Chapter 07: Champions, to Arms – Part One – Ryu Ranger

Ultimate Power Rangers The End
Chapter 07: Champions, to Arms - Part One

Chapter 07: Champions, to Arms – Part One

Beyond all space and time

Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space in an endless void of chaos and madness. Within the void, the Ultimate Power Rangers gathered to learn the secrets of the End of All. Using Ranger Keys, they unlocked Time Shards to slowly unravel the history of existence’s downfall.

The Shards revealed this story.

Demon City

A cloaked figure stood on the ruined rooftops and watched Brajira battle the Seraph Rangers. Newly awoken from a coma, and charged with the energy of the demon that tried and failed to possess him, he felt invigorated.

He didn’t care for his new “allies.” But they served a purpose. Let Brajira forge a New Creation, and Xanathor elevate a New Pantheon. He planned to carve his own dominion from their ambition, a domain fitting for his people. The Vyram.

The Jet Force Rangers defeated the Vyram years ago, leaving Tranza in a mortal form trapped in a coma. The Rangers thought him brain-dead and harmless. True enough, unil a demon sensed his potential and tried to possess him.

Tranza fought against the demon through sheer force of will and used its power to awaken, retaking his identity as the Emperor of the Vyram.

Brajira approached Tranza not long after, asking him to join alongside him, Xanathor and others.

Tranza agreed.

“So much has changed…” he whispered with anger. He hated joining with the dark angel but felt it necessary.

A fel portal opened behind the villain, and out-stepped his final “ally.”

“Enter,” Tranza said. It wasn’t a command, it was the name of the villain. Enter, the adversary of the Digi Rangers.

“Tranza,” Enter said mockingly. He moved with a sort of casual arrogance that matched his smug grin. “Just watching? Not feeling up to using your new power?”

“My power is best spent with purpose,” Tranza said. “What is it you want, Enter? We’re not friends. We don’t chat.”

“Oh, I know, I know,” Enter said. “I’m sure all of us plan to betray one another once we’ve achieved our goals, it’s the nature of our existence, after all.”

“What is it you want?” Tranza asked again.

Enter sighed. “So impatient. If you must know, I’ve been checking on our little project.”

“The Enetron Matrices?”

Enter nodded. “Each Matrix is possessed and under our control, thanks to the combined powers of yours truly and Xanathor.”

Tranza couldn’t help but smile. They were so close.

Suddenly, in the distance, a ruined temple collapsed with a massive pulse of golden light. From the light, a giant rose: Long, in his multi-headed dragon form.

Enter tilted his head thoughtfully. “That’s…unexpected. One of the Forsaken?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tranza said. “Who’s left to fight it, even if it is a Forsaken? The Rangers are scattered and crippled. This world has no true champions. Not anymore.”

Crossworld City

Adam paced across the mat of Tao Dojo in Crossworld City. He hadn’t heard from his Jungle Fury team or Tommy and didn’t know why. He knew Tommy planned to journey into the Astral Plane to restore the powers lost during the Second Countdown to Destruction, but he didn’t expect the trip to take so long.

As for the Jungle Fury team, the last Adam heard, they planned to travel to a temple that popped up out of nowhere in search of the Demon Tablet. He lost contact with them shortly after.

He used his communicator to try pinging Alpha-5 in the Command Chamber, but the android didn’t answer.

The former ranger sighed. “Come on, Alpha…now isn’t the time to stay quiet.”

Finally, Alpha answered. “Ay-yi-yi! Adam! It’s happening! It’s finally happening!”

“Alpha, calm down,” Adam said. “What is it?”

“The powers!” Alpha said. “They’re coming back!”

“Tommy did it?”

As if to answer, a flare of jade light erupted in the center of the dojo. The light formed a gem that shot towards Adam; he caught it– his Heaven Star Thunder Gem.

The gem flashed with green energy that wrapped around Adam’s wrists, forming his Aura Bracers.

The ranger smiled. “Alpha, find the Jungle Fury Rangers.”

“Right away, Adam!” Alpha said. “But be careful! When you’re in your morphed state, your body constantly channels energy from The Power. Your adult body will make that difficult to sustain. It doesn’t have the same stamina as when you were younger.”

“Are you calling me old?”

“Ay-yi-yi! No, Adam! I would never-”

“Relax, Alpha, I’m kidding. Just find Jungle Fury. I think I’ll lend them a hand.”

Austin, Texas

Jason Scott rode in the back of an ambulance. An EMT worker, he held steady as the vehicle swerved back and forth through lanes of traffic. He heard sirens wail, and horns blare, as the driver tried to navigate the chaos.

All around, shadows came to life. They turned into creatures of pure black and terrorized every man, woman, and child. Most appeared humanoid and others looked like beasts. Werewolves. Boogeymen. Creature of nightmare.

One of the victims, a young woman, screamed from the ambulance bed. “Make it stop! The screaming! The screaming!”

“Hold on, m’am,” Jason said. “We’re going to get you to safety.”

Suddenly, the ambulance swerved and toppled over, crashing along the side of the road. The back doors swung open, and Jason tumbled out, rolling across the street.

The former ranger climbed to his feet, and when he looked up, he saw a vicious group of shadows stalk towards the tipped ambulance. He narrowed his eyes and rolled his hands into fists.

“You better back away if you know what’s good for you.”

The creatures howled in response.

Jason was about to attack, knowing the battle would likely cost his life. But before he could strike, two pinpoints of red energy appeared in front of him. One took the shape of his Tyrannosaurus Power Coin, and the other took the shape of his Red Ape Ninja Coin.

He didn’t know how they appeared, but knew better than to question it.

Jason reached out and grabbed his Power Coin. It glowed with red energy that enveloped his body. In his right hand, a morpher appeared. He gripped the all-too familiar devise.

He thrust the morpher forward. “Dino! Buckler!” He snapped it open and shouted: “Tyrannosaurus!”

Energy flashed around him as he morphed into the Red Tyranno Ranger.

He armed his Power Sword.

“You want a fight, you got it!”

The Ginga Forrest

The trees rotted, suddenly and without warning. From the rot came creatures of Nightmare. Twisted plant monsters came to life and terrorized the village. They looked like monstrous humanoids, wearing twisted bark as armor. Branches grew from their heads like horns, and red sap flowed through their bark like veins.

Ashley backed against a hut, keeping her arm over Tyler to protect him from a Nightmare monster that approached.

“Stay back, Tyler.”

“Mom, I can fight!”

He called me mom? He picks now to call me mom for the first time? “I’m not letting you get hurt.”

Suddenly, a flare of yellow light appeared in front of her. The light formed her Zeo Crystal.

Tyler’s eyes lit up at the sight of it. “Whoa…what’s that?”

“My Zeo Crystal…” she said with disbelief.

She reached out and grabbed it. The crystal pulsed with energy that wrapped around her wrists, forming her Zeonizers. Ashley stepped into her transformation pose.

“Ultra Transform!” She connected her bracers and triggered a wave of power that morphed her into Zeo Yellow.

The Yellow Ranger lunged to defend Tyler. She axe-kicked a creature to the ground, and spin-kicked a second monster.

Nearby, The former Galaxy Rangers did their best to clear the civilians from their homes.

Hyuuga led a mother and two children into a clearing. “Ryouma, this isn’t the last of them. Find Ashley and Tyler.”

Ryouma looked over his shoulder, to where Zeo Yellow battled in the distance. “I think they’re OK, brother.”

Suddenly, six spears of light ignited in the sky. The spears shot downward and stabbed into the ground, forming the weapons of the Galaxy Rangers: The five Seijuuken, and KuroKishi’s sword Bull Riot.

Hikaru’s face lit up, and he practically squealed. “Guys! Our swords! Our Seijuuken!”

The others looked to the swords, blades glistening in the sunlight. They regrouped around the swords and pulled them free. Light ignited from the blades and wrapped around their wrists, forming their Ginga Braces.

Ryouma smiled as he looked at the bracer. “Everyone…let’s morph!”

The five Rangers stepped forward.

“Galaxy Transform!” They slapped their bracers. “Ha!”

Energy circled around them as they morphed into their Ranger forms.

Hyuuga raised his blade into the sky. “Knight Rebirth!”

Energy sparked from the hilt and circling around Hyuuga, morphing him into the Black Knight.

They stepped into fighting stances.

“Galaxy Red! Ryouma!”

“Galaxy Green! Hayate!”

“Galaxy Blue! Gouki!”

“Galaxy Yellow! Hikaru!”

“Galaxy Pink! Saya!”

“Black Knight! Hyuuga!”

“The Sword of Legend cuts through the galaxy!” the Red Ranger shouted. “Star Beast Task Force!”

Together they called out: “Galaxy Rangers!”

London, England

Spirits swirled through the ballet theater, possessing people with fear and nightmares. Audience members screamed and attacked each other, frantic. Meanwhile, several people exploded as the spirits that possessed them took physical form.

Justin Kase, the former Blue Zeo Ranger and former Blue Astro Ranger, wanted to help them all. But more importantly, he wanted to help his love, Katherine Hillard, the former Pink Zeo Ranger and former Pink Astro Ranger.

He ran backstage calling her name, trying his best not to get stomped over by the fleeing tech crew.

Suddenly, three monsters sprang from the wings and tore through the crew. They looked like demonic nutcrackers, with coals for eyes, jagged teeth, and long, slimy tongues.

“Justin!” Katherine called from the other side of the nutcrackers.

“Kat!” he called back.

The creatures turned on him and Katherine both. Kat, still dressed in her ballet uniform, stepped into a defensive stance and stood her ground to give the tech crew time to clear the area. Justin did the same.

“Ya know…” Justin said between breaths. “I’m sure there’s a joke somewhere here, right? I mean…demon nutcrackers…”

Flares of light erupted in front of Justin and Kat. The light formed two Zeo sub-crystals.

Justin couldn’t help but smile at the sight, the power he’d need to fight back against these monsters and protect Katherine– not that she needed it. She had the same smile.

Justin took his crystal, and Kat took hers. Light spread from the crystals and wrapped around their wrists, forming their Zeonizers.

“Ultra Transform!”

They connected their bracers, triggering waves of power that morphed them into Zeo Ranger Blue and Zeo Ranger Pink.


The Silver Flyer crashed through the wooded mountains and skid to a stop, bringing its passengers back to the planet for the first time in years.

“See…” Zhane said from the pilot’s seat. “I told you we’d be fine…”

“We just crashed in the mountains, Zhane,” said his co-pilot and lover, Karone.

“Any landing you can walk away from,” Trey of Triforia said from the rear station. “Isn’t that a saying they have here?”

“Speaking of here,” Karone said. “Where are we?”

Zhane shrugged, checking his readouts. “Earth?…ish?”

The trio had decided to travel to Earth to help stop the spread of the Dark One’s madness at its source. His taint covered the universe, with every planet facing its own version of the Apocalypse.

Zhane, Trey and Karone stepped out of the ship. The air seemed stale and sick, like the dying breath of the planet itself.

As soon as they set foot on the ground, the earth trembled, rustling the trees.

Creatures of earth and soil sprouted from the ground and surrounded the travelers, attacking with arms shaped like clubs.

“Look out!” Zhane shouted, as he armed his Silver Blazer.

The former ranger slashed through an arm before it could strike Karone. Another creature bashed his gut and hurled him aside.

Trey jump-side-kicked a creature, but another six came at him.

A voice boomed from the leaves like thunder. “I AM ABNOBA, GODDESS OF FOREST AND RIVERS. AND THIS IS MY DOMAIN”

“A god?!” Zhane ducked underneath a club swing. “That’s no good.”

Suddenly, three flares of light appeared in midair.

A pink light struck Karone and wrapped around her wrist, forming a Digitizer. A silver light struck Zhane and materialized in his hand, forming his Digitizer. And a golden light formed the Golden Power Staff, which Trey reached out and grasped; the light washed through his body and wrapped around his wrists, forming his Zeonizers.

“Alright,” Zhane said with a smile. “Let’s rock-it!”

Zhane and Karone armed their Digitizers.

“Install! Astro Ranger!” They triggered their morphing sequences; energy wrapped around them as they transformed into Astro Silver and Astro Pink.

Trey armed his Zeonizers.

“Ultra Transform!” He connected his bracers, triggering a wave of power that morphed him into the Gold Zeo Ranger.

Corinth City

Max moved through the tunnels beneath Corinith City. With no light or navigation system, he did his best to find a way towards the underground bunker where his INET allies planned to regroup in the event of a city-wide disaster—which had happened. Demons learned how to possess circuitry, took over the city’s infrastructure, and possessed the Enetron Matrix, Riot Troopers and several Megazords.

“Good times…” Max muttered sarcastically.

The former Lightspeed Ranger, and mentor to the Overdrive Rangers, couldn’t help but miss the days he could morph and fight against attacks like this. Instead, he felt helpless.

Max entered a hidden bunker cluttered with makeshift desks and computer terminals. Miss Fairweather stood with a tablet in hand.

“Max, there you are,” she said with relief.

He couldn’t help but still feel like a kid when around Miss Fairweather, who provided support to Lightspeed Rescue during his time there. Now she served as the lead tech for Jet Force.

“Hey, Miss. Fairweather,” Max said. “Anyone else here?”

Colynn raised a hand from beneath a console in the rear of the room. She served as the lead tech for the Bio-Beast team.

“I’m here,” she said. “Up to my elbows in wires.”

“Good, good. Where’s what’s-her-face?” he asked, referring to Dr. K, mentor to the RPM team.

“I’m here,” she said as she entered the room, her eyes fixed on her clipboard. “And I would prefer to be addressed by my proper name.”

Max flushed. “Sorry, just…” She creeped him out. A lot. “Yeah, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault you carry a mental affliction that renders your social skills inert,” she said.

Dr. K activated the room’s main, flat-screen television. She didn’t waste time with pleasantries such as saying hello to anyone.

“Here’s the situation,” she said. “The compromised Megazords are staying near the Enetron Matrix. While the Riot Troopers are regrouping near these areas of the city.”

“What about the Rangers?” Max asked.

“Offline, and unreachable,” Dr. K said matter-of-factly.

“And that doesn’t worry you at all?” Max asked, surprised by her callousness.

“I find worrying an unnecessary distraction,” Dr. K said.

“How can you-”

Suddenly, clangs sounded from above and below, and from all sides, shaking the bunker. The lights flickered. And control panels sparked at random.

Colyn narrowed her eyes. “Company…”

Dr. K shifted the view on her monitor. “Riot Troopers. Dozens of them. They must have gotten past or sensors.”

“Or possessed them,” Max said. “How can we trust any of our readings?”

Another slam shook the bunker, nearly knocking them off their feet.

Before Max could quip, a bright point of red energy appeared. The others stepped back, unsure if the light posed a threat. But Max recognized the feel of the glow.

“No way…” he said with smile.

The light shot into him and flowed through his body.

Smirking, he lifted his arm, and his bracer appeared over his wrist.

Miss Fairweather shook her head with disbelief. “How is that even possible?”

“Do you want to complain?” Max asked. “Because I don’t.”

He armed his bracer. “Lightspeed! Rescue!”

Riot Troopers packed a corridor that led to the top level of the bunker. They approached an elevator door and tried to bang it open with their fists and weapons.

But the door opened on its own. And in the elevator stood the Red Lightspeed Ranger.

He tilted his head in greetings. “Hey.” Rescue Red charged forward. “V-Lancer!”

He armed his weapon and swung wide, blade glowing through a streak of red energy.

Vyram pocket dimension

Tranza stepped through a fel portal and entered his private pocket dimension, all dark except for the fog that swirled across the floor.

The villain smiled with satisfaction as he looked into the shadows. “Are you comfortable, Jet Force?”

Energy strands tied the rangers by their arms, dangling them in the darkness. Tranza managed to trap the Jet Force Rangers after awakening from his coma. When he regained consciousness, he found them waiting, investigating his condition. He managed to take them by surprise and subdue them– a quick but fulfilling victory.

Christopher narrowed his eyes. “You won’t get away with this, Tranza.”

The villain laughed. “Stop trying to sound so bold. Your world is on the precipice of collapse. Once it falls, I will use its ruins to elevate a new dimension. A new Vyram.”

An INET building

Dr. William “Billy” Cranston sat in one of his many private offices. He kept the windows shut and lights low, preferring the darkness these days.

Within that darkness, two pinpoints of light appeared– one yellow and one blue. The blue light formed the Triceratops Power Coin, and the yellow light formed a Heaven Star Thunder Gem.

He looked up, the lights reflecting in his eyes. He betrayed no signs of emotion. No surprise or wonder. No yearning. His gaze held a casual interest and barely that.

The coin and gem dimmed and flew away, vanishing into the shadows.

—To be continued…Chapter 08

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