Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 2) – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers The End
Chapter 29: Legend War - If I Should Die (Part 2)

Chapter 29: Legend War – If I Should Die (Part 2)

The Ultimate Power Rangers regrouped and faced the Dark Man. But before the Rangers could attack, lightning scorched the skies. The Rangers looked up, and they saw fissures flare with electricity. From the fissures flew hundreds of Armada battleships that had escaped the destruction of their homeworld.

Three fissures ignited on the streets, and Emperor Mavro stepped through, flanked by his two Royal Guard.

Mavro almost laughed when he noticed the Rangers. “The infamous pirates!”

“Mavro,” the Ultimate Red Ranger said, as calmly as he would point out a leaf blowing in the wind.

The villain tilted his head. “Is that all you have to say to me? After all your annoyances?”

“I’m not in a chatty mood,” the Red Ranger said. He leaned his sword across his shoulder. “Are we doing this or not?”

Mavro narrowed his eyes. The villain looked to his two guards, who readied their weapons.

“Kill them.”

The Jungle Fury team called in the Jungle Master Megazord and Jungle Pride Megazord.

The two Megazords launched at a White Joker– in the form of Tao Zento– with an unrelenting flurry of kicks and punches, bashing the ninja monster.

The monster grabbed the Jungle Pride’s leg, swung the Megazord off its feet, and bashed it against the Jungle Master Megazord. The two Megazords went toppling across the streets.

The Samurai Megazord and Shogun Megazord moved in next, swinging their sabers.

But Tao Zento dashed aside to dodge.

The Zeo Megazord stood alone.

The husks of defeated White Jokers surrounded the robo’s feet. The Megazord turned its attention to the Black Cross monster towering in the distance.

“No way we can take that thing!” Zeo Blue shouted.

“We don’t have to do it alone,” Zeo Green said.

“Right,” Zeo Red said as he opened a comm line. “Guys, bring in the heavy firepower!”

“Right!” Zeo Gold answered. “Rangers, form your carriers on Pyramidus!”

Pyramidus rolled across the streets, joined by the Zenith Carrierzord of the Galaxy Rangers and Artilitron of the Turbo Rangers. Titanus and Tor joined them, along with the Storm Mammoth of the Hurricane Rangers, the DECA Base of SPD, and Geki Rhino of the Jungle Fury Rangers.

DECA Base opened fire with its high-tech arsenal of plasma turrets, Mega Lasers, phase cannons, and missiles. The Storm Mammoth moved alongside the base; the zord hurled volleys of explosive Power Spheres from its trunk.

The blasts exploded against the Black Cross monster with bursts of spark, flame, and smoke. The creature growled with annoyance and lifted its spider-like arms to strike. But the Zenith Carrierzord and Artilitron opened fire, spraying darts of energy that stabbed the legs with bursts of spark and flame, knocking the creature slightly off balance.

Titanus fired bursts of power from its jaws, and Tor opened fire with jade bursts of energy from its shoulder cannons. The blasts exploded against the massive monster as Geki Rhino charged.

The Rhino Zord stabbed its horn against the Black Cross monster with enough force to send shockwaves across the streets.

The monster lifted its legs to strike the rhino. But Pyramidus opened fire with a bolt of golden lightning, thrashing the monster with bursts of spark before it could strike.

As the battle continued, Armada warships clouded the skies above.

The Delta Megaship and Mega Winger flew towards the Armada fleet.

The zords opened fire with rapid energy blasts that peppered the enemy ships’ shields.

The Time Shadow and Time Jet Gamma flew into formation alongside the Delta Megaship and Mega Winger.

Time Shadow fired bursts of energy that gave cover to the Time Jet.

“Gamma Tornado!” the Time Rangers shouted.

The Time Jet circled around, forming a tornado of power that thrashed several enemy ships, tossing them from the skies. From the tornado, the Time Jet flew and opened fire with a barrage of cannon blasts, tearing through the shields and hulls of several enemy vessels.

Nearby, the Mach Megazord flew through the damaged ships and angled its ascension towards the next attack wing.

The Megazord launched a salvo of missiles and energy blasts, exploding through the skies and providing cover for the Mega Voyager, which attached to the Mega Winger glider for flight.

Astro Red piloted the Megazord through bursts of flame and explosions.

“Mega V-3 Missile Mode!”

He triggered the Megazord’s bazooka, which launched a missile that exploded in the midst of the Armada formation, tearing through the shields and hulls of the enemy ships.

The SWAT Megazord flew through the explosion and throttled towards the remaining ships.

The Red SPD Ranger manned the controls. “SWAT Flyer Cannon!”

The Megazord shifted into its cannon formation and fired a wide, sweeping energy beam that tore through Armada ships with massive explosions, scorching the skies.

The Stratoforce Megazord and Victory Mars hovered through the air nearby.

The Stratoforce Megazord hurled its bladed boomerang. The weapon twirled through the air, slicing through ships with massive bursts of spark, the blade carving through shields, hull plating and engines. Several ships exploded into balls of fire and shrapnel.

An attack wing opened fire on the Megazord with beams of green energy.

But Victory Mars swooped in and fired its shuttle lance like a missile. The projectile stabbed through an enemy ship that exploded. The shockwave tore through several ships, sending them spinning out of control.

Below, the non-Earth Ranger teams regrouped with their Megazords: the Aquition Force Megazord, Prism King Megazord, Nitro Speed Megazord, Defender Five Megazord and Ede-Knight Megazord.

They faced a monster that took the form of Astronema’s Dark Fortress in Megazord mode.

The Ranger teams called out their attacks.

“Aquition Force, Hydro Slash!”

“Prism Saber! Flash!”

“Nitro Driver! Nitro Slash!”

“Defender Five! Five Slash!”

“Ede-Knight Megazord Saber! Activate!”

The five Megazords’ sabers ignited with power and slashed through the Dark Fortress. Each blow carved through the monster with massive bursts of spark, ripping through armor with flashes of light and flame, accompanied by thundering booms that shook the earth.

The monster exploded into pieces with a plume of flame that splashed across the streets.

From the flames, a trio of White Jokers charged towards the Megazords.

Two robos dropped from the skies to block the monsters’ path: the Bio-Mech Megazord and Bio-Mech Battlezord.

The Megazords punched the White Jokers, armored fists denting bodies.

Red Falcon grasped the controls within his cockpit. “Bio-Mechs assemble! Mega Battle Fusion!”

The Bio-Mech Battlezord pulled apart. The zord shifted to form a suit of armor that wrapped around the Bio-Mech Megazord, forming powerful arms and legs, reinforced chest plating and a horned helmet.

The five Rangers joined in the central cockpit. “Bio-Battle Megazord!”

“Mega Bio-Blast!”

The mouth of the lion on the Megazord’s chest opened, and a sphere of energy crackled within its jaws. The energy sphere siphoned the energy from the five individual zords, creating a powerful charge.

The Megazord blasted the fiery bolt of power. The energy burst punctured through the White Jokers with massive bursts of spark, and secondary explosions ripped the monsters apart.

The Dino Slayerzord and Dragonzord in Battle Mode joined forces near the feet of the giant Black Cross monster.

“Spin Attack!” The Slayerzord somersaulted through the air and lashed out with its tail, aiming towards the monster’s gigantic head.

The Black Cross monster’s eyes flashed; invisible energy bashed the Slayerzord; it crashed and skid across the streets, tearing up pavement.

Dragonzord Battle Mode moved in next.

“Mega Spear, Crash!” the Rangers shouted.

The Dragonzord charged its spear and stabbed towards the Black Cross monster’s lower body. The massive creature used its legs to block and slash the Megazord aside.

Nearby, the Dino Slayerzord climbed back to its feet.

“Stego Stinger!” the White Dino Thunder Ranger shouted.

The Megazord fired its stinger; the blast exploded harmless against the Black Cross monster.

The creature’s eyes flashed. Invisible energy smashed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode and Dino Slayerzord. Secondary explosions tore through the Megazords as they collapsed.

….continues in Part Three

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