Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation GOKAI Chapter 04 – “Mystics: Heaven Falls” – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Legendary War
Chapter 04 - "Mystics: Heaven Falls"

Ultimate Legacy: Recap

Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. The Ultimate Power Rangers journeyed through the fragments to unravel the secrets that led to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hoped to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.

Before the Shattering: The Witch of the Askani, Udonna, came to our time from one of many possible futures. In that future, the Dark One's Grand Army, led by Morticon, conquered everything.

In our time, Udonna gathered four teens by saving them from supernatural events, wiping their memories of those events and keeping them safe in Briarwood, Indiana. A fifth teen with no memory, Nick, joined them. Udonna gave them the powers of the Mystic Rangers.


Still trapped in Hades, Morticon gained a mysterious ally, the Wolf Knight Koragg, who could use magick to send Hades Beasts to the mortal world.


Udonna morphed into Mystic White and fought Koragg, who killed her during the battle.


Nick later learned the truth of his origin: He came from an alternate future, the son of Tommy Oliver and Ashley Hammond. As an infant, he became infected with a darkness called the Blight. The Heavenly Saint Mikhail took him into the 31st Century to cure him. Once Nick reached 16, Mikhail brought him back to our time, as he did Udonna, so she could form the Mystic Ranger team. Koragg, a twisted clone of Nick, followed them from the future.



Seth Park- Blue Ranger

Kira Hart- Yellow Ranger

Tyler Oliver- Red Ranger

Mat DeSantos- Green Ranger

Kym Cranston- Pink Ranger


Chip- Mystic Yellow

Madison- Mystic Blue

Nick- Mystic Red

Vida- Mystic Pink

Xander- Mystic Green

Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Four

Heaven Falls

PART ONE: Mystic Downfall

Images flashed through the Rangers' minds. They watched the events within the Time Shard as vividly as living through them:

With the help of five reincarnated Heavenly Saints - called Sailor Guardians in human form - the Mystic Rangers destroyed Morticon.

Afterward, the fallen Heavenly Saint Raigel - now called Imperious - took control of Denzoberranzan, the Great Underground City of Hell and home to the Grand Army of the Dark One.

Imperious renewed his assault on the mortal world. But the Mystic Rangers fought back with the help of a new ally, Mystic Gold, also called Sungel, the Heavenly Saint of the Sun. He went by the name Daggeron while in human form.

Daggeron helped the Mystic Rangers push their power past its limits; they learned to morph into Legend Mode with enhanced armor and weapons. With their Legend Modes, the Rangers helped Sungel destroy Imperious.

After the death of Imperious, the Lords of Denzoberranzan rose from their slumber: The Ultimate Lords Dagon and Sleipnir; the Wise Lords Gorgon, Sphinx, and Dagon; and the Warrior Lords Ifrit, Cyclops, Toad, Wyvern, and Titan.

The Lords held an important hostage, Udonna, the White Mystic Ranger, who somehow survived her battle with Koragg and fell into Hell.

Tommy Oliver, the former Dragon Ranger and maker of the Mystic Ranger powers, helped free Udonna. In the process, Nick learned his true heritage as Tommy’s son from an alternate future.

The Mystic Rangers fought hard against the Lords. But they couldn't stop the awakening of N'Ma.

Earth Prime (*New Generation Year Five: Mystic Rangers)

Serena joined the Mystic team, Udonna, Kuro, Smokey, Daggeron and Tommy in Root Core. She stared forward with a blank look of despair in her eyes.

Vida shook her head with disbelief at what she heard. "So…N'Ma destroyed Heaven?"

"Man…" Chip said. "What do you even say to that?"

"This isn’t funny, Chip," Nick said.

"I wasn’t joking!" he said.

Serena kept her gaze low. "It happened quickly…" she said. "I was with the other Sailors…when the skies seemed to darken…"

The Heavenly Realms

Hours earlier

Serena and her fellow Sailors ran across a crystal bridge lined with silver and gold. Above, white clouds dimmed to gray, and crimson lightning scorched the skies.

Sailor Moon knitted her brow with concern. "What’s happening?"

Sailor Mercury shook her head. "I…don’t know."

"I sense a great evil…" Sailor Mars said. "Something’s coming…"

Suddenly, crimson tendrils lashed from the skies and thrashed through bridges and buildings.

"Look out!" Sailor Moon shouted as she and her fellow Sailors leapt upward. A tendril shattered the bridge beneath them.

The Sailors landed on a nearby palace. They looked up, and saw the demonic visage of N'Ma lower from the clouds.

Sailor Moon opened her eyes wide with fear. "N'Ma…"

The creature howled with rage that shook the Heavenly Realms, nearly crumbling the palace where Sailor Moon and the others stood.

"Inside!" she shouted to her comrades. "We have to warn the others!"

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians ran into the palace, with white walkways bordered with white columns. Without traditional walls, the rooms appeared to expand outward into realms of white light.

She approached the massive, gilded throne of Magiel, the Arch Saint who ruled over all the Heavenly Saints. She wore flowing white robes lined with gold, and a golden tiara, and her skin glowed like light, with solid-silver eyes.

"Magiel!" Sailor Moon shouted. "It’s N'Ma! He-"

The palace shook, and dark fog swept across the floor like waves of darkness. N’Ma rose from the darkness and took humanoid shape.

The villain tilted his head and growled as he faced Magiel. "You, who stand on the zenith of the Heavenly Realms, if I had your soul…perhaps my hunger would be filled."

Magiel narrowed her eyes. "I know what you really are, N'Ma. Have you forgotten the rules that bind us?"

"Rules? Laws? I am the law of this world, and all worlds…" N’Ma said.

Magiel tilted her head. "Poor fool…" she mocked. "You’ll be destroyed by your own pride. You’re a captive of your hunger and nightmares. The least you can do…is sleep!"

She thrust her hand with a sphere of golden light. The light splashed around N’Ma and encircled him, binding him in place.

N’Ma shattered through the sphere with a shockwave of darkness.

Sailor Mercury opened her eyes wide with shock. "Not even Magiel’s supreme magick worked!"

N’Ma laughed, a deep, grumbling, guttural sound. "Farewell, Magiel."

The villain spread his arms, summoning a cyclone of crimson energy that tore apart Magiel’s throne and shattered every column within the palace.

Magiel staggered backward and lifted her hand, placing a protective bubble around the Sailors. "Return to the mortal world. Let Daggeron and the others know. Warn them!"

"But Magiel…" Sailor Moon started to say.

N'Ma thrust his hands with a massive cyclone of power. The cyclone shot straight through Magiel and ripped her body to shreds, blasting the palace apart in the process.

The shockwave hurled the Sailors from the Heavenly Realms as they screamed Magiel’s name.

Root Core

Tommy folded his arms over his chest. "If N'Ma is lose…that means the Fifth Seal is broken…"


"I thought the Fifth Seal was the Apocalypse?" Xander asked.

Tommy nodded. "Exactly." He looked to Sailor Moon. "Serena…take the Guardians and find Snowgel. Let her know what’s happened…and give yourself time to heal."

Serena nodded and stood. She looked to Nick and the others. "I'm sorry I can’t fight with you…but just know…you are the surface world's, and the Heavenly Realm's, last hope."

"No pressure…" Chip said.

Serena smirked and stepped backward, teleporting away with a burst of lunar light.

Tommy looked to Daggeron. "Sungel…Can you scout the Heavenly Realms? We need to find out more about what happened there."

Daggeron nodded. "I can and I will. I can’t imagine that even N’Ma was powerful enough to wipe out all of Heaven's forces."

"We'll come with you," Nick said.

"No," Daggeron said. "The five of you must stay here in case the forces of Hades attack."

"Daggeron's right," Tommy said. "We need you to protect our world."

"Stopping N'Ma should come first," Nick said as he stepped forward. "Come on, Tommy. I’m just as strong as you are now…"

Tommy knitted his brow. "Come with me, Nick…"

Tommy and Nick stepped into a pocket dimension with a floor patterned like a chess board. Nick shifted into Mystic Red, and Tommy summoned his sword, the Ryuuseiken.

"Time for your first fatherly lesson," Tommy said. "This power of yours you think is stronger than mine? Show it to me."

"OK…" Mystic Red said. "But if I win? I'm going with Sungel."

Tommy nodded. "Agreed." He shifted into a fighting stance. "What I’m about to show you is the Fatal Blade."

Mystic Red tilted his head. "Fatal Blade?"

"It goes by different names," Tommy said. "It's your attack when you’re at the end of your rope; the end of your fight. And you don’t have the strength to go on. Attack…and I'll show you."

Mystic Red unsheathed his sword and stepped into a fighting stance. He gripped his sword with two hands and focused. Then, he leapt upward through a streak of flame.

"Magi Magi Magi Magika!" he shouted as he shot towards his father. "Red Fire!"

Tommy shifted his stance and slashed the Red Ranger from the air with a massive burst of spark. Mystic Red crashed and skid across the floor, and the impact knocked him from his armor.

Slowly, Nick climbed to his feet and reached for his sword. But Tommy stepped onto his son’s hand.

Nick sighed with frustration. "I thought that would work. But you swatted me down like I was nothing…"

"Nick…" Tommy said. "You know you draw your strength from courage. But what is courage?"

Nick looked up but said nothing.

Tommy stepped away and started walking around his son. "When you reach your most desperate situation…that’s when you’ll find your true courage. And your Fatal Blade. I promise…"

Nick sighed and lowered his head. "Why did you do it…?" he whispered. "You and mom…you abandoned me in the future…"

"I…I don’t know," Tommy said. "It hasn’t happened yet. But I do know one thing…no matter what happened during your past…I’m proud of who you are now. Who you’ve become…"

Darkness covered the skies. Daggeron, Xander, Chip, Madison, and Vida ran outside and looked up, to where crimson lightning scorched the clouds.

Tommy and Nick joined them.

Tommy looked up and narrowed his brow. "This is it…" he said. He looked to Daggeron. "Are you ready?"

Daggeron nodded. "I will go…"

"And you guys?" Tommy asked the Mystic team.

They nodded.

"They won’t know what hit them," Nick said.

"Well…" Chip said. "They kind of will."

Nick sighed. "You exhaust me."

In his giant form, Sleipnir drove his chariot through the streets, smashing through buildings that rained fiery rubble across the city.

The Manticore Megazord, Magi Legend, landed to face off with the Hades Lord.

"The surface is ours, Hades Lord!" Mystic Red shouted. "Go back to Hell!"

The Hades Lord swerved his chariot and charged towards the Megazord. The monster lifted his lance. "Go back? Never! I will carry out the Divine Punishment!"

Magi Legend lifted his staff. "Magical Climax! Screw Calibur!" The staff’s blade spun like a drill, generating fiery energy. "Fire Tornado!"

The Megazord thrust its staff, firing a twirling beam of flame. The flame punctured through the chariot with a massive explosion.

Sleipnir jumped from the explosion and landed while slashing the Megazord with massive bursts of spark, shaking the Rangers within their cockpit.

The Hades Lord tossed his lance aside and armed a sword and shield. "You certainly don’t lack persistence, Rangers…" he grumbled. "But you lack power. Let me show you the true strength of a Hades Lord!"

Sleipnir lunged with several slashes, striking Magi Legend with bursts of spark that forced him several steps backward.

Dagon watched the giant battle from the streets below.

"Sleipnir is a warrior among warriors…" he grumbled. "Those magicians don’t stand a chance."

The villain heard footsteps from behind, and he turned to see Mystic White walk towards him. "The White Ranger…you wish to fight me alone?"

"No…" she said. "I didn’t come to fight you."


"I want to know…why do you and the other Hades Beasts go so far to fight? What is the meaning of it?"

"Why do we fight? You sound the same as the mad Sphinx," Dagon said, referring to the Hades Lord who turned on her companions because of the pointlessness of war. "The world of N’Ma is a world of complete darkness. With that darkness comes purity. No ambiguity. No pointlessness. All would be removed!"

He lifted his staff and charged towards Mystic White.

The White Ranger returned the charge.

Daggeron shifted into his Heavenly Saint form and surged into the Heavenly Realms.

Sungel landed on crystal shores tainted with darkness. Steam and smoke hissed from the ground as far as the eyes could see, and shattered glass covered the landscape.

Lakes sat as empty as craters, blackened holes.

"No..." Sungel whispered. "What sort of evil could have caused destruction such as this? Here, of all places?"

The Heavenly Saint flash-stepped across the decimated landscape. He landed in front of the Gemmed Gates, massive doors that led into the Palace of High Heaven, home to the angels created by the God Yahweh. 

He shifted back into his human form and narrowed his eyes with concern. He reached out and felt the gate, hot to the touch.

"This is not good..." he said quietly as he pushed open the gates. 

Daggeron opened the gates and faced a wide, massive bridge of white marble trimmed with gold. The bridge led to a chamber bordered with four giant statues of angels, colored white with golden trimming. A stained glass mirror lined the wall behind the chamber and cast hues of color across the statues.

The beauty captivated him, but briefly. He noticed the stench of evil in the air, and the hissing of demonic creatures come from the depths beneath the bridge.

The Heavenly Saint narrowed his eyes. "They’re here…"

He looked downward and saw fiery pits bubble in the distance below. The pits released swarms of creatures that shot upward, passed the bridge, and angled their descent towards Daggeron.

The Saint recognized the creatures immediately: Angels tainted by N'Ma's power. Angels typically appeared as majestic beings in shining armor, white hoods and wings of light. But these angels looked black and twisted.

They shot at Daggeron through streaks of shadow. He leapt backward as an angel landed on the bridge with a chop of his sword, sparking a shockwave of shadow fire.

Daggeron twirled and swung his blade, firing a wave of solar energy that hacked the angel in half.

The Ranger shifted back into his Heavenly Saint form and ignited with power. But before he could strike, a group of demonic angles tackled him from behind and pinned him to his knees. He dropped his sword, which clattered across the bridge.

Sungel flared with a solar shockwave that blasted the angels away. He rolled across the bridge, rose to his knees, and lifted his blade just in time to block a strike from an angel. He slapped the blade aside and slashed the angel with a burst of spark, whipping him backward.

"Be gone from here!" he shouted, enraged at the blaspheme of his attackers. 

A flare of dark light erupted from the chamber ahead. The Archangel Erelus emerged from the light and dropped onto the bridge. His armor looked dim, and his wings glowed with black energy, the same light that ebbed from his eyes.

"Sungel…" he hissed.

"Erelus…" Sungel said. "What has happened to you…"

"I see the truth…" Erelus said. "Thanks to N’Ma, the veil has lifted from my eyes. The gods, the angels, the Heavenly Saints…all of you, false idols - nothing compared to the might of N’Ma."

"What is N’Ma?" Sungel demanded.

"N’Ma is truth." Erelus armed a massive double-handed sword and shot towards Sungel.

The angel swung hard, and Sungel blocked, but the blow hurled him backward. He crashed and skid across the bridge.

Erelus snapped his wings, shot upward, and flew towards the fallen Saint. Sungel prepared himself for a death-blow - but the blow never came. Instead, a flare of light blocked the blow and materialized to form a man: Mikhail, a Heavenly Saint in human form.

Mikhail lifted his hand with a pulse of light that blasted Erelus through the air. The villain smashed through an angel statue, with crumbled into pieces that fell into the depths beneath the bridge.

Daggeron shifted back into his human form and climbed to his feet. "Mikhail…is it really you?"

"More or less," Mikhail said.

"I thought you were banished from here…"

"I was," Mikhail said. "But I returned when I heard Heaven’s cries."

Daggeron shook his head. "These are the End Times…"

"Precisely," Mikhail said. "The Fifth Seal has broken, releasing the Apocalypse."

"I’d hate to see what happens if the Sixth Seal breaks…"

"You mean ‘when,’" Mikhail said. "There’s no stopping this."

"If you feel that way, why come here to fight?" Daggeron asked.

"Hmph…" Mikhail shook his head. "Call it the influence of the mortals. Call it foolish hope…"

Suddenly, the bridge blasted into pieces. Mikhail and Sungel plummeted downward and crashed on a platform within the lower levels of the palace. The bridges and platforms looked darkened, and some bubbled with boils of evil, black piles of sludge that pulsed with heat.  

The two Saints climbed to their feet, and they heard laughter come from the shadows.

"Mikhail…" a deep, raspy voice whispered from the shadows. "And Sungel…I remember you well."

"N’Ma," Daggeron said defiantly.

"Yesss…" the voice whispered. "I am he."

Mikhail narrowed his eyes. "Show yourself."

"Perhaps…" N’Ma said. "Perhaps not…I prefer to stay shrouded in mystery."

"What are you?" Daggeron demanded to know.

"You mean you never learned the truth of my existence?" N’Ma asked. "You know the breaking of the Fifth Seal released me…but you do not know what I am? How troublesome…"

"Don’t taunt us, demon," Daggeron said.

"I am more than demon," N’Ma said.

A figure stepped from the darkness: N'Ma.

Daggeron shifted into his Sungel form. "You look like just any other demon to me."

"Then you are a fool," N’Ma said. He extended his hand with a burst of dark light.

Daggeron dove and rolled for cover, rose to his knees, and armed his morpher. "Magical Source! Mystic Force!"

He morphed into Mystic Gold with a burst of golden light. The Ranger rose to his feet and armed the golden Sword of Sungel.

N'Ma laughed. "Yes…amuse me with your Ranger form. Distract me from my hunger…"

Mystic Gold lifted his sword and charged to attack.

Mystic White and Dagon clashed staffs with bursts of spark. They circled around one another, striking and parrying with great precision and power.

The White Ranger pressed her staff against the monster’s. "You wish for a world of darkness? Such a world cannot change or grow. Do you really wish for such a sealed world?"

"If N’Ma wishes it, then it is absolute!" Dagon shouted. "It is the Grand Power of Darkness!"

The monster knocked Mystic White backward and swung wide, but the White Ranger dodged the blow.

"No," she said as she twisted her staff into a defensive position. "Humanity’s courage will crush the power of darkness."

Mystic White thrust her staff with bursts of ice energy. Dagon twirled his staff and swatted the blasts from the air.

"Courage? That power is weak!" he shouted. "It is not unlimited!"

Dagon thrust his staff and fired strands of crimson energy, thrashing the White Ranger with massive bursts of spark that hurled her backward.

Sleipnir hurled his sword like a boomerang. The blade slashed Magi Legend with bursts of spark and returned to the monster’s hand.

The impact shook the Rangers within their cockpit.

"He’s way too strong!" Mystic Pink shouted.

"But if we don’t stop him, it’s all over!" Mystic Yellow shouted.

Magi Legend crashed onto his back and skid across the street.

The Hades Lord laughed at the fallen Megazord.

Mystic Red cursed beneath his breath. "Why…" he whispered. "Why can’t I get any stronger…"

Magi Legend climbed to his feet and swung his staff into a defensive stance.

Sleipnir armed his lance. "Goodbye, you damned magicians…"

He dove towards the Megazord, extended his lance, and spun like a tornado. "Ranging Spear Crusher!"

The monster smashed against the Megazord with massive bursts of spark, igniting bursts of energy that hurled the Megazord backward. Magi Legend broke into separate pieces, knocking the Rangers out of their armor.

They crashed and skid across the broken street below, near Mystic White’s battle with Dagon.

"Rangers!" Mystic White shouted as she ran towards them.

Mystic Gold spread his arms and formed a sphere of solar power. "Solar Providence!"

The Gold Ranger hurled the bolt of energy at N’Ma, but the villain caught the blast. He hurled the energy back at Mystic Gold, and it smashed him with massive bursts of spark, hurling him backward.

N’Ma laughed at the fallen Ranger. "What’s wrong? Is that the extent of your power, little Saint?"

"Not quite…" Mystic Gold said as he rose to his feet. "Let me show you my ultimate magick!" He traced his hand across his blade, which glowed with golden light. "Louludo Gogika Goludiiro!"

He slashed his sword through a streak of energy. "Providence Flare!"

His sword fired blades of energy that stabbed towards N’Ma. The villain opened his tendril-filled maw and swallowed the blasts whole.

Mystic Gold stepped back with shock. "How…" He shook his head. "What are you?"

The villain lashed out with tendrils that wrapped around Mystic Gold. The Ranger flared with golden energy and reverted back into Sungel; the tendrils grabbed the energy and retracted into N’Ma’s mouth, which swallowed the power.

Sungel collapsed to his knees. "That power…" he whispered. "That must be the power that defeated Magiel…" Then it dawned on him. "You…You consume magick!"

"And its source. Courage," N’Ma said. "The Power may be your ultimate weapon, but it keeps me strong…"

N’Ma lashed out with tendrils that wrapped around Sungel and pinned his arms to his sides. The villain’s eyes pulsed with energy, thrashing the Saint with massive bursts of spark that sent him stumbling backward.

N’Ma released his gasp and swung his tendrils through an x-shaped strike, slashing through Sungel with bursts of crimson light. The Saint collapsed to his knees as secondary explosions tore through his body.

Mystic White stood in front of the teens as Dagon stalked towards them.

"What’s wrong, Rangers?" Dagon asked. "What happened to that cheeky courage of yours?"

The villain swung his hand and hurled a bolt of fire. The teens braced themselves; but before the fire struck, Smokey streaked from the Magi Lamp and used his body to block the blast.

The impact knocked him back into the lamp, which cracked.

"Smokey!" Madison shouted as she ran to the lamp and lifted it from the ground. Damaged, the lamp shimmered into light and dissipated.

Dagon hurled another bolt of fire, straight at Madison.

"No!" Mystic White shouted as she lunged in front of the attack.

The White Ranger spread her arms and formed an ice barrier. But the blast crashed through the barrier and smashed Mystic White with bursts of spark, knocking her from her armor and onto the ground.

"Udonna!" Nick shouted as he and the other rangers ran to her side and helped her to her feet.

Dagon laughed. "Sacrificing yourselves for your teammates? Is this the bond you share that Sphinx mentioned?"

Udonna glared at Dagon, then looked to the rangers. "Nick…Xander…Chip…Vida…Madison…Do you know why I chose you to become Rangers? Because destiny demanded it. You wield powers crafted by the Dragon Ranger of the Heaven Fire Star. You harness the strength of the Heavenly Saints themselves. Their power, is yours. Their courage, is yours. What they are capable of…I know that you are capable of too. You five have the potential for unlimited courage."

Sleipnir returned to human-size and joined Dagon on the street. "Look at you…" he said at the sight of the Rangers. "Defeated and covered in blood…"

"No…" Udonna said. "We are not defeated. We will rise, and destroy you."

"Do you really think so, witch?" Dagon asked. He looked over his shoulder at Sleipnir. "Sleipnir…I leave the rest to you…"

Dagon shifted into a pulse of crimson smoke, shot towards Udonna, and wrapped around her. They vanished with a burst of crimson light.

"Udonna!" Nick shouted.

Sleipnir lifted his lance and shield and stepped towards the teens. "You have lost…"

Nick narrowed his eyes and stalked towards the monster. "I’m my father’s son…I don’t lose."

A magick circle slid across his body as he morphed into Mystic Red.

Sleipnir thrust his spear and fired strands of lightning that lashed towards the Ranger.

Mystic Red unsheathed his sword and charged to attack, as the lightning exploded around him with massive bursts of spark and flame.

The Red Ranger leaped forward, somersaulted through the air, and angled his descent towards the monster.

"Red Fire Slash!" he shouted as his sword ignited with flames.

Mystic Red landed while chopping the monster’s shield, which shattered to pieces with bursts of spark and fire.

"What?!" Sleipnir muttered as he staggered backward.

Mystic Red swung upward, slashing the monster with a burst of spark that whipped him off his feet. Sleipnir crashed and tumbled across the ground.

From behind, the other teens climbed to their feet and armed their morphers. "Magical Source! Mystic Force!"

They morphed into their armor and regrouped with their leader.

Mystic Red rolled his hands into fists. "Let’s finish this…"

The Rangers leaped upward. "Magi Majuulu Gogoolu Jingajin!"

They combined into a giant sphere of crackling power that shot towards Sleipnir. The blast punctured through the monster with monster with massive bursts of spark.

The Rangers re-materialized behind the Hades Lord and snapped into fighting stances.

Sleipnir grabbed his chest as secondary explosions tore through his body. He dropped to his knees. "Is this…" he gasped, "the strength of courage that Sphinx mentioned?"

He staggered to his feet, but collapsed again. "Indeed…it is…"

The villain exploded with a massive blast of flame that scattered his body into ash.

The Rangers snapped. "Checkmate!"

"We did it!" Mystic Yellow shouted.

Mystic Red looked at his hand and rolled it into a fist. "We did…I fought like him…my father…"

Suddenly, crimson lightning flashed across the skies, casting bursts of red light across the streets. The Rangers looked up to see N’Ma descend from the Heavenly Realms. In giant form, he landed with a thundering boom that shook the earth.

Without a word, he tossed a globe of light onto the street. The globe splashed to reveal the broken form of Sungel.

"Daggeron!" Mystic Blue shouted as she ran to his side.

Mystic Red looked up to face N’Ma. "N’Ma…You-"

The villain lifted his hand. He formed green fissures that opened throughout the city, unleashing demons and corrupted angels. The creatures spread out and surged across the streets, raining destruction.

"Do you have any idea how easy this is for me, Rangers?" N’Ma asked. "How long I have waited…?"

"Who are you?!" Mystic Red shouted.

"Who am I?" N’Ma asked. "No…Who are you. Let me educate you. You…are my final meal. Combine your five flavors of fear."

N’Ma wrapped his tendrils around the Rangers and lifted them off their feet. The villain opened his mouth and absorbed their energy, and the energy around them. Their version blurred with vertigo as they watched time accelerate: Cities and towns crumbled. Seas dried. Smoke clouded the dark skies. Volcanoes burst. Bodies shrivled to bone, and then ash.

Then, it all stopped. N’Ma stood in a darkened, ruined landscape while tightening his grip on the Rangers.

"What…where are we?!" Mystic Pink shouted.

"Is this hell?" Mystic Yellow asked.

Mystic Blue shook her head. "There’s a sky…"

"This is your future," N’Ma grumbled. "The face of your surface."

"What?!" Mystic Red shouted.

"Devouring time is a simple feet…" N’Ma grumbled.

He hurled the Rangers through the air. They crashed onto the ruined streets, but quickly rolled to their feet.

Mystic Red looked up to face the giant villain. "You lie!"

"Do I…?"

The Ultimate Power Rangers staggered within the Legacy Galleon. The Time Shard continued to glow, illuminating the secrets of the universe before the Shattering.

The Green Ranger shook his head. "What? Was that…What?"

"It’s not finished yet…" the Red Ranger said.

The Time Shard flared and washed through their minds, concluding the story of the Mystic team...

To be continued...Chapter 05

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