Ultimate Power Rangers Year Four – Ryu Ranger


When the Machine Empire kidnaps Rocky, Adam, and Kimberly, and break Billy’s back, Tommy must lead a new team and unlock the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Meanwhile, Divatox pursues a wizard named Dappu to Earth, and he recruits five teens from an auto garage to combat her. And in Crossworld City, Ryan Steele is about to unlock the secret of his father’s disappearance, a secret that will allow him to transform into Cybertron. While in “Charterville,” the Beetle Borgs need new armor for a new threat.

Chpt 01 – Rise of the Machines

Chpt 02 – Ultra Task Force

Interlude: Turbo – High Gear

One – shot: Cybertron – A Father’s Gift

Chpt 03 – Bridging Gaps

Chpt 04 – The Virus

Chpt 05 – Hostages

Chpt 06 – Complications

Chpt 07 – The Last Dance

Chpt 08 – Day in the Life

Chpt 09 – Buried Secrets

Chpt 10 – Outer Perspectives

Chpt 11 – Missing Link

Chpt 12 – The Lost Week

Chpt 13 – Power of Gold

Chpt 14 – Legends of Triforia

Chpt 15 – Rising of the Warriorzords

Chpt 16 – Billy’s Farewell

Chpt 17 – Coupe de ta

Chpt 18 – Rightful Heir

Chpt 19 – Sword and Madness

Chpt 20 – Defeat

Chpt 21 – To Triforia

Chpt 22 – Final Gift

Chpt 23 – Fallen Iron



Movie: Armor of Mars

Tommy, Jason, Rocky, and Trini must travel the globe to stop a madman from assembling the Armor of Mars.

Movie: Revenge of the King

Just as the Rangers learn Zordon has been kidnapped, they must face the reborn Machine King with the last of their power.


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B – Monster Index

C – Misc Index

D – Timeline

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