Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 3) – Ryu Ranger

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Chapter 29: Legend War - If I Should Die (Part 3)

Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 3)

The Zeo Megazord stood alongside the Gosei Great Megazord.

A group of White Jokers surrounded the two Megazords. The monsters transformed into evil robos from Divatox’s army: Metallosaurus, the Terrorzord, and the three Divazords– Eaglezord, Catzord and Sharkzord.

The Zeo Megazord armed its saber and slashed through the evil robos one-by-one, blade striking armor and sparking on impact.

Metallosaurus stepped back and spat balls of flame; the blasts smashed the Megazord with bursts of spark, staggering the robo.

The three Divazords lunged at the Zeo Megazord. But the Gosei Great Megazord stepped in, fists swinging, punching the three evil robos. Each blow dented armor and kept the villains back.

The Zeo Megazord regained its footing, back-fisted the Terrorzord, and slashed the Metallosaurus.

“We need some back-up!” Zeo Red shouted. “Red Battlezord, now!”

The Red Battlezord launched through the skies.

Zeo Red teleported into the cockpit with a beam of red energy.

The zord landed and launched at Metallosaurus with a volley of punches, pistons firing and fists bashing the evil robot. Each blow clanged and forced the monster several steps backward.

The last punch sent the monster staggering.

The Red Battlezord stepped back.

“Red Battlezord!” the Red Zeo Ranger shouted. “Gatling Arms, Full Power!”

The zord pumped its fists, firing lances of golden energy from the blasters that surrounded its gauntlets. The blasts speared the Metallosaurus with bursts of spark.

From the rooftops, Seraph Knight activated his Totem Morpher. “Summon Knight Zords.”



The Sea Lion and Sky Lion Totem Headers appeared and morphed into zords.

Seraph Knight snapped his arms to his side. “Lion Zord, Morph!”

He pulsed with energy, shifted shape, and morphed into his totem form. With another burst of energy, he morphed into a tank-like zord with the head of a lion.

“Knight Zords assemble!” he shouted. “Gosei Ground Megazord!”


The three Knight Zords combined into a giant robo, with Seraph Knight at its center.

“Lion Knight Megazord!” he shouted. “Gosei Ground!”

Gosei Ground and the Red Battlezord stood back-to-back. The three Divazords closed in to attack.

“Grand Strike!” Seraph Knight shouted.

Gosei Ground fired volleys of missiles that tore through the evil robos, sending them staggering.

Metallosaurus and the Terrorzord regrouped.

The Red Battlezord and Zeo Megazord faced them.

“Mega Battlezord Fusion! Now!” Zeo Red shouted.

The Red Battlezord shifted shape and wrapped around the Zeo Megazord like a suit of armor, with powerful shoulder-mounted cannons.

“Zeo Mega Battlezord!” the Rangers shouted. “Battle Cannons! Ultra Blast!”

The shoulder cannons fired a barrage of energy blasts. The first blasts tore the armor from the Metallosaurus with bursts of spark, and the next blasts exploded through the evil robo. The creature blew up into pieces of flame, shrapnel and dust.

Meanwhile, Seraph Red slid his Ground Gosei Great Card into his morpher, which spoke the command: “SUMMON MEGAZORD”

“Totemzords assemble!” the Seraph Rangers shouted. “Dual Fusion!”

The Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Ground Megazord pulsed with energy, shifted shape, and combined to form a single robo.

“Grand Totem Megazord!” the Rangers shouted. “Ground Gosei Great!”

Seraph Red slid a card into his morpher and snapped it shut.

“Gosei Lancer!” the Rangers shouted. “Holy Dynamic!”

The Megazord shot upward, and comets of energy circled around its Lancer.

“Holy Dynamic!” the Seraph Rangers shouted. “Victory Charge!”

The Gosei Lancer fired a massive, burning arrow of energy– holy light wrapped around elemental power. The arrow stabbed through the Terrorzord and ignited, burning through the creature from the inside out.

Ashley manned the control consoles in the Command Chamber. She did her best to ignore the sounds of monsters trying to rip down the barrier of energy that protected the structure.

Thank you, Teddy…

She looked at her readouts. Planet-wide scanners showed the Rangers lower the Dark One’s corruption by a percentage or two with every fight. But the corruption levels spiked again every time.

“It’s not enough,” she whispered. “We’re not doing enough.”

The Black Cross monster emitted the highest levels of the True Power, the energy of the Dark One himself. If the Rangers could take out that monster…

She opened a comm-line to the Rangers of the past in Angel Grove.

“Everyone, regroup and focus your attacks on the Black Cross monster. Some of you have a few waves of White Jokers in your way; I’m sending you the coordinates.”

A group of White Jokers transformed into the “Ten Terrors” from the Mystic Rangers’ rogues gallery: Sculpin, Magma, Oculus, Megahorn, Hekatoid, Serpentina, Gekkor, Black Lance, Itassis, and Matoombo.

The villains faced the Lightspeed Megazord, Max Solarzord, Drivemax Megazord, Flashpoint Megazord, and VRV Robo.

Magma swung its club at the Lightspeed Megazord. The Megazord slashed the club in half and powered up its weapon.

“Lightspeed Megazord Saber!” Rescue Red shouted. “Victory Providence!”

The Megazord swung its saber through a circle to form a ring of fire. The Megazord slashed through the ring of flame, ignited its saber, and cut through Magma with massive bursts of spark.

The Max Solarzord leapt onto the Lighstpeed Megazord’s shoulders, pushed off, and somersaulted through the air. The agile zord launched a flying kick that bashed Magma with enough force to hurl him backward.

Oculus opened fire with his sniper rifle. Blasts struck the Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord with bursts of spark. Matoombo swung his staff and slashed the Megazords, and Black Lance speared the Lightspeed Megazord.

The VRV Robo and Flashpoint Megazord stood side-by-side. The Rangers called out their attacks.

“Artillery Power, now!” the Turbo Rangers shouted.

“Hydro Blast!” the Silver Overdrive Ranger shouted.

The VRV Robo armed its shoulder bazookas and fired, spewing bursts of flame and darts of energy. The Flashpoint Megazord armed its shoulder cannons and fired darts of hydro energy.

The combined blasts struck Matoombo and Black Lance with bursts of power, knocking them through the ruins of nearby buildings.

The Drivemax Megazord armed its saber and stepped back-to-back with the Lightspeed Megazord. The Ten Terrors surrounded them and attacked, but the Megazords parried and struck back with powerful swings of their swords.

“It’s getting kind of crowded,” Rescue Blue said.

“No shit,” Rescue Yellow said.

“Let’s make some room,” Rescue Red said. “Megazords assemble. Solarzord fusion!”

The Max Solarzord broke apart and wrapped around the Lightspeed Megazord like a suit of armor, forming the Lightspeed Solarzord.

“Lightspeed Solarzord!” the Rangers shouted. “Max Nova!”

The Megazord fired a barrage of energy blasts from all its weapons– chest panel, waist-mounted energy beams, head cannons, and hand cannons. The blasts tore through several of the Ten Terrors, sending them staggering.

The Drivemax Megazord moved in to attack the staggered foes.

“DriveMax Megazord Saber!” the Red Overdrive Ranger shouted. “Titan Slash!”

The Megazord’s engines whined with power, and the sword vibrated with energy. The robo swung the blade through a crescent arc, then chopped through a streak of energy that ripped the Ten Terrors apart with bursts of spark.

A group of White Jokers transformed into giant Spit Fangs and Vivix. They stood guard around the Black Cross monster to protect the behemoth from the next wave of zords.

The Vivix fired green energy beams, and the Spit Fangs launches balls of fire. The blasts exploded around V-Rex and the Mezodon Megazord.

V-Rex opened fire with its shoulder cannons, spearing the monsters with bursts of spark.

The Mezodon Megazord leaned forward and hurled its hatchets. The blades spun and slashed through the monsters with massive bursts of spark, sending them staggering.

A group of giant Spit Fangs pounced towards the Mezodon Megazord. But the Plesio Charge Megazord flanked the monsters.

“Galactic Blast!” The Plesio Charge Megazord fired a thick beam of violet energy that punctured the Spit Fangs, blasting them backward.

A fresh wave of Vivix surrounded the Megazord, but the Ankylozord moved in for support.

“Plesio Charge Megazord! Ankylo Formation!” The Megazord armed the Ankylozord like a mace.

The Megazord swung its mace, bashing Vivix with bursts of spark, each blow crushing the monsters’ armor and bodies.

Nearby, Time Fire commanded his zord.

“V-Rex, rise up!” he shouted.

The V-Rex rose and shifted shape to form the V-Rex Robo.

“Max Blizzard!” Time Fire shouted.

The V-Rex fired beams of freezing energy from its shoulder cannons. The beams swept through several giant grunts, freezing them and shattering them into pieces.

A group of White Jokers transformed into evil zords from the Time Rangers’ past: Tronicon, Dragontron, and Doomtron. They protected the Black Cross monster from the rear.

The monsters faced the Delta Squad Megazord and Omegamax Megazord.

The three evil zords opened fire with volleys of missiles. The Delta Squad Megazord and Omegamax Megazord dove aside as the missiles exploded around them.

While diving aside, the Delta Squad Megazord armed its blaster and opened fire, blasting the evil zords with bursts of spark. The Megazord rolled, landed in a crouched stance, and slid across the streets, tearing up pavement.

“Megazords Assemble!” the Rangers shouted. “Delta Max Fusion!”

The Omegamax Megazord split apart and formed around the Delta Squad Megazord like a suit of armor.

“Delta Max Megazord!” the Rangers shouted.

The Megazord shot forward and smashed a hyper-speed punch against Tronicon, knocking the evil zord backward.

Doomtron launched another missile volley, firing dozens of projectiles from its shoulder-mounted cannons. The blasts struck the Delta Max Megazord with enough force to hurl the robo off its feet. The zord smashed through the ruins of a building and slammed to the streets with a thundering boom.

Dragontron stomped towards the fallen Megazord to attack. But energy blasts struck the zord before it could strike.

The evil zords looked to see The ValveMax Megazord with its blaster aimed forward, standing alongside the High Octane Megazord.

The High Octane Megazord shot forward and slashed the three robots, blade sparking on impact. The ValveMax Megazord opened fire with its arm cannon, blasting the evil robots before they could counter-strike.

“Megazords Assemble!” the RPM Rangers shouted. “Zenith Fusion!”

The two Megazords split apart and reformed into a larger Megazord, the Zenith Megazord.

The Zenith Megazord leapt backward and landed alongside the Delta Max Megazord, which had climbed back to its feet.

The Rangers called out their attacks.

“Zenith Megazord! G6 Grand Prix!”

“Delta Max Megazord! Hyper Gatling Punch!”

The Zenith Megazord fired six bursts of energy– constructs shaped like the individual zords that made up the robo. The blasts tore through the monsters with bursts of spark, and the Delta Max Megazord charged in, swinging high-speed punches that bashed the monsters to pieces.

…to be continued in Part Four

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