "Fine...I'll destroy this planet myself!"

The Red Ranger flipped open his morpher and pressed a series of command codes: "LEEEEEGACY GALLEON!"

The Legacy Galleon flew through the skies and lowered grappling lines. The Rangers grabbed the lines, which reeled them into the ship.

They gathered in their cockpit. "Ultimate fusion!"

"ULLLLLTIMATE FUSION!" The ship split into five different zords, which twirled through the air and combined into a massive robo.

"Ultimate Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.

The robo armed its sabers and swung outward, slashing the giant with bursts of spark.

Below, Kruger walked into the clearing and looked up to face the Megazord. His mind shifted, remembering his future as a commander in space, and then as commander of the SPD Earth Branch. Somehow, he knew what he needed to do.

"Rangers!" he shouted. "Unlock the DECA Rangers' Grand Power!"

He thrust his badge, which glowed with golden light.

In their cockpit, the Rangers grabbed their SPD Keys, which pulsed with energy.

"A new power?" the Red Ranger asked. "Let's try it."

They inserted their Keys into their wheels and turned. The Megazord opened several compartments and shifted into a new armored mode.

"Ultimate DECA Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.

The Ultimate Red Ranger snapped his wheel. "Go!"

The SPD armor detached, shifted into car mode, and throttled forward: "DEEEEEEEECA STRIKER!"

Buramudo fired his blasters. DECA Striker swerved to avoid the blasts, which exploded across the streets with massive bursts of spark, kicking up clouds of dust and rubble.

The zord jumped into the air, drove across the sides of buildings, and fired its cannons. Lances of blue energy punctured through the meta-criminal with bursts of spark.

The Ultimate Red Ranger leaned on his wheel and watched. "Not bad."

DECA Striker swerved through the air, throttled towards the Ultimate Megazord, and shifted into armor that snapped back into place.

The Ultimate DECA Megazord armed its twin blasters.

Buramudo did the same and opened fire.

The Megazord ran sideways to dodge the blasts, which exploded through buildings. The Rangers returned fire, triggering blasts of energy that exploded around the monster with bursts of spark.

Buramudo and the Ultimate DECA Megazord ran sideways and continued their gun duel, blasting and dodging through the streets.

The Ultimate Megazord dove aside and fired, blasting the monster with bursts of spark. The robo landed with a roll, crouched with its blasters, and leaped into the air.

The Megazord angled its descent towards Buramudo and opened fire. Blasts tore through the monster with massive bursts of spark, sending him staggering backward.

The Megazord landed and faced off with the villain.

"Let's finish this," the Ultimate Red Ranger said as he turned the Key in his wheel. The Megazord armed gatling cannons in its arms and legs. "Judgement Strike!"

The cannons fired darts of energy that tore through the monster, ripping apart his body as he collapsed and exploded into ash and debris.

The SPD Keys glowed within the Rangers' cockpit. The team expected what happened next: A Time Shard appeared in front of them, floating with pulses of golden light.

"Right on time," the Green Ranger said. "I assume we'll pick up where we left off?"

The Ultimate Red Ranger nodded and grabbed his Key. "Let's unlock the shard...and see what happened after the Apocalypse."

To be continued...Chapter 10

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