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When a group of convicts from the future arrive in our present, Angel Grove 2006AD, a Time Ranger team follows. Meanwhile in Japan, the Kronos Corporation loses a suitcase of its weapons. One of the weapons falls into the hands of a Japanese teenager, who uses the device to become the Guyver.

Chpt 01 - Time's Convicts

Chpt 02 - Footsteps

Chpt 03 - On the Job

Chpt 04 - Jenn

Chpt 05 - Battle Casino

Chpt 06 - Time Shadow

Chpt 07 - Written in Stone

Chpt 08 - Sex Appeal

Chpt 09 - Electric

Chpt 10 - V - Rex Stampede

Chpt 11 - Enter: Time Fire

Chpt 12 - Time Fire's Cry

Chpt 13 - Yellow Crush

Chpt 14 - Tomorrow isn't Coming


Movie: The Dark Phoenix

The Power Rangers and Ninja Rangers fight the Hellfire Club to keep them from using Kimberly's power.