The story began in 2001, at the start of the new millennium. The war between good and evil ignited with a fury like never before. Ultimate Power Rangers wiped the slate clean and started the saga of the Rangers over from the start. Some things were the same. Many were different.

So go back and join the Rangers, Kamen Riders and virtual heroes as they battle Bandora, Lord Zedd, the Gorma, Youkai, and many others, all leading up to one climactic battle that will decide the fate of the universe.

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An evil witch known as Bandora is released from her dimensional prison, and she begins her attack on Earth. Zordon of Eltar chooses five teenagers to become Power Rangers and combat Bandora before she releases the evil of DaiSatan on Earth. Meanwhile in Japan, an evil cult’s experiment escapes from their lab. This experiment is now the cult’s new nightmare: Kamen Rider Black.


The Gorma Empire is resurrected, and Tommy and his new team members must unlock the powers of their own spirits to fight. Meanwhile, Jason, Zack, and Trini study abroad in Japan, and they accidentally release a clan of evil spirits called Youkai. And in Egypt, the Power Rangers’ friend Maya stumbles upon a secret that transforms her friend into the new Kamen Rider: Kuuga.


When the Rangers and Zordon return to Angel Grove, they find Lord Zedd waiting. Back on Edenoi, Dex follows Count Dregon to Earth. Meanwhile, an ancient clan of pirates is awakened, and the secret inhabitants of the Ginga Forest send the Galaxy Rangers to fight. And in nearby Charterville, three kids get the powers of their comic – book heroes, the Beetle Borgs.


When the Machine Empire kidnaps Rocky, Adam, and Kimberly, and break Billy’s back, Tommy must lead a new team and unlock the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Meanwhile, Divatox pursues a wizard named Dappu to Earth, and he recruits five teens from an auto garage to combat her. And in Crossworld City, Ryan Steele is about to unlock the secret of his father’s disappearance, a secret that will allow him to transform into Cybertron. While in “Charterville,” the Beetle Borgs need new armor for a new threat.


The grand monarch of evil, Sauron, has returned and taken over Eltar. The Rangers take off into space to stop Sauron and save Zordon from the villain’s clutches. Meanwhile, a team of scientists loyal to Sauron creates prototype Nova Trooper armor. The armor falls into the hands of good, and Sauron’s people want it back. And back in Angel Grove, a teen named Daniel discovers the secrets of his father. Secrets that transform him into SHOC.


When a group of convicts from the future arrive in our present, Angel Grove 2006AD, a Time Ranger team follows. Meanwhile in Japan, the Kronos Corporation loses a suitcase of its weapons. One of the weapons falls into the hands of a Japanese teenager, who uses the device to become the Guyver.


Four strangers kidnap Tommy’s student, Simon Kaden, and enlist his help in fighting the Org, monsters born from the sludge and vile of the Earth. Meanwhile, five orphans takes a field trip to INET, just in time for the building to be assaulted by a clan of demons.


The Finale.


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