Ultimate Power Rangers New Generation GOKAI Chapter 03 – “Mystics: Courage into Magick” – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers Legendary War
Chapter 03 - "Mystics: Courage into Magick"

Ultimate Legacy: Recap

Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. The Ultimate Power Rangers journeyed through the fragments to unravel the secrets that led to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hoped to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.

Before the Shattering: The Witch of the Askani, Udonna, came to our time from one of many possible futures. In that future, the Dark One's Grand Army, led by Morticon, conquered everything. Udonna never learned what mysterious force pulled her into the present.


In our time, Udonna gathered four teens by saving them from supernatural events, wiping their memories of those events and keeping them safe in Briarwood, Indiana. A fifth teen with no memory, Nick, joined them. Udonna gave them the powers of the Mystic Rangers.


Still trapped in Hades, Morticon gained a mysterious ally, the Wolf Knight Koragg, who could use magick to send Hades Beasts to the mortal world.


Udonna morphed into Mystic White and fought Koragg, who killed her during the battle.


Her familiar, a cat spirit named Kuro, remained in Root Core to mentor the Rangers. Kuro revealed that Tommy Oliver sent him to Udonna after she arrived in our time.



Seth Park- Blue Ranger

Kira Hart- Yellow Ranger

Tyler Oliver- Red Ranger

Mat DeSantos- Green Ranger

Kym Cranston- Pink Ranger


Chip- Mystic Yellow

Madison- Mystic Blue

Nick- Mystic Red

Vida- Mystic Pink

Xander- Mystic Green

Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Three

Courage into Magick

PART ONE: To the Scorch

The Legacy Galleon continued to fly over Earth, a Flux World that shifted between the past, present, future and alternate realities.

Tyler stood on the bow and watched the night sky. He crossed his arms over his chest and thought of Teddy. Maybe the boy had a point. Tyler knew he needed to find the Ultimate Secret to repair reality. But maybe he needed to help people along the way. Be a hero. A true Ranger.

Tyler sighed at the thought. It sounded ridiculous. But that didn't make it less true.

The teen grasped his Ultimate Red Ranger Key and went into the ship.

Dawn broke over the horizon with a strange mist that blotted the galleon's viewports.

Mat stood at his control station and tried to find the mist's source. But his viewscreen sizzled with static.

"Always a good sign..." he said sarcastically. "We'll have to stop if this doesn't clear up soon...Why does this keep happening?"

Navi flapped his wings. "Because you pick your routes by guessing."

Seth arced an eyebrow. "Aren't you supposed to be our navigation droid?"

"Don't blame me," Navi said.

Mat ignored the exchange and kept his eyes on his controls. "I've never seen anything like this. It's not spacial or temporal. It's like it's..."

"Weather," Kym said. "I think it's just the weather."

"Well whatever it is, we can't see a thing," Kira said. "Maybe it's the Armada running interference?"

Tyler shook his head as he entered the chamber. "I doubt they'd bother," he said casually as he took his seat. "Let's-"

The ship shook with a massive explosion that nearly hurled the rangers to the deck.

Kira leaned against a console to keep from falling. She looked out the nearest viewport and saw the source of the attack.

"It's an Armada battleship," she said.

Tyler knitted his brow. "What?"

The battleship opened fire with green energy beams that blasted the galleon's hull.

The Legacy Galleon turned hard to starboard and fired its cannons, smashing the enemy ship. But the ship kept firing; its blasts stabbed the Galleon and knocked out its engines.

Caught off guard, the Rangers' vessel plummeted through the air, crashed in the wilderness, and skid across the ground while tearing up waves of dirt and rock.

Damaged, the enemy battleship ruptured, and then exploded into scrap metal.

Mat, Seth, Kym and Kira walked outside to survey the damage.

"Well that was fun," Mat said sarcastically. "Could we not do that again, please?"

Kym looked at the massive red hull. "At least there's no major damage."

"Except to the engines," Mat said. "That's kind of key to fleeing as fast as possible. Which I'm a big fan of."

Suddenly, sparks ignited around the rangers. They looked to see an Armada Action Commander stalk towards them. He looked like a creature of twisted coral and veins. The monster called himself Salamandam.

The commander led a group of X-Borgs.

"Damn renegades..." Salamandam cursed. "You think you can get in our way? And be allowed to live?!"

Seth arced an eyebrow. "You ran into us."

"Right," Kira said. "We don't want anything to do with you."

The Ultimate Red Ranger leapt from the galleon and landed in front of his team.

"I'm not sure what you're doing..." the Red Ranger said. "But if you want a fight, you've got one."

The other four rangers armed their morphers and keys.

"Ultimate Transform!" They inserted their keys into their morphers: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

The Red Ranger pulled out his blaster, fired, and led the charge against the Armada forces. The X-Borgs returned the charge, and the Rangers plowed through them with bursts of spark.

The Blue Ranger twirled his blade and tore through X-Borgs faster than they could attack. The Pink Ranger blasted her way through a group of X-Borgs. The Yellow Ranger slashed through a trio of enemy soldiers. And the Red Ranger kicked and slashed with an effortless display of power.

Nearby, Salamandam snapped his tendrils and whipped the Green Ranger off his feet. The Ultimate Green Ranger crashed, tumbled across the ground and rolled into a crouched stance.

Salamandam charged and swung upward; his tendril slashed the Green Ranger with a burst of spark that whipped him off his feet. But he snapped his legs and kicked the monster on the way down.

The blow sent Salamandam staggering backward.

Slowly, the Green Ranger climbed to his feet as his teammates regrouped around him.

The Yellow Ranger held her saber over her shoulder. "That was pretty lame...but still, nice move."

"What do you mean 'lame'?" the Green Ranger asked. "That was...all intentional."

Salamandam growled with annoyance. "I'm done playing with you, damn renegades!"

He unleashed a tendril that stabbed into the ground. The tendril pulsed, and the ground shook.

The Green Ranger hurried behind the Red Ranger for cover. "Not good. So not good."

Salamandam intensified his power. "Now...time for you to blow up!"

Bursts of flame erupted around the Rangers and hurled them through the air.

In orbit, a white flagship floated in the center of an Armada formation. Prince Vekar stood on the bridge; he slammed his hand against his control console.

"Damn them!" Vekar shouted. "They're doing it again. Those cursed renegades! Who are they?!"

From behind, General Damaras stepped closer to his master.

"Please calm down, Your Highness," he said.

Vekar snapped around. "Silence! We're to rally and control the remaining fragments of the realities. Rebuild our empire! Not chase after children dressed like the rainbow!"

The prince pointed towards the main viewport. "We will make every mortal on that world suffer!" he shouted. "Cause all the volcanoes to erupt! That will do it...That will cause the destruction we need..."

The cyborg Argus stepped closer to his master.

"The ship was destroyed, but Salamandam survived," he said.

The villainess Levira nodded.

"That means your operation can continue as planned..." she said.

"No!" Vekar shouted. "Destroy those damn renegades!"

"Are you sure-"

"Silence!" Vekar shouted. "Slaughter those renegades. All of them!"

PART TWO: Mystic Future

"Mat..." Tyler said. "Get up..."

Mat's vision blurred slowly into focus. He found himself on the ground of a ruined city buried halfway in sand. The sky looked scorched, and the buildings looked like rotting skeletons.

"What the..." he muttered as he climbed to his feet next to Tyler. "Nice place...? I'm assuming that explosion blew us here."

Tyler nodded. "Yeah..."

"I'm also assuming this is a different space-time zone," Mat said.

"Right..." Tyler said.

"OK," Mat said with a sigh. "Just checking. Is it sad I find this less weird than that 'weather' business that made us crash?"

"A little," Tyler said.

They heard footsteps come from around a corner. A young man dressed in a black cloak walked towards them. He was Nick, of the Mystic Rangers.

"I'm guessing you didn't see the Armada coming?" Nick asked. "Neither did we..."

Tyler knitted his brow. "Who are you...?"

"A mage who's lost his magick..." Nick said as he lowered his hood.

"That cloak..." Mat said from behind Nick. He remembered the premonition from Navi: "A human in black...of magick...will tell you something...useful."

"Are you the one we're looking for?" Mat asked as he stepped out from behind Tyler. "The one who can tell us about the Ultimate Secret?"

"That's right," Nick said. "For the most part. I've been waiting for you guys. But you're not what I expected. The way you are now...you'll never learn the truth."

"And why's that?" Mat asked.

"You've barely mastered your Ranger powers," Nick said.

"How would you know?" Tyler asked.

"I'm a Ranger too. Or at least, I was..." Nick said with a smirk. "Big Brother."

Tyler narrowed his eyes. "What?"

Nick looked around the ruined landscape. "I came from this future. An alternate future in the 31st Century, where Morticon and the armies of Hades destroyed almost everything. But I wasn't from here originally..."

An alternate future (Earth 205)

The 31st Century

Nick ran from a group of Zompacs and ducked into a dark alley. The grunts followed while wielding jagged sabers and axes.

The teen dove, skid across the ground, and rolled onto his back while thrusting his palms at the grunts.

"Star Fire!" He ignited his Ki and hurled a comet of flame that tore through the Zompacs with massive bursts of spark and fire.

The teen sighed and climbed to his feet. "That was close..."

"Nick!" a voice shouted from the rooftops. "Is that you?"

A young man hopped into the alleyway. Named Hawk, he dressed in rugged leather beneath a brown cloak.

Nick nodded. "Last time I checked."

"The others...?" Hawk asked.

Nick shook his head. "They didn't make it. We were ambushed..."

Hawk cursed beneath his breath. "I can't believe it. We're never going to find the Askani..."

After Morticon destroyed civilization, the remaining pockets of humanity separated into clans. Rumors said the Askani Clan hosted the first team of Rangers in centuries, the Mystic Rangers, who harnessed powers forged by Tommy Oliver in the early 21st century.

"I'm starting to wonder if they're even real," Nick said.

"They're real," Hawk said. "They have to be."

Suddenly, a deep voice echoed from the distance. "Ooza Wol Zazado!"

Wolf-shaped energy blasts tore through the buildings around Nick and Hawk, and the shockwaves hurled them through the air. They crashed and skid across the dirt.

Slowly, Nick climbed to his feet. "Hawk...Hawk!" He ran to his fallen friend's side and tried to shake him awake. But Hawk did not move. "You can't be dead...not you too..."

The Wolf Knight Koragg walked through the smoke and stalked towards the teen.

Nick recognized him immediately. "Koragg..."

"Pretender..." Koragg said. "Did you think you had seen the last of me?"

"I hoped," Nick said. "Have youseen you?"

Koragg belonged to a clan called the Twilight's Hammer, mages who swore their allegiance to the Dark One. They wished to break the Seventh, Final Seal of the Dark One's prison to release him onto the mortal plane.

Koragg thrust his shield and fired wolf-shaped energy blasts. Nick dove and rolled for cover and thrust his hand at the villain, firing bolts of flame.

The knight slashed his sword through a streak of violet energy that tore the flames apart before they could strike.

"Your magick is weak...You betray your own birthright with the mockery of your existence..." Koragg said.

Nick knitted his brow. "I've known you for months, Koragg. And you still make no sense."

Koragg charged to attack.

Nick summoned his sword - theRyuuseikin - with a flash of golden light. 

The opponents clashed blades with bursts of spark. Nick twirled his sword through intricate parries and slashes, while Koragg swung his sword through slow and powerful strokes.

Koragg chopped, and Nick blocked high, but the impact dropped the teen to his knees. Koragg kicked Nick upside the head, whipping him backward.

Nick crashed and rolled across the dirt.

Koragg stalked towards the fallen teen and lifted his blade. "And now...you die. But first, I will let you see my face. The face of your killer. The face of-"

Holy light burst through the air and blasted Koragg off his feet. From outside space-time, the light formed the blurred image of an angelic figure - Mikhail, the Heavenly Saint of Fire.

The blurred image shimmered, as if struggling to remain in place, while he looked down upon Nick. "You will live...Your father has called for help, and I have answered..."

Nick narrowed his eyes. "My...father?"

"The Dragon Ranger, of the Heaven Fire Star..." Mikhail leaned down and pressed his fingertips against Nick's forehead. "You will remember none of this. But you will find Udonna, the Witch of the Askani. And she will guide you. I have already set her in place. Taken her back."

"Back...?" Nick whispered. "Back to where?"

"Centuries into the past," Mikhail said. "Your home."

Mikhail and Nick flared with Holy Light - which didn't dissipate fast enough to stop Koragg from leaping into the power.


Earth Prime (*UPR New Generation Year Five: Mystic Rangers)

The flash of light hurled Nick and Koragg into the 21st Century. They separated, and Nick awoke with no memory.

Udonna, the Witch of the Askani, also awoke in the 21st Century.

She gathered four teens by saving them from supernatural events, wiping their memories of those events, and keeping them safe in Briarwood, Indiana.

Nick felt drawn to Briarwood, and when he stumbled upon Udonna and the teens, she gave them the powers of the Mystic Rangers.

Koragg arrived in Hades and lent his help to Morticon and the Grand Army of Hell. Koragg attacked the mortal world, and Udonna morphed into Mystic White to protect her new Rangers.

Koragg killed her during their first battle.

Udonna's familiar, a cat spirit named Kuro, remained in her base - Root Core - to mentor the Rangers. Kuro revealed that Tommy Oliver sent him to Udonna after she arrived in the present.

Nick suspected that Kuro knew more about his secret heritage. Although the cat spirit didn't at first, he eventually learned the truth, and shared that truth with Nick.

Kuro met Nick alone in Root Core. They gathered near the Viewing Globe at the center table.

Kuro circled the Viewing Globe, which showed images of Adam Park battling demons in Angel Grove, months ago, before the government nuked the city. The demons came from a blood portal in the sky - a failed attempt to break a Seal to the Dark One's prison.

Rinshi and demons swarmed through the streets.


From above, a group of demons dove and bashed against Adam in midair. They shot downward and smashed against the street with a shockwave.


The impact knocked the air from Adam's lungs, and he could barely catch his breath.


The demons lifted their claws to slash at the fallen hero.


But a blade of fire slashed through the creatures before they could attack.


Slowly, Adam crawled to his feet and looked up to face his rescuer: Tommy.


"Tommy..." Adam said. "You're back?"


"Just passing through," Tommy said as he helped Adam up. "I wasn't ready for something like this. I'm still not...Where's your team?"


"They're trying to stop the blood portal," Adam said of the Jungle Fury Rangers. "What about the Hurricane and Samurai?"


"Still scattered," Tommy said. He cursed beneath his breath and shook his head. "We can't lose the city like this."


Suddenly, another wave of demons swarmed towards them. Tommy slashed his sword through a wave of fire, and Adam thrust his fist with a pulse of pale-green light.


"Got a plan?" Adam asked as he kicked a demon upside the head.


"Not a plan, exactly," Tommy said as he round-house kicked a demon. "More like a desperate move."


"How desperate?" Adam asked as he punched a demon in the face.


"Desperate enough," Tommy said as he slashed a demon to the ground. "Cover me."


Tommy leapt onto a nearby rooftop. A wave of Rinshi hopped towards him. But he cut them down with a single swipe of his sword.


The former ranger pulled five stone totems from his pockets. He placed the stones in a circle around him. Each stone had the mark of an element: Earth, Air, Wind, Water, Fire.


Tommy closed his eyes and stabbed his sword in the center of the circle. His sword flashed with red light, as did the totems, and Tommy's mind shot onto the Astral Plane.


His astral projection shot through the planes of reality. He stopped in a realm of clouds and misty light, the same place he spoke to the Heavenly Saint Mikhail several years ago.


Tommy waited. But the Saint did not appear.


Even on the Astral Plane, through his connection with his body, Tommy felt death and destruction spread across Angel Grove. He didn't have time to waste.


"Mikhail!" Tommy shouted. "Show yourself."


No one answered. And the lights around him dimmed. Tommy felt a powerful force start to push him back towards his body.


"No..." Tommy said. "Dammit, Mikhail, I'm not ready for this! You told me you loved humanity. You loved our world. Well it's about to fall apart, and I can't stop it!"


The force pushed Tommy downward, and downward, each push a lurch that nearly snapped Tommy back into his body.


"You have the power to stop this!" Tommy shouted. "You and the other Saints! You can grant us your power! You can-"


A thundering boom shook the realm. The faintest outline of Osiris appeared. And he stomped Tommy downward.

The images blurred within the Viewing Globe, and then faded.

Nick narrowed his eyes. "What...What was that?"

"Your father!" Kuro said. The cat spirit spoke telepathically. "Just before Angel Grove fell, your father called out to the Heavenly Saints! And the Heavenly Saint Mikhail...he answered."

Images blurred back to life within the Viewing Globe: The Heavenly Realms shook. Crystal lakes rippled from the tremor, and golden columns shook from the intense spiritual pressure released from Hades.

Mikhail, the Heavenly Saint of Fire, knitted his brow. The Saint stood on a bank of clouds and stared down upon the mortal realm. Wings of golden fire extended from his back, and he carried a double-edged, blazing sword with a golden hilt. Small tendrils of fire wisped from the being's golden eyes.

The Heavenly Saints vowed never to interfere with the affairs of the mortal world. They simply watched.

But Mikhail grew restless. He needed to do...something.

The Saint closed his eyes and lowered his head. He felt the Pattern of space/time weaken. Through that weakness, Mikhail reached out and plucked on a string the humans called the future.

The images faded.

"So you're saying...this Heavenly Saint brought me here from the future? The same future as Udonna?"

"That's right!" Kuro said. "He brought Udonna here first, so she could gather the other Mystic Rangers. Then he brought you, so you could become Mystic Red!But he didn't count on Koragg following you both. In your time, Morticon destroyed the world, but never succeeded in releasing the Dark One. Koragg came back to change that! To help break the Seals!"

"But why...?" Nick asked.

"I...I don't know, Nick. I'm sorry..." Kuro said.

Nick shook his head. "This doesn't make sense...If I'm from the future, how could my father be alive here and now?"

"Because, Nick..." Kuro said. "You're originally from this century!"

Nick shook his head. "You're starting to give me a migraine."

"A few years from now, in your timeline, Tommy and Ashley have a child: Nick. That's you! But when you're a baby, you're infected with something called the Blight."

"What's that?" Nick asked.

"A sickness. A taint from the bubbles of evil released from the Dark One's prison. You almost died. But Mikhail...he appeared before your father and offered to take you into the future. To heal you with magick found only there! You were raised in this future. One of the many possible futures! You see, the future exists in a constant state of flux. Only someone like a Heavenly Saint could take you forward in time. It's too unstable!"

Nick sat on the nearest chair and lowered his head. "This...This doesn't make sense. If this Mikhail went through all the trouble to save me...to take me into the future, and then bring me back...then why hasn't he showed himself since."

"Because...the Time Magick he used was forbidden! The Heavenly Saint of Time's Avatar banished him!"

"The who?"

"The Heavenly Saint of Time's Avatar. Sailor Pluto!"

Nick sighed. "Sailor Pluto? Seriously?"

"It's the name you humans will call her!"

Nick shook his head. "This is too much. This...all of this you're telling me...I just want to help my friends."

"I understand, Nick. And you'll save them. I know you will! It's your birthright..."

Tyler crossed his arms over his chest. "So what...You just happen to be my half-brother from the future?"

"Something like that," Nick said.

"Then tell us what you know about the Final Prophecy," Tyler said.

"You wanna learn?" Nick asked with a smirk. "You'll have to follow me."

Nick turned and ran around the nearest building.

Mat sighed. "Your brother's kind of a dick."

Tyler nodded. "Come on."

He ran after Nick. Mat called out for him to wait, but it was too late. The younger ranger sighed.

"Well, here we go, I guess," Mat said as he ran after Tyler.

PART THREE: Turning Stones

Tyler contacted the other rangers to let them know about Nick.

"That's great," Seth said. "But meeting up with you might be...complicated."

Seth stood alongside Kira and Kym in the scorched landscape. X-Borgs swarmed around them.

Kym armed her morpher. "We'll try to meet you as soon as we can."

The three teens inserted their Keys into their morphers, which called out: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

They morphed into their armor, pulled out their blasters, and opened fire. Bullets blasted the X-Borgs with bursts of spark that whipped them backward.

The Yellow Ranger pulled a Black Ranger Key from her buckler. "How about a change of pace?"

The others pulled out Black Ranger Keys, and they inserted their Keys into their morphers.

"NIIIIIIIIIINJA RANGERS!" The Pink Ranger morphed into Ninja Black.

"RRRRRRRRPM!" The Yellow Ranger morphed into RPM Black.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIINO THUNDER!" The Blue Ranger morphed into Dino Thunder Black.

The three Rangers unsheathed their swords, split up, and hacked through the X-Borgs with bursts of spark.

Tyler and Mat ran up a hill dotted with dried grass. They spotted Nick up ahead; the former ranger turned and thrust his hand.

He fired a burst of Ki that formed a ring of fire around the rangers, stopping them in their tracks.

"Ah, hot!" Mat shouted. "Very hot."

The fire blazed taller, completely surrounding the rangers.

"How do we get out of this...?" Mat asked.

"I have a plan," Tyler said with a smirk.

"What is it?" Mat asked.

"We jump," Tyler said as he started to run forward.

"No, wait, wait, wait," Mat said. "I...I can't do it."

"What do you mean 'you can't do it'?" Tyler said.

"I'm not like you, OK?" Mat said. "I can't go jumping through fire and...jumping through fire!"

Tyler placed a hand on Mat's shoulder. "Just trust me."

He tightened his grip, spun Mat off his feet and hurled him through the flames. Tyler jumped through the fire.

He landed and skid across the ground, and Mat climbed to his feet.

"Thanks..." Mat said sarcastically as he struggled to catch his breath. "Thanks for that."

"Anytime," Tyler said. "Let's go."

Tyler ran after Nick.

Mat sighed and reluctantly followed.

Dino Thunder Black parried a trio of X-Borgs' staffs. He chopped a grunt to the ground, slashed through a soldier's guts and stabbed an X-Borg in the faceplate.

The Black Ranger parried and swung wide, slashing another trio with bursts of spark that knocked them backward.

Dino Black turned to face another wave of X-Borgs. He twisted the dial on his hilt.

"Flame Strike! Now!"

He stabbed the ground, which erupted into flames beneath the X-Borgs, hurling them through the air.

Nearby, RPM Black armed her special weapon. "K-9 Cannon!"

She fired bursts of black energy that tore through X-Borgs as they tried to charge at her from all sides.

The Black RPM Ranger armed her gun. "Nitro Blaster!"

She aimed both weapons ahead and fired bursts of energy that tore through a wave of X-Borgs, tearing them apart with massive bursts of spark and flame.

Meanwhile, Ninja Black parried the staff swings of several X-Borgs that swarmed around her. She chopped and slashed through the grunts, knocking them back with bursts of spark.

An X-Borg hopped at her and chopped her chest, dropping her to the ground. But when she fell, only her empty uniform landed.

Ninja Black burst from the ground behind the X-Borgs; the shockwave sent them staggering.

The Black Ranger landed and channeled her power through her sword.

"Ninpo Star Slash!" She slashed her saber through streaks of energy that formed a star formation, tearing through X-Borgs with bursts of spark.

The three Rangers regrouped after the last X-Borg fell.

Ninja Black sheathed her weapon. "That's the end of that..."

Salamandam growled as he stomped onto the scene from behind the Rangers. "You...You should be dead!"

The monster swung his tendril through a streak of energy; the slash struck the Rangers with bursts of spark, whipping them off their feet.

Nick ran through dense, dead woodland as Tyler and Mat chased after him. Nick ducked into a crevice between massive rocks, and the rangers followed into a dark cave.

Tyler smirked. "Good...Now we've cornered him."

"I doubt it'll be that easy..." Mat said as he followed behind his leader.

Suddenly, a massive boulder burst into the cave and rolled towards the rangers.

Mat scrambled backward. "Time to run, time to run!"

Mat ran around a cavern corner, and Tyler followed while keeping his calm. Mat looked over his shoulder as the boulder rolled closer.

"It's going to catch us, so going to catch us!" Mat shouted.

Nick grabbed Mat by the arm. "Hold on."

"Hold on?!" Mat said. "Run on, you mean run on. Away from the bone-crushing boulder."

"No," Tyler said. "Towards it."

The ranger pulled out his Power Saber and tossed it towards the boulder. The saber stabbed into the ground at an angle.

Tyler pulled Mat by the arm and dove towards the boulder. They slammed against the ground, just as the boulder smashed the Power Saber and sprang over the teens.

Mat rolled onto his back and sat up after the boulder past. He breathed heavily as his heart pounded in his chest.

"OK...I can't take this anymore. I swear to god, I just had a heart attack and a stroke."

"Sounds fun," Tyler said as he lifted Mat by the shirt.

Tyler grabbed his saber, and the rangers walked further down the cavern.

Salamandam whipped Ninja Black to the ground. She tumbled aside as Dino Black and RPM Black regrouped around her.

RPM Black pulled out a Ranger Key. "Let's shift colors..."

"Right," Dino Black said.

"Sounds good to me!" Ninja Black said.

They armed their Keys.

"DIIIIIIGI RANGERS!" Dino Black shifted into Digi Silver.

"GAAAAAAO RANGERS!" Ninja Black shifted into Gao White.

"AEEEEEEERO RANGERS!" RPM Black shifted into White Swan.


White Swan leapt forward, swooped through the air, and past Salamandam while slashing him with a burst of spark. She swerved and slashed him again, sparking on impact.

The White Aero Ranger leapt against the side of a cliff, pushed off, and armed her fist weapon. "Wing Gauntlet!"

She smashed a flying punch against the monster, knocking him to the ground.

Slowly, Salamandam climbed to his feet.

Gao White pounced and clawed the monster with furious blows and showers of spark, tearing his body and limbs. She slashed through streaks of pink energy, striking the monster with bursts of spark that hurled him off his feet.

Digi Silver leapt through the air with a flying kick that smashed the monster. The Silver Ranger landed, armed his DriBlade, and slashed through a flurry of blows that struck the monster with bursts of spark.

The Ranger swung through a streak of silver energy, slashing the monster with a burst of spark that hurled him backward.

The three Rangers regrouped and armed their weapons.

"Let's finish him," Digi Silver said.

"Like I'd ever let myself get finished by you!" Salamandam shouted.

The monster started spinning like a drill, dropped into the ground and vanished before the Rangers could attack.

Tyler and Mat ran from the cavern. But they immediately skid to a halt when they noticed a cult gathered deep in the blackened woods.

Men and women wore dark purple robes and surrounded an altar that crackled with violet, arcane energy. Their chanting filled the air.

Chills crept down Mat's spine. "Well...that looks fun. We're so not going to say hi...are we?"

Tyler shook his head. "Who are they?"

"The Twilight's Hammer," a voice said from above.

The rangers turned to see Nick crouched on the cave exit. The former ranger leapt from the rocks and landed in front of the teens.

"This is their camp..." he said as he looked into the woods. "They serve the Dark One...and they'll do everything they can to release him."

"And I suppose you want us to stop them," Mat said.

Nick shook his head. "It doesn't matter. All this? It's already happened. It's just a piece of broken time. Changing it won't affect anything."

Tyler kept his eyes narrowed at the scene ahead. "Then why bring us here?"

"To help you get your first Time Shard," Nick said. "Each time you master the Grand Power of a Ranger Key set, you unlock a shard. To master the Mystic Rangers' Grand Power...you need to fight Koragg and the Twlight's Hammer."

"Um, why?" Mat asked.

"To show your courage," Nick said. "From courage, comes magick."

Tyler arced an eyebrow at his younger brother. "How do you know all this?"

Tyler shook his head. "I'm not sure...My magick, maybe? I remember everything from before the Shattering. And I've been waiting here ever since. Waiting for you."

The cultists' chanting grew louder. Tyler, Nick and Mat looked to see warlocks kneel around a naked young man, whose skin looked tinted with shades of shadow. The stranger stood tall and powerful with his back towards the rangers. 

Runes flashed across the ground with ebbs of purple energy. A massive, wolf-shaped head flared across the dirt beneath the naked stranger's feet. 

Mat sighed. "I suppose the buff guy's Koragg..."

Nick nodded. "This is when he gets his armor and power. The Twilight's Hammer turned him into a perfect weapon."

Tyler smirked. "Perfect? We'll see..."

The ranger charged to attack.

Mat called after him. "Tyler, wait!"

But the ranger charged ahead without hesitating.

Ahead, Koragg kneeled and placed his fist against the ground. Shadow and arcane energy traced up his fist, forearm, upper arm and then body.

Several mages stood guard around the camp. They spotted Tyler and hurled bolts of fire and ice at the ranger. Tyler leaned back, dropped to his knees, and skid forward as blasts passed above him.

Mat cursed beneath his breath as he watched. "Great..."

Fear tightened around him like the embrace of a long-time friend. The feeling wanted him to stay. But the ranger did his best to bury the emotion.

He looked to Nick and arced an eyebrow. "Magic from courage, huh?"

Nick smirked and nodded. "That's right."

"OK. Fine..." Mat said. "Let's see how that works." He armed his morpher and Ranger Key and charged to attack. "It's morphin' time! Ultimate Transform!"

He inserted his key into his morpher: "POOOOOOWER RANGERS!"

Several mages turned their attention to the Green Ranger. The villains fired volleys of arcane missiles that streaked towards their target.

The Ranger pulled out another key. "Unleash the power!" He inserted the key into his morpher: "DIIIIIIINO CHARGE!"

He shifted into Dino Charge Green.

"Dino Saber!" Dino Charge Green unsheathed his sword, held the blade in a reverse grip, and slashed through the volleys of arcane missiles. Each strike slashed through a projectile, which shattered into pieces with bursts of spark.

The Green Ranger hopped forward, spun and landed while slashing a mage's staff in two. He spun forward with a reverse side-kick, bashing a mage off his feet.

Nearby, Koragg stood, keeping his back to Tyler. Black mist rose from his naked skin, and sweat dripped down his entire body.

"You do not belong here..." Koragg said, his voice like gravel.

"I'm happy to leave," Tyler said. "You first."

Several warlocks snapped out of their trance, scrambled to their feet and charged towards Tyler. They twirled their staffs and hurled bolts of arcane energy at the ranger.

Tyler dove and rolled to dodge the violet blasts. The attacks tore through dead trees that splintered into pieces.

The ranger rolled to his feet and inserted his Ranger Key into his morpher: "POOOOOOWER RANGERS!"

He morphed into his armor and charged towards the cultists. They surrounded Koragg to protect him; the knight kept his back to the battle. 

A warlock thrust his hand and fired streams of arcane missiles from his palm.

The Red Ranger armed his Power Saber and charged towards the evil cultists. He slashed through the missiles with bursts of spark as he continued his advance. 

A trio of cultists slammed their staffs to the ground; they sparked shockwaves of arcane energy that surged towards the Ranger. The wave swept him off his feet with massive bursts of spark.

The Red Ranger twirled through midair and armed his Mystic Red Key: "MYYYYYSTIC Rangers!"

He morphed into Mystic Red and landed in a crouched stance.

"Magi Staff!" he shouted as he unsheathed his weapon and stepped into an offensive stance.

The cultists hurled bolts of arcane energy, missiles of violet power, and shockwaves of electricity.

Mystic Red swung his staff with a wave of fire that washed the attacks aside.

He leapt through the air and thrust his staff, firing bursts of fire that tore through cultists with massive bursts of flame.

The Red Ranger landed and stabbed his staff into the ground, igniting a shockwave that hurled the remaining cultists through the air like rag dolls. Their bodies burst into flame and ash.

Slowly, the Red Ranger stood and faced Koragg's back. He shifted his staff to sword mode.

"You just going to stand there?" he asked.

Koragg tightened his hands into fists. He said nothing; violet energy wrapped around his body and hardened into his familiar wolf-themed armor.

The villain turned and lifted his shield. "You are no true Magician of the Red."

"Tell it to the sword." The Red Ranger jumped forward and chopped his blade, which energized with fiery power. "Red Fire Slash!"

Koragg lifted his shield and blocked the blade with a massive shockwave of flame that shook the earth. The Ranger pressed his blade down hard, leaning inches away from the evil knight's faceplate.

Mystic Red twisted his grip. "You might as well tell me...Who are you supposed to be? An uncle? Family butler?"

Koragg grumbled and leaned closer to the Ranger. "Look at me, brother of the pretender. Look..."

Mystic Red stood his ground and gazed through the villain's faceplate. The Ranger felt his mind drawn into the memories of the strange warrior...

An alternate future (Earth 205)

Mikhail materialized on the scorched landscape of the 31st century. He carried Nick, an infant, skin blackened with the Blight.

The Heavenly Saint shifted into his human form and walked into the ruined city, gutted and buried halfway in sand.

He searched for a specific clan of survivors, the Dragon Clan, who would care for the infant and cure him. The Dragon Clan believed a Child of the Dragon could end Morticon's reign and reverse his damage to the world.

First, they needed to make sure the boy survived.

The Dragon Clan lived in a small cluster of buildings, each gutted and surrounded by dirt and sand. The buildings once extended high into the sky, glimmering towers of glass and steel. Now they protruded no more than several stories, ruined skeletons with pieces of concrete that dangled like scabs of skin.

Members of the Dragon Clan lived in tents hidden within the buildings. Within one tent, a healer named Rachal cradled baby Nick.

"The taint spreads through his very spirit, into his soul," Rachal whispered as she shook her head. "I don't know if we can save him."

"We must..." said Alyssa, leader of the Dragon Clan. "If he is truly the Son of the Dragon, he can grow to end the reign of Morticon."

"Could," Rachal said. "Would you risk everything on a chance?"

"Risk?" Alyssa asked. "There's no risk in trying to save an infant. Have we really devolved into such savages, that it's even a question of trying?"

Rachal pursed her lips. "Very well...I will do what I can..."

Rachal lit candles and totems within her small tent, hidden within the broken husk of a monstrous building.

She whispered an incantation and waved her hands over the infant Nick's chest. She channeled The Power, drawing on currents and waves unknown to the people of Nick's origin in time.

Her hands radiated with warm energy that washed through the infant. But the baby cried as if in protest and pain, as the darkness within his body expelled the light.

Rachal cursed beneath her breath. She spent the earliest years of her life curing people of the Blight when it still ran rampant. What made this child's condition so different? Perhaps the Blight gripped strongly onto this child because of the sickness's potency, undiluted by the passage of centuries.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Rachal narrowed her eyes with concern. Then, she heard the screams.

She peaked outside her tent and looked to see hordes of the Twilight's Hammer enter her clan's compound. They hurled violet bolts of arcane power that ripped through buildings and kicked up dirt, forcing men and women from hiding.

"No..." Rachal whispered. Somehow she knew: They wanted the boy. "How did they learn of him so quickly...?"

Her clan regrouped and fought back against the Twilight's Hammer. Mages fired bolts of ice and fire, hunters released mutated dogs and wolves, and shaman hurled bolts of lightning. Their combined attacks ripped through the Twilight's Hammer with a tidal wave of power.

The cultists split up and spread through the ruined city. Some of the warlocks summoned minor demons: Imps and Voidwalkers. Other summoned more powerful creatures, such as Felbeasts, Felguards and Doomguards.  

The demons plowed through buildings and tore their victims to shreds. The Felbeasts pounced like demonic hounds, the Felguards swung massive, thick blades that hacked through flesh and bone, and the Doomguards threw bolts of shadow energy that exploded through brick and mortar.

Several buildings collapsed into clouds of rubble and dust.

Rachal felt her throat tighten with fear. From her tent, the infant wailed with pain and fear. She wanted to take him and run, but she risked killing him if she fled in his condition, with every aspect of his being infected and frail.

She needed to cure the boy, at least enough for travel. And she needed to hurry.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the lost Dragon Coin of the Green Dragon Ranger. She gripped it tightly, and it hummed at the familiar presence of the Dragon Bloodline.

She channeled its energy along with her own, intensified her power, and thrust her hand at the infant. She fired an energy pulse that washed across the boy and spread into his body and soul. Quickly, she felt the taint of the Blight like strands of dark webbing, and she started to yank the infection.

Suddenly, a burst of fire tore open her tent. Twilight's Hammer mages rushed inside and hurled bolts of arcane power at the healer.

The blasts smashed her across the room, breaking the spell with bursts of multi-colored energy.

The infant cried with pain, and a mage immediately spotted him, sprawled across the ground with splotches of shadow across his skin.

"The boy..." the mage hissed as he grabbed the child.

"No!" Rachal shouted.

But she acted too late. The mages bolted outside with the crying child, and Rachal couldn't stop them.

"No..." Rachal whispered.

Suddenly, she heard crying come from the floor of the cluttered tent. Rachal knitted her brow with confusion. She crawled across the tent, moved a box of candles aside, and saw the source of the crying: Baby Nick, completely cleaned of the Blight.

"What..." Rachal whispered as she looked over her shoulder. "But how...and who...?"

Years passed. Now 10, young Nick stood in the encampment of the Twilight's Hammer. He wore dark purple robes beneath a black tunic. His body ravaged by the Blight, his skin looked coal black, and his eyes looked solid red. Scars covered his face. He looked above the encampment and towards the distance, eyes narrowed with anger.

Twilight Lord Everun stood behind the boy and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Nicolas...Son of the Dragon...Do you feel him?"

Nicolas nodded. "The other...The other me..."

"No," Everun said. "The pretender. Never forget: You are the True Heir to the Dragon. Your power can free the Dark One, who will purge the weakness from our world."

Nicolas rolled his hands into fists. "I want to see him..." he said. "The pretender. I need to know...I need..."

"You will meet him in time," Everun said. "It is your destiny to overthrow him, and the Clan Askani. But first you must grow. You must strengthen your power..."

Nicolas stared at his fists. "You already taught me how to conquer the Blight. Make its power my own. Let me fight now..."

"Patience...You will soon-"

Nicolas snapped around and punched through Everun's gut. The Twilight Lord opened his eyes wide with a silent scream. The boy twisted his wrist with a pulse of shadow energy, which ignited and burned the Twilight Lord into ashes.

The act gave the boy no pleasure. No emotion at all. He felt emptiness, an emptiness that followed him throughout his life.

Three years later, 13-year-old Nicolas joined the Twilight's Hammer in an attack against the Dragon Clan remnant. Nicolas wanted answers about himself and the pretender. And the Twilight's Hammer refused him nothing.  Now led by Priestess Azil, the cultists focused their attention on nurturing the boy and his power.

Nicolas rolled his hands into fists. "He's down there...I can feel him."

Azil stood at his side. Dressed in all black, her face covered with violet make-up, she nodded. "Once you've defeated him...Your place as the Dragon's Heir will go unquestioned."

"I don't care," Nicolas said. He just wanted to feel...something. To fill the emptiness in his soul. And only his connection with the pretender sparked the slightest hint of emotion. "I just want to find him...and beat him..."

"Very well," the priestess said. She looked towards the warlocks and mages gathered around her. "You heard our young knight. Attack!"

The Twilight cultists poured into a canyon of shacks, huts and tents. They hurled arcane energy and shadow power, ripping through the structures as the Dragon Clan scrambled to defend itself.

Alyssa stood among her people and hurled bolts of Holy power. The blasts tore through mages and warlocks like they were made of paper.

Nearby, Priestess Azil spotted the Dragon Clan leader and leapt to attack.

Alyssa looked over her shoulder and hurled a bolt of Holy power at the priestess.

"Arcane Shield!" Azil shouted.

A violet energy shield blocked the blast and expanded with a shockwave of arcane power. The shockwave slammed Alyssa and washed her off her feet.

The Dragon Clan leader crashed and skid across the dirt. Quickly, she rolled to her knees and hurled volleys of Holy light.

Azil landed beneath the blasts and whispered a curse, the Curse of Blood, which stabbed through Alyssa's soul and weakened her magick defenses.

The priestess thrust her palm towards her opponent. "Gravity Well!"

She formed a vortex of violet, arcane energy. The vortex surged with gravimetric power that pulled Alyssa off her feet.

Azil smiled with twisted pleasure. "The Dragon is dead. Long live the Twilight..." She thrust her palms. "Seismic Shard!"

A shard of earth tore from the ground and stabbed through the air. The gravity well pulled Alyssa towards the projectile, which stabbed through her gut. The shard and vortex exploded with a burst of violet energy that killed Alyssa on impact.

Thirteen-year-old Nick watched from a nearby hut, his eyes opened wide with terror.

Rachal hurried him towards a hidden exit in the ground. "Run, Nick."

"But, I can stay here. I can fight!" he shouted.

"No, you have to run," Rachal said. "The Dragon Clan...it can't protect you anymore. But there's another clan that can. The Askani Clan. Find them..."

"But...but how?!" Nick shouted, tears in his eyes. He couldn't imagine leaving the people who saved him. Who raised him.

"Your magick, Nick," Rachal said. She placed a hand on his chest and smiled reassuringly. "No matter what happens to us, our magick is always with you. Don't ever forget that...OK? Don't ever forget."

Nick bit back his tears. He nodded and fled down the hidden exit.

Rachal stepped out of her tent. Her face twisted with grief and anger at the sight of dead bodies scattered across the ground.

A lone boy walked among the bodies: Nicolas.

"You..." Rachal said. "I knew I would meet you, someday. What have you done?"

A voice croaked from the ground. "Rachal..." Fatally injured, a member of the Dragon Clan scrambled to his feet and charged towards Nicolas. "Don't trust his face. He'll kill you! He's a monster!"

Nicolas lifted his hand to his side. Without looking, he fired a bolt of violet energy that tore through the injured Dragon Clan member, killing him with a flare of dark light.

Nicolas glared at Rachal. "You're the one who's cared for the pretender. My...reflection."

Rachal narrowed her eyes. "Is that what you think? You...you're not even real. You're not Nick," she whispered. "When I expelled the Blight from the real Nick, it took form in a body identical to his. That's you...You're nothing but a vessel for a dark disease. A shadow."

"Lies..." Nicolas said.

"Lies? Then tell me...what do you feel?" Rachal asked. "Hmm?"

Nicolas narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"What do you feel?"

Nicolas lifted his hand at the young woman. "No games. Where is the pretender?"

"Safe. From you. And the Twilight," Rachal said.

"Nothing is safe from the Twilight." He fired a burst of violet energy that tore through Rachal, ripping her body to shreds.

Priestess Azil walked towards Nicolas from behind. "You were magnificent..."

"The pretender..." Nicolas said. "He's gone."

"Does it matter?" Azil asked. "You have proven yourself. You are indeed the Heir of the Dragon..."

"Dragon?" Nicolas said. He remembered Rachal's words:You're nothing but a vessel for a dark disease. A shadow. "I am no Dragon. I will not follow the same totem as the pretender."

Azil's mouth twisted into a grin. "Very well, my young knight...Very well."

Mystic Red stepped back and shook his head, clearing his mind of the vision. "You're not very subtle, are you?"

"Subtle?" Koragg asked. "You fail to understand."

"No..." Mystic Red twisted his grip on his sword. "I fail to care."

The Red Ranger swung wide, slashing the knight with massive bursts of spark that knocked him several steps backward.

Koragg cursed beneath his breath. "Your people called me the Blight. But it is your bloodline that is a blight on all reality. A blight the Dark One will purge."

"I doubt that," Mystic Red said.

The Red Ranger pounced with a jump-kick Koragg blocked with his shield. Mystic Red slashed wide, knocking the shield from Koragg's hand.

Mystic Red lunged forward and plunged his sword through Koragg's gut with a burst of spark.

Koragg grunted and grabbed the blade. "How...How could you defeat me...so easily...?"

"It's in my blood." Mystic Red pulled his sword free and swung through a streak of red energy, slashing Koragg with massive bursts of spark.

Koragg collapsed to his knees, and his armor powered down with a flash of violet light.

Koragg - Nicolas - looked down at his bare skin and tightened his hands into fists. "My power...was still new. You took advantage of my weakened state. There is no honor in that."

Mystic Red shifted into the Ultimate Red Ranger with a burst of red light. He held his sword over his shoulder.

"And I suppose there's honor in killing clans of innocent people?" he asked.

"They had to die," Nicolas said. He looked up and narrowed his eyes at his attacker. "You all have to die..."

"To fill the emptiness inside you?" the Red Ranger asked. "You think the Dark One can do that? You're sad..."

"The Dark One will purge the world of all human weakness..." Nicolas said.

The Red Ranger tilted his head and thought of the Shattering. Could the Dark One have caused the destruction of space-time? "Maybe he already has..."

"What?" Nicolas asked.

The Red Ranger kicked him upside the head. The villain flipped backward, crashed to the ground, and lost consciousness.

Tyler powered down his armor. He looked over his shoulder to Nick, his younger brother. "Was all that true?"

Nick nodded. "All of it."

Mat powered down his armor and joined his leader. "All of what? What'd I miss?"

Tyler ignored him. "So he was a part of you."

"Part of who?' Mat asked. "Seriously, what did I miss?"

Nick nodded. "Kind of like a clone..."

"What happened to him?" Tyler asked. "Before the Shattering?"

"You'll know once you unlock your first time shard, soon. First you need to join the others," Nick said.

"What others?" Mat asked with impatience.

"Our team," Tyler said.

Nick nodded. "You should be able to use the Mystic Rangers' Grand Power now...but you'll have to do it together."

"And what about you?" Tyler asked.

Nick looked over his shoulder. "I'll...I'll be gone soon. The Shattering's still happening, big brother. This entire area's about to unravel. Eventually there won't be anything left. Not even you. You'll need to unlock all the Grand Powers and find the Ultimate Secret before that happens."

Tyler nodded.

Suddenly, the ground around them started to evaporate, as if raining upward. Nick looked at his hand as his body pealed apart. He closed his eyes, silently, as he unraveled.

Mat opened his eyes wide with shock. "That's new."

Tyler narrowed his eyes and grabbed his friend's collar. "Come on!"

They leapt through the air just as the ground dissolved into nothingness. The resulting explosion hurled the rangers through the remaining void.

PART FOUR: The Mystic Grand Power

Nick and Mat crashed and skid across the dirt ground. Slowly, they climbed to their feet as their comrades ran towards them from the distance.

"Tyler!" the Pink Ranger shouted. "Mat!"

The Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger caught up with their friends and looked around the desolate landscape.

"Where have you been?" the Yellow Ranger asked.

"Actually, funny story..." Mat started to say.

A roar cut them off. They looked to see Salamandam dig himself from the ground. "Damn renegades! I'll kill you this time...wipe you out!"

Tyler narrowed his eyes. "I'm over this guy..."

He pulled out his morpher and Ranger Key. Mat did the same.

"It's morphin' time!" Tyler shouted. Together, he and Mat called out: "Ultimate Transform!"

They inserted their Ranger Keys into their morphers, which called out: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"

They morphed into their Ranger forms and stepped into fighting poses.

"Ultimate Red Ranger."

"Ultimate Blue Ranger."

"Ultimate Green Ranger."

"Ultimate Yellow Ranger."

"Ultimate Pink Ranger."

"Ultimate Task Force..." They called out together: "Power Rangers!"

They pulled out their Power Blasters and fired. Bullets speared against Salamandam with a shower of sparks that hurled him off his feet. He crashed, rolled across the dirt, and climbed slowly to his feet.

The Rangers armed their swords and charged towards the fallen creature.

A group of Zergs dropped to the ground to block the Rangers' path.

The Red Ranger swung his sword through a volley of strikes a Zerg blocked. The Ranger kicked the grunt's side and chopped, slashing his chest with a burst of spark that knocked him to the ground.

A Zerg swung its claw towards the Blue Ranger's head. The Ultimate Blue Ranger ducked and slashed the grunt's midsection. The Ranger turned, spun, and slashed the Zerg with bursts of spark that hurled him backward.

The Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger chopped at a Zerg. The grunt used its forearm to block, but the Rangers pressed forward, pushing the monster back several steps.

They parried the grunt's arm aside and lunged. The Pink Ranger slashed the Zerg with a burst of spark, and the Yellow Ranger chopped, bashing the grunt to the ground.

Nearby, the Green Ranger chopped at Salamandam. But the monster grabbed the blade and twisted downward.

The Ultimate Green Ranger pulled his sword free and slashed. But the monster blocked the blow and bashed the Green Ranger off his feet with a burst of spark.

The Green Ranger crashed and tumbled across the dirt. Slowly, he climbed to his feet as his teammates regrouped around him.

Salamandam laughed. "This time...This time I will blow you all into hell!"

He stabbed a tendril through the ground; a wave of heat washed through the dirt, flowed beneath the Rangers, and exploded with waves of flame and smoke.

The monster thrust his hand with a flurry of fireballs that smashed the Rangers with bursts of spark, hurling them backward.

The Blue Ranger tumbled aside and rolled to a stop. He used his sword for balance and climbed to his feet. "At this rate...we're finished."

"No..." the Green Ranger said as he stood. He pulled out the Green Mystic Ranger Key. "We'll use these..."

"Alright, then," the Red Ranger said. "Let's take care of business..."

The other Rangers stood and pulled out their own Mystic Ranger Keys.

"Magical Source! Mystic Force!" They inserted their keys into their morphers and shifted form with bursts of energy. Their morphers shouted: "MYYYYSTIC RANGERS!"

They transformed into the Askani Task Force Mystic Rangers. Tyler became Mystic Red, Mat became Mystic Green, Seth became Mystic Blue, Kira became Mystic Yellow and Kym became Mystic Pink.

"Mystic Rangers!" they shouted.

Mystic Green's Mystic Morpher beeped, and he flipped it open. The Ranger tilted his head with curiosity. "OK...This is beeping why?"

Mystic Red flipped open his own morpher. "A new spell..."

Mystic Yellow nodded. "Let's try it."

The Rangers flipped open their Mystic Morphers. "Maagi Magi Go Gokai!"

They thrust their wands with bursts of multi-colored energy. The blasts combined into a golden energy pulse that splashed against Salamandam.

The monster's tentacles whipped out of control and wrapped around his own body, pinning him in place. He cursed with disbelief.

"Im...Impossible!" he shouted.

Mystic Green unsheathed his Magi Staff. "That was great!"

The others unsheathed their own staffs.

Mystic Yellow shifted her staff into its bow-gun form. "Yellow Thunder!"

She triggered energy darts that stabbed Salamandam with massive bursts of spark.

Mystic Blue twisted his grip on his Magi Staff. "Blue Splash!"

He slashed upward with a wave of hydro energy that erupted through the ground towards the monster. The energy exploded around Salamandam with bursts of water that thrashed his body.

Mystic Pink thrust her staff. "Pink Storm!"

A pink cyclone twirled around the monster and thrashed his body.

Mystic Green shifted his weapon to axe mode and chopped the ground. "Green Ground!"

The impact triggered a wave of vines that shot from the earth and stabbed the monster, knocking him backward with bursts of spark.

Mystic Red leapt upward and ignited with flames. "Red Fire!"

The Ranger shot towards the monster like a blazing phoenix. He slashed past Salamandam with massive bursts of spark that hurled him backward.

The Red Ranger shifted back into his Ultimate Ranger form. The others did the same and regrouped with him.

They pulled out their Power Blasters, and slid their Ultimate Ranger Keys into the weapons.

The blasters pulsed with energy: "FIIIIIIINAL WAAAAAAAAVE!"

They triggered energy bullets that shot towards Salamandam and blasted through his body. Secondary explosions tore through the monster, and he exploded into pieces.

Levira slapped the control panel of the Armada Flagship.

"He came so close..." she said.

She activated a command sequence; a trigger rose from the control panel, and she grasped it.

"Now..." she said. "...to make our monster grow!"

She pulled the trigger.

The flagship fired twin beams of violet energy. The beams stabbed Salamandam's remains with an infusion with power.

The monster regenerated and grew giant. Three Zergs grew giant next to him.

The Red Ranger looked up at the massive opponents. "Giant monsters? No problem."

He flipped open his morpher and pressed a series of command codes that summoned their vessel. "LEEEEEGACY GALLEON!"

The ship flew through the skies and lowered grappling lines. The Rangers grabbed the lines, which reeled them onto the vessel.

The Rangers gathered in their cockpit.

The Red Ranger grasped his wheel. "Ultimate fusion."

"ULLLLLTIMATE FUSION!" The ship split into five different zords, which twirled through the air and combined into a massive robo.

"Ultimate Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.

Salamandam lifted his fist towards the robo. "Zergs! Show them your power!"

The Zergs shifted shape to form fighters, which hovered above ground. The fighters shot towards the Megazord and fired darts of blue energy.

The Ultimate Megazord stepped into a defensive stance and crossed its sabers. The energy darts stabbed against the Megazord with a shower of sparks, but the robo stood its ground.

The Green Ranger noticed a pulse come from his buckler. He pulled out the Mystic Green Ranger Key, which flashed with jade energy.

"The Mystic Ranger Keys..." Mystic Green said. "They're getting all...shiny."

The others pulled out their own Mystic Ranger Keys, which pulsed with energy.

The Ultimate Megazord flashed with mystical energy that blasted outward, knocking the fighters backward.

"What was that...?" the Yellow Ranger asked.

The Green Ranger looked at his Key. "This has to be what Nick meant...This is the Mystic Rangers' Grand Power."

"Then let's use it," the Red Ranger said. Let's see what you've got, little brother.

They slid their Keys into their wheels. "Ranger Keys, set!"

The Megazord flashed with energy. Compartments flipped open, and the Mystic Dragon appeared on the Megazord's chest, its wings spread.

"Ultimate Mystic Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.

The three enemy fighters regrouped and shot towards the Megazord.

The Megazord jumped upward, flapped its wings, and flew towards the fighters.

"Alright," the Red Ranger said. "Let's make this showy."

The Zergs fired darts of blue energy. The Rangers snapped their wheels: The Ultimate Megazord swerved back and forth to avoid the blasts, and passed between the fighters.

The Rangers snapped their wheel again; the Megazord turned in midair to face the Zergs.

Mystic Dragon opened its jaws and fired a torrent of flame. The flame smashed the center Zerg and punctured through its hull. The fighter exploded with bursts of flame and shrapnel.

The dragon burst with golden light, separated from the Megazord, and shot towards the remaining two fighters.

The Zergs climbed and swerved towards Mystic Dragon, opening fire with darts of blue energy.

The dragon dodged, surged forward, and used its wing to slash a Zerg in two; the fighter exploded into pieces.

Mystic Dragon roared and swept downward towards the last Zerg. The zord fired a burst of flame that smashed the fighter to pieces, and Mystic Dragon swooped through the debris.

The dragon flashed with golden light, shot back towards the Megazord, and recombined with the robo.

The Ultimate Mystic Megazord landed and faced off with Salamandam.

The monster grunted with anger. "Damn renegades!"

The Rangers twisted their Mystic Keys. "Mystic Bind!"

The dragon flashed with golden energy, separated from the Megazord, and shot towards Salamandam. The dragon circled the monster and surrounded him with three rings of magical power.

Salamandam tried to break free from the rings, but they bound him with strands of energy, thrashing him with bursts of spark.

Mystic Dragon swerved, surged forward, and recombined with the Megazord.

The magick rings circled the monster with flashes of power. Columns of light erupted from the center of the circles, ripping Salamandam to pieces.

The monster collapsed to his knees as the rings tightened, cutting through his body with bursts of spark. Salamandam screamed as he exploded into ash.

The Ultimate Red Ranger snapped his fingers. "Checkmate."

The Green Ranger pulled the Mystic Green Key from his wheel. "That was it...the Mystic Rangers' Grand Power."

Suddenly, the Mystic Green Key glowed with light, as did the other Mystic Ranger Keys.

The Mystic Ranger Keys rose and floated in the cockpit. They flashed with brilliant light and summoned a yellow shard of power: A Time Shard.

The Time Shard unlocked with a flash of light that washed through the Rangers' minds and souls, revealing a piece of history before space-time, and the secret of N'Ma...

To be continued...Chapter 04

Nick, Mystic Red:

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