Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 4) – Ryu Ranger

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Chapter 29: Legend War - If I Should Die (Part 4)

Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 4)

On the streets below, the virtual heroes and Riders continued their fight against normal-sized White Jokers, Armada Generals, and X-Borgs.

With guidance from the Command Chamber, the champions regrouped near the center of the battle.

The Riders leapt through the air as one and launched a volley of Rider Kicks, bashing through Armada Generals with shock waves and explosions that toppled buildings.

Giant White Jokers transformed into Zurganezord 1, Zurganezord 2, Zurganezord 3 and the Hyper Zurganezord. They protected the right flank of the Black Cross monster.

The Galaxy Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord, and Warrior Wheel moved in to attack.

The Galaxy Megazord armed its saber and slashed through streaks of power, cutting through the evil robos with bursts of spark.

The Warrior Wheel shifted into its wheel formation and shot through the air like a cannonball, blasting through the center of Zurganezord 1.

And the Super Zeo Megazord combined its swords into a single blade of golden light that chopped though Zurganezord 2.

Another group of White Jokers transformed into the Kaprizord, Marahzord, and Shimazuzord.

“Galaxy Megazord!” Galaxy Red shouted. “Power-up mode!”

The Megazord shined with golden energy and transformed into its Lights of Orion armor.

Golden energy washed across the Megazord’s blade, and it slashed through the evil robos.

A group of several White Jokers combined and transformed into a giant beast, as large as the Black Cross monster: the Dino Chimera. The monster had a central head similar to a tyrannosaurus, with a massive fin made up of different dinosaur heads.

The Thundersaurus Megazord, Megadinozord, Dragonzord, Dino Slayerzord, and Dino Charge Megazord in Para-Raptor formation faced off with the monster.

The chimera’s heads fired beams of purple energy that blasted the zords, hurling them backward, sending them crashing through several buildings.

The Dino Charge Megazord climbed back to its feet and opened fire with its Para Blaster. And the Slayerzord somersaulted through the air and whipped its tail towards the monster’s middle head.

The monster spat torrents of purple flame that bashed the Slayerzord from the air.

The Megadinozord climbed back to its feet.

“Alright guys, split up!” Tyranno Ranger shouted. “Dino Charge, move in on its right flank. Tommy, open fire on its left. Keep its attention split. Dino Thunder, form up on me. We’re going for the center head!”

Before the Megazords could attack, a White Joker grew giant and armed its buckler, transforming into an evil zord.


The Blizzard Force Megazord shield-bashed the Megadinozord and slashed the Dragonzord, taking them both off guard.

The Thundersaurus Megazord lunged and swung its Tricera fist. The Blizzard Force Megazord used its shield to block, and slashed the Megazord, blade sparking on impact.

Suddenly, golden energy blasts struck and staggered the evil zord. The Blizzard Force Megazord looked up to see the golden Ptera Zord swoop from the skies.

The Ptera Zord shifted shape to form the Ptera Charge Megazord.

The Megazord dropped from the air and swung its arm blades, slashing the Blizzard Force Megazord with bursts of spark. The evil zord swung its blade towards the Megazord’s head. But the Ptera Charge Megazord parried.

“Double Lightning Slash!” the Gold Ranger shouted.

The Ptera Charge Megazord’s arm blades charged with lightning. The Megazord spun, swung its arm blades through streaks of lightning, and slashed the evil robo backward.

The attack gave the other Megazords time to regroup. The Megadinozord joined with the Dragonzord to form the Mega Dragonzord, and the Slayerzord equipped the Dimetrozord and Cephalazord.

The Slayerzord slammed an energized punch that bashed the Blizzard Force Megazord, fracturing its armor. Pressing forward, the Slayerzord energized its buzz-saw and slashed through the evil robo with massive bursts of spark.

The Mega Dragonzord activated its shoulder cannons, firing a pulse of energy shaped like a 'Z’ that punctured the monster with massive bursts of spark, scattering the evil robo into ash with a burst of blinding light.

Meanwhile, the Dino Charge Megazord and Ptera Zord merged to form the Dino Charge Megazord in Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation. And the Thundersaurus Megazord combined with the Dino Slayerzord to form the Valkasaurus Megazord.

The two Megazords swooped through the air and aimed their drill arms at the Dino Chimera monster. The monster spat volleys of violet fireballs; the Megazords dodged, climbed, and banked, fireballs shooting past them both.

The Dino Charge Megazord shot forward with a flying sidekick that bashed the giant monster’s side. And the Valkasaurus swopped past the monster with a swing of its Tricera fist; horns bashed the monster’s heads with bursts of spark.

The Dino Charge Megzord swooped upward and charged its sword with lightning.

“Tricera Sword!” the Rangers shouted. “Final Strike!”

The Megazord shot downward and chopped through a streak of energy that struck Dino Chimera, blade sparking on impact.

The Valkasaurus Megazord hurled a pair of hatchets at the wound. The hatchets spun, energized with golden energy, and smashed the monster with massive bursts of spark.

Reinforcements stomped through the streets: the Brachiozord of the Dino Thunder team and Titanozord of the Dino Charge team.

The Brachiozord lowered its neck and lifted its tail. The Valkasaurus landed on the tail, slid down the tail and neck, and shot through the air to attack again, golden hatchets glowing with energy.

The Dino Chimera heads spat beams of energy, a barrage that blasted the Valkasaurus from the air and exploded around the Brachiozord and Titanozord.

The Titanozord staggered and shifted into its warrior form, the Titano Charge Megazord.

“Titano Charge Megazord!” the Dino Charge Silver Ranger shouted. “Colossal Crush!”

The Megazord’s axe energized and chopped the Dino Chimera’s legs. The blow sparked a shock wave that staggered the gargantuan monster, but the creature stood its ground.

Meanwhile, the Dino Thunder team formed another gestalt: the Triceramax Megazord

The TriceraMax Megazord lifted its arms; one fired a tornado blast of energy, and the other fired bursts of power. The blasts smashed the Dino Chimera with massive bursts of spark that washed over its armor and body.

The attack gave the Dino Charge team time to form their Ultrazord.

“Dino Charge Ultrazord!” the Rangers shouted. “Ultra Plasma, Final Strike!”

The Ultrazord’s chest fired seven energy beams that stabbed the Dino Chimera with bursts of spark, powerful enough to nearly blow off one of the heads.

The Jungle Fury Megazord and Jungle Master Megazord leapt through the air and aimed flying kicks towards the Black Cross Monster’s head.

The monstrosity slashed them from the air, just as Gao King and Gao Muscle Striker moved in to attack.

“Soul Charge, Roaring Fury!” the Gao Rangers shouted.

Gao King fired beams of light that combined into a single pulse of power, charged by the Power Animals, that struck the Back Cross monster with massive bursts of flame and discharges of lightning.

Gao Muscle Striker moved in and kicked Gao Armadillo towards the monster like a soccer ball. Gao Armadillo spun, super-charged with energy, and struck the Black Cross monster’s head like a cannonball.

The attacks gave the Jungle Fury team time to regroup with their Rhinozord carrier.

“Jungle Fury! Charge!” the Rangers shouted.

The Animal Spirits dashed through streaks of energy, tackling the Black Cross monster with thundering booms and shockwaves of energy.

The Black Cross monster spat a volley of black throwing stars that thrashed the Jungle Fury zords, hurling them backward.

The Digi Rangers moved in with their two Megazords: the Beast-X Megazord and Striker Megazord. The RPM Rangers joined the attack, piloting the SkyRev Megazord.

The SkyRev Megazord swooped through the air, firing cannons and missiles that exploded against the Black Cross Monster. Bursts of spark and flame scattered across the creature’s body and legs.

“SkyRev Megazord!” the RPM Rangers shouted. “Grand Prix!”

The Megazord fired projectiles of energy shaped like the individual Ranger Attack Vehicles. The energy projections throttled through streaks of light and exploded against the monster.

The Beast-X Megazord and Striker Megazord moved in next. The Digi Rangers called out their attacks.

“Beast-X Hyper Kick!”

“Striker Hyper Blast!”

The Striker Megazord opened fire with beams of green light. The blasts stabbed the Black Cross monster with massive bursts of spark; secondary explosions erupted across the giant monster’s armor plating.

The Beast-X Megazord leapt into the air and aimed a flying kick towards the Black Cross Monster. The kick energized with digital power and smashed the Black Cross monster’s head, staggering the creature.

The monster howled with rage and fired volleys of energy blasts, bursts of black power and lightning that bashed the Beast-X Megazord and Strikerzord.

The SkyRev Megazord swooped down to counter-attack, and the PaleoMax Megazord joined.

“Megazords assemble!” the RPM Rangers shouted. “RPM Ultra Fuson!”

The Megazords broke apart and reassembled, forming the heavily armored RPM Ultrazord.

The Ultrazord landed on the streets with a thundering boom.

Meanwhile, the Digi Rangers recovered and called for their own fusion.

“Megazords assemble!” the Digi Rangers shouted. “Beast-X Ultrazord!”

The Megazords shifted shape and combined to form a heavily armored robo, the Beast-X Ultrazord.

The two Ultrazords attacked.

“G12, Ultra Grand Prix!” the RPM Rangers shouted. The Ultrazord fired auras of power shaped like the four RPM Megazords. Each projection slashed through streaks of energy, slashing the Black Monster’s lower limbs with bursts of energy and power.

“Beast-X Ultra Strike!” The Digi Rangers’ Ultrazord aimed its lance; strands of green digital energy surrounded the weapon. The Ultrazord shot forward and stabbed through the Black Cross Monster’s lower limbs, knocking the massive creature off its forward feet.

“He’s down!” Digi Red shouted.

“All Megazords!” RPM Red shouted. “Hit him now!”

Two Megazords flanked the Black Cross monster from opposite sides: Gosei Ultimate and the Battlefleet Megazord.

The Rangers called out their attacks.

“Gosei Ultimate! Ultimate Charge!”

“Battlefleet Megazord! Battlefleet Barrage!”

Gosei Ultimate opened its chestplate and fired golden totems that streaked towards the monster like missiles. And the Battlefleet Megazord fired a barrage of cannons and lasers.

The combined blasts struck the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark, providing cover for the next wave of attack: the Battle Borgs.

The Battle Borgs somersaulted through the air and struck one-by-one, launching flying kicks and punches that pommeled the gargantuan monster.

Meanwhile, Gosei Ultimate shot into the air, shifted shape, and combined with the Gosei Great Megazord to form Ultimate Gosei Great.

“Ultimate Gosei Great!” the Rangers shouted. “Arrow Barrage!”

The Megazord fired an arrow of golden energy that duplicated into dozens of projectiles. The arrows rained down on the Black Cross monster, stabbing its body and head with massive bursts of spark and light.

As Ultimate Gosei Great attacked from above, the Torozord and Samurai Bullzord moved in below.

The Bullzord fired its cannon, blasting the monster’s injured legs to keep the creature from standing.

Torozord armed its lance, ignited the weapon with golden power, and slashed through the injured limbs while the Bullzord kept firing.

“Keep hitting him!” Rescue Red shouted. “Bring in the trains!”

“Yes, train team-up!” Rescue Blue shouted.

The Grand Liner Megazord, Solar Streak Megazord, Rail Builder Megazord, and Rail Liner Ultrazord held the rear.

The Rangers called out their attacks.

“Grand Liner Megazord! Turbine Super Charge!” the Lightspeed Rangers shouted.

“Solar Streak Megazord! Furnace Blast!” Mystic Gold shouted.

“Rail Builder! Builder Break!” Rail Orange shouted.

“Rail Rainbow! Final Strike!” the Rail Rangers shouted.

The Grand Liner opened its weapon compartments and fired a barrage of turbine blasts and missiles. The Solar Streak Megazord opened its chest compartment and fired a beam of flame. Rail Builder fired its shovel like a torpedo. And the Rail Liner Ultrazord fired twin beams of rainbow energy.

The combined attacks bashed the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark, flame and light that splashed across its body.

Sirens blared down the streets as the DECA Base Robo rose to full height, and the Robo Racer of the Blue Centurion shifted into warrior mode.

“DECA Base Robo!” the Rangers shouted. “Volcanic Buster!”

The DECA Base opened fire with its finger missiles, cannons and blasters, peppering the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark and flame.

Robo Racer jumped onto DECA Base’s shoulders and opened fire with its wrist-mounted Synergizer Blaster. The blaster shot rapid-fire bursts of energy that struck the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark.

The Black Cross monster roared with anger, rose back onto its injured legs, and fired a sweeping optic blast of black-and-white energy. The beams blasted DECA Base and Robo Racer with bursts of spark, hurling them backward.

The creature turned its head; the beam swung and blasted the train-themed Megazords and bull-themed Megazords.

The Clawzord pounced from the side and aimed its daggers towards the monster’s armor.

The Black Cross monster lifted its massive legs and swatted the Clawzord aside. The Gold Samurai Ranger’s zord crashed and rolled across the streets.

The Octozord flew through the air and fired energy beams that stabbed the monster’s legs.

Clawzord climbed to its feet and combined with the Octozord to form the Claw Battlezord: North Mode.

The Clawzord lunged and swung its spear. But the Black Cross monster fired invisible bursts of energy that bashed the Megazord and tossed it backward.

The Samurai Megazord dashed to the scene and swung its saber, hacking the monster’s legs. The Megazord stepped back and combined with the Clawzord to form the Claw Armor Megazord.

The Megazord energized its blades and swung wide, slashing the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark.

The Mystic Force Megazord moved in on the opposite side of the monster.

The Megazord swung its sword, slashing the creature’s legs.

The monster roared, slashed the Mystic Force Megazord aside, and slashed the Claw Armor Megazord. The creature lifted its legs and aimed them towards the fallen Megazords like spears. But before the monster could attack, energy blasts struck its armor.

Time Robo Beta swooped down from the skies with its blaster firing.

The robo triggered rapid blasts of blue energy darts that peppered the monster’s armor.

“Changing Formation!” Time Red shouted. “Time Robo, Alpha!”

The Megazord split apart, recombined into Time Robo Alpha, and landed on the streets.

The Megazord armed its saber and slashed, striking the creature’s legs.

Meanwhile, the Samurai and Mystic Force teams regrouped. The Samurai Rangers combined their mecha to form the Samurai Gigazord, and the Mystic Force team formed the Manticore Megazord.

The Gigazord swung a massive sword of blinding light, and the Manticore Megazord used its staff to fire a twirling wave of flame. The blade slashed through the Black Cross monster with massive bursts of spark. And the energy wave splashed against its lower body.

But the monster stayed on its feet, using its gargantuan legs to swat the two zords aside.

Above, the Time Shadow and Time Robo combined to form the Shadow Beta.

Shadow Beta fired a blue energy pulse that blasted the monster’s head.

“Changing formation!” Time Red shouted. “Shadow Alpha!”

Shadow Alpha dropped towards the monster with its sword held downward, aimed at the monster’s head.

The Black Cross monster’s eyes flashed; invisible energy blasted the Megazord from the air.

…continues in Part Five

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